Speculative FIX for the disconnect issue

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by Atarax, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Atarax

    I don't have Twitter, I post my report here.

    OK! Patch downloaded, I go in game but on the loading sreen I was sure it will not working. Always took too many time to load at 99%.
    1: In the game strangly, I can use my ability, I was with a ligth assault class. This ability work like 4 sec before stopping and I can't use it again. I press the space bar and just jumping.
    2: The terminals doesn't work.
    3: I've seen a dev here but canno't using the popup menu to tell him it doesn't work
    3: disconnected in 1 minute.

    I don't have more information sorry :(
    I've try again but same result.
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  2. Dreadz

    I just downloaded and tried the PTS and to my Supprise it WORKED!

    - The game took about 30 seconds to "Wake Up", then everything worked fine.
    - Tried twice, worked twice.
    - None of the tricks to get in have ever worked for me on live.
    - Tried live still DCing.

    Please release to live so i can test on a server closer to home.
  3. 0xdeadbabe

    I just tried the latest fix attempt on the test server.

    Unable to interact with consoles in game.
    Unable to redeploy.
    Etc, Etc... disconnect

    It's the same behavior I've experienced for the last 13 days on the public servers
  4. Dreadz

    Iv tried many times now, on TR and NC I DC about 50% of the time, VS 100% of the time I DC.
  5. IcEzEbRa

    Same for me, but got on for an hour last nite Emerald NC till DC'd. Got onto Connery once, but latency was 40k or higher, and was entertaining for an hour till dc'd. Got onto VS Emerald 2x for a while, but made the mistake of trying before I went to bed.
  6. TheSunlikeOne

    Same here - still getting disconnects after the latest PTS update.
  7. Wowinatino

    NOW, it's working, I connect this morning (from europe).
    All working, zero problem ! All Fine !
  8. Atarax

    Important Update: It's working!!

    I don't know how to edit the topic's title , if you know how? tell me please :p

    After the rollback everything seems to be OK.
    - Consoles are working
    - spawning vehicules / changing class no problem
    - redeploy , changing to another territory ok!
    - NO....no...not disconnected!!

    I think for the players and devs it's the end of troubles :p (maybe the devs will have work to do to find the causes of issue, it's not totally the end for them :()

    I can't wait you put it on the game :p thank you.
  9. TheSunlikeOne

    Yep. Works for me as well. No disconnects after the rollback.
  10. Damz49

    Same here, fixed.
  11. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Yup, thanks for testing that out for us! We're working on putting a patch together for PC and PS4 Live servers that will ideally go out today.
  12. Wowinatino

    When I come back the game to desktop, the game crash...

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