(Speculation) How I can tell that over the years, the age of PS2 players has lowered (a lot).

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rooklie, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Pelojian

    the reason why alot of people don't play the objective is because it's far more rewarding to farm players and the game does a piss poor job of informing people how the devs envisioned the game to be played, other then killing no other gameplay is incentivized by being a competitor in exp/certs per minute compared to killing.

    if taking a base was comparable to the average amount of kills you'd make trying to take the base i think people would play the objective more, be more aggressive and try to cap as many bases (with a decent population) to try to maximize the certs per minute by not only killing but getting a good payoff for capping or defending the base.

    a good example is construction, the time, resources and certs to build is not very rewarding and said constructions can be easily and quickly destroyed by a player or two, so few people do it for anything other then a quickly made air terminal or orbital strike base.

    people chase kills and K/D because it's the most rewarding type of play by tenfold compared to literally any other way of playing.

    people play games to have fun, in whatever form they take.
    one of the best examples of an age friendly game is an MMO with alot of various 'game modes'
    for example:
    solo play: running the questlines, finding little bits of lore in the questlines.
    collecting lore items that give little nuggets of the story
    crafting items whether for self use or to sell to make money
    group play: going into dungeons or contested and fighting monsters that can get you progression.
    roleplay/communication, getting to know people through interactions and player driven storytelling.
    raid play for the ultimate combat challenge.
    decorating: decorating your ingame house or others, displaying your handiwork through player driven community and community showcase threads, making a business of decorating in the game.

    all of these listed together makes MMOs friendly to almost all ages, if you are young and just want to fight alongside friends/family you can solo and group play along with non-combat roles.

    if you are an older player and appreciate non-combat play as much as combat play you can do both.

    if you are old enough, but combat is beyond you due to health you can appericate the non-combat side of the game and even be a solid support for your friends in an industrial and game mechanics manner.
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  2. Demigan

    Yes exactly! The gameplay doesn't teach the players to achieve the goals of the game! This has nothing to do with age!

    This has more to do with player types than player ages as far as I can tell. There is no specific age for a completionist player, or a group player, or a solo player. Age might play a role between solo and group play because of language barriers but aside from that group play isn't much age related. The level of detail to which players might go to in order to achieve group play might change based on age, you can't expect a 12 year old to have the level of detailed communication as an 18 year old. But you can expect a 12 year old to have just as much (if not more due to puberty and individuality) group play as the 18 year old.
  3. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Just pointing out that this not only was un-ironically posted in a thread discussing the immaturity of this game's audience, it was posted by the OP.

    I can answer Call of Duty for both questions and not be wrong. The game's rating speaks for itself as to the age of their target audience, yet anyone who has played the series for more than 5 minutes can tell you all about the 12 year olds with carnal knowledge of your mother that are found in nearly every lobby.

    Your logic is flawed in so many ways, not least of which in that it assumes an adult desires some form of 'higher' entertainment out of their games. Most of the time we struggle just to find time to play them in general, and when we do play it is largely to get away from the stresses and burdens of being an adult, not to reinforce them.
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  4. Alkasirn

    Okay I'll give OP that a player's interest or focus will probably change over time... but that's it? It's impossible to tell what direction interests will even shift.

    Like how when I started playing PS2, I was all "oh boy a game where you can do 50 things and you can specialize in a thing you enjoy. So while you might not be "the best player" with an 80% HSR or something you can still become known for how good you are with a shotgun pistol, using sunderers, etc." But now, 7 years later, I'm just like "I enjoy stories/lore about a sudden change in society such as being abandoned on an alien planet." Which seems like the more meaningless motivation to even care about PS2, honestly?

    But if my interest never changed I wouldn't be posting right now because I wouldn't be able to care less about this overly complicated TDM shooter! If anything, I think "people age" would be the best way to explain why the population's been slowly dying this whole time.

    'Course I think the population is dying because people are getting sick of a lasher instagibbing them 3 seconds after they run behind a shield, or dying from ram damage from aircraft 50m away from them. But if age had any significance at all, it'd probably affect the population!
  5. Rooklie

    you're right, I'"m wrong, now go away, I don't like stalkers :)
  6. Rooklie

    easy :

    childish =/ mature
  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    My user image is not indicative of the class, or even the faction that I main. Your concession is accepted, nonetheless.
  8. Rooklie

    actually, there was this guy, but never mind, he had same icon, and I was in a rush, so didn't read the name, just replied assuming it was him, sorry!
  9. Rooklie

    you're wrong, and even though you're not that stalker dude, I'm getting tired of this tbh.

    I could be like :" hey look there's a tree, and next to the tree, there's a rock!" and in the next 2 hours, at least 5 people will reply, with long and many paragraphs, or not, that it's not really a tree and that that rock isn't a rock and as a matter of fact, the rock isn't even close to the tree.

    I swear to god... if you think that how kids entertain themselves and how adults do so is one and the same thing, then don't even ******* bother.
  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Spitting word salad is not a valid substitution for an argument. If you think the reason everyone disagrees with you is because of some conspiracy to dispute anything you say because you are somehow special, then boy do I have news for you.

    As for whether or not the playerbase of this game is young and immature, in that case you are your own best star witness.

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