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  1. Atis

    Where are all these new players, everybody talks here about? Servers keep getting merged, playerbase doesnt seem like growing.
    Looks like its just most popular excuse for screwing up in vehicles without consequences. When system if overly friendly to new players, in general that means system favours those who suck.
  2. nivada13

    i am new i got to this game via a friend and i am pretty bad got 0 kills in two days.

    This system is good cause i as new player get plenty of oportunity to sit in an aircraft or tank. (if i find the consoles to buy them cause sometimes i can't find how to get to them cause they either are a level up and i don't see any stairs up or a level down and i don't see the stairs down)

    It also gives me experience in an other way cause of the new system the bases are most of the time overrun with tanks or aircraft so i get plenty of oportunity to try strategics on them. I almost got a kill cause of that new system on a tank with a grenade it was pretty good damaged already and i was behind cover of rocks and threw a grenade a little bit to the rear of the tank cause i knew it could retreat any moment and it did and the grenade exploded right when it was on top of it leaving a small bar of health left on the tank. Then i got sniped cause i wasn't watching the mountain right of me.
  3. Velicc

  4. Alan Kalane

    Try getting anywhere close to 20 Vanguards/Prowlers/Magriders and you're gonnah get pulverized, and it doesn't matter if you're an HA or an Engneer...
    Once again:
    it's not about tanks/libs/ESF/insert_other_stuff_here being OP cuz the're not, I know because I use them as well (I suck bad at ESF though :D ), it's about vehicles being too easy to afford. If they were harder to afford they could actually get buffed. But as it stands, since every single soldier can constantly pull his own vehicle this just can't be done...
    Actually, yes. I want battles in PS2 to look like real or movie battles. And you don't?
    Anyways, for this to happen vehicles need to get buffed but also have their accessibility lowered.
  5. dstock

    I appreciate that I can do stupid stuff right out the gate with my Harasser, and if it flips, I just go get another one...

    My buddy was drunk the other night, and pulled the wrong setup 3 times before I told him to stop and just pulled the correct loadout myself. Lol?
  6. Silkensmooth

    So your buddy spent 450 resources, how does that prove that resources are too readily available? Maybe harrassers are too easy to acquire at 150 resources, but everything else is ridiculously high. 350 for an esf, so you can pull 2 before you are waiting for resources.

    With the old system you could fight in places and never run out of resources.

    Or you could fly a couple times and then grab a tank or two.

    Now you have to choose one type of vehicle and when you are out of resources thats it, you have to play infantry. Which isnt so great if you arent into the super spam zerg fests that pass as fights in today's ps2.

    We used to have 2250 resources and we could jump around to different continents to gain them faster.

    Now i spend half my time standing around waiting for resources or I'm forced to play infantry and get killed over and over by the zerg or sit outside a spawn room with the zerg.

    This is an infantry game so that's ok, but i dont understand how anyone can think there are more vehicles than before when we have far fewer resources to obtain them.
  7. Xocolatl

    I do agree, things given for free has not value in the eyes of the people.

    But a cheap version (may perform slightly poorer)--like 100cert cheap, would work well. Infils all get access to super cheap variants of Single Shot/Semi-Auto rifle. I think the same should be done for AA.
    Like Inex said--it sucks to be useless against air for the first 20 hours of the game.
  8. XLander

    It sucks. I liked being able to save up grenades for our big raid nights. Now that isn't and option. Even worse your programming auto deselects the check box to refill automatically.
    The old mechanic worked. Why did you break it like this. Now you have nerfed infantry because we are mowed down at a greater rait than vehicles. Where as a vehicle usually will (if the player has any business in FPS) Last for beyond more than enough time to recoup any used nanites. So now vehicles are infinite pull and infantry are hosed.
  9. InvitroCanibal

    I like it, I feel like it rewards you for skill and punishes you for stupidity...sounds fair to me
  10. InvitroCanibal

    you have to switch your grenade load out, then switch it back and that fixes the unchecking issue
  11. Inex

  12. Silkensmooth

    How does math say im wrong when i used to earn resources for shooting down enemy planes. When i used to be able to port around for more resources. When i had seperate resource pools i could actually endlessly pull vehicles.

    Now i pull 2 or 3 esf and im out of resources completely. Cant just jump in a tank like i used to.

    Not saying thats bad, because as i said this is clearly an infantry game and vehicles are mainly in the game to feed certs to said infantry. But if you think being able to earn 3 pools of 750 at once gave less vehicles than having only one pool for everything you are clueless.

    I havent been in a tank in the last few days because i dont have resources for tanks if i want to fly too. In days gone by i could fly until i was out of flight resources and then i could drive tanks until my air resources were back. And if i was on a continent where resources were slim Amerish almost always gave a lot.

    On top of that resource timers were staggered across continents. So you could be on Indar and the next resource tick would be in 3 mins for example, but on Amerish it might only be 2 mins to the next tick, so it was often possible to get three ticks every five minutes once you figured out the times on each continent.

    I'm spending a lot more time auto-running afk waiting for resources than I ever did before the change.
  13. Inex

    Because the base rate we're getting now is greater than most players got from the old system.

    Take your '2 or 3 ESFs and you're out of resources':

    Under the old system, 3 ESFs would be a bare minimum of 10 minutes investment. Putting aside the Air cost for a moment, the current system can get your 3 ESFs in just 6 minutes. 4 ESFs would have been 15 minutes (again, minimum), and the new system will get you 5 in that same timeframe. So just getting rid of the timers already means you get more of what you want.

    What about the resources though?

    You might be getting 100-ish resources every 5 minutes with the old system. ESFs were 250, so that's ~12 minutes each. The new system lets you afford that same ESF in 7 minutes, leaving you with the extra 5 minutes worth of Nanites to blow on a few C4, or nearly a pair of Harassers.

    What about the bonus resources?

    Assuming you were in a hex that was giving the resources you needed, you would be getting 1 res per 25 XP (or so I've heard). According to reddit you could look at 5k/hour for a new player, upt to 20-ish for better ones. (http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/2dlhst/what_is_a_good_xphour/)
    That puts you somewhere between 200-800 res/hour, or 3-13/minute - a 6-24% gain, if you applied it to the current system. Considering the old system starts off 25% behind the new one, even that only brings you roughly even. But then, you weren't guaranteed 100 res/5 min in the old system. Most people didn't get that much: You said yourself you needed to hop continents to refill.

    What about the other resource types?

    You could always swap to another style though: MAX > ESF > MBT > repeat. Can you do that in the new system? Well, at our same 100 res/5 minutes in one hour (or 1,200 res each - 3600 total), you could pull 2.6 MBTs, 3.4 MAXs and 4.8 ESFs (assuming you had all your timers certed up). The new system will only give you 3000 resources in 60 minutes, while that's enough for 6.6 MBTs/MAXs you can't also then pull the ESFs (this is partly due to the MAX cost change though, otherwise you could still squeeze a couple of ESFs in there). So we've finally found a case where the new system could theoretically fall behind the old one.

    So if you fit this profile:
    • You're a high SPM player.
    • You use all 3 resource types.
    • You have all your timers certed.
    • You lose vehicles frequently enough to need to switch.
    • You play on continents your faction controls.
    Then you will find the new system more restrictive. Everybody else does better with the new Nanites.
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  14. Silkensmooth

    Your math is all based on assumption, and is mostly wrong. On Amerish for example it was not uncommon to be getting 250 air AND ground resources each tick. I could kill 2 enemy ESF over j908 and have enough resources for another plane. ESF cost 250 before so you could get 3 ESF with max resources instead of 2 with 50 left over.

    If i wanted to buy some AI mines, np i had infantry resources that didnt affect my vehicle resources. Now i dont buy AI mines anymore because i need those resources for my ESF.

    I used to get zerged down by enemy ESf and jump in a skyguard to get some revenge. Cant do that anymore.

    Playing infantry to gain resources and getting zerged by air? Before i could pull a burster max and fight the air zerg, but now i cant afford to pull a max to fight the air cause i need the resources to get my next ESF.

    And whether you have to hop to another continent to get resources doesnt change the fact that you could easily do so. Before continent locking there were hardly ever queues and it was no matter to jump from one continent to another for resources, or just to play on another continent like amerish for 10 mins until your resources were full.

    You can pretend to be a mathemagician and just plug in whatever numbers you want to obtain the result you want, but that doesnt change the reality that before the change i could pull as many vehicles as i want, and the majority of the time i had an option to change my rate of gain, either by switching continents or fighting in hexes where i could earn the resource type i desired.
  15. Inex

    Pretty impressive, considering Amerish only had something like 160 Mech and 180 Air on it to begin with.

    Are you sure the problem isn't just that some of your resource boosts ran out and you need to buy more?
  16. Silkensmooth

    Haha how long have you been playing this game? Amerish when fully controlled with a membership was almost 400 air resources per tick. Now figure that you are getting even with half the continent of amerish, you could easily get 150-200 per tick of both vehicle and air and on top of that you got some infantry resources too. Never cared about those so i dont know the numbers.

    Thats three different types of resources for a total of 500 or 600 every five minutes.

    If the timing was right you could pull an ESF and then get a tick right after and be full again.

    If you used the staggered resource timers to collect resources on all three continents you could fill all 3 resource pools in 10 mins.

    Thats 2250 resources, vs the 500 you would earn with the new system. And thats not taking into account earned resources.

    So yeah i cant pull anything but ESF now and i cant ever steady pull them. I'm a pretty decent pilot and i cant continually stay alive for 7 minutes as a solo pilot.

    So now after i hit 0 resources i have to wait 7 mins for an ESF whereas before i almost never had to wait more than 5. Before i could pull a tank when i ran out of air resources. Now i cant.

    I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I think it might have an effect whereby people are forced to specialize. I dont see pilots that i just shot down pulling skyguards for example. I know im not able to do it, not if i want to fly again. Before i could pull a skyguard or a tank and just ditch it when the enemy ESF were all dead or all the enemy vehicles were gone.

    Now i wouldnt dream of wasting my resources in such a way.
  17. JarinArenos

    I like it. When something stupid happens and I lose my Sundy 30 seconds after pulling it, or when a lagspike sends my ESF augering into the terrain on liftoff, it's really nice to be able to go back and get a second one rather than having to completely change my plans. That said, when mistakes aren't happening, I don't pull many vehicles at all, and I'm almost always back at full resources before I do.
  18. Inex

    I was kind of hoping you'd point that out. I ended up doing my count off an old resource map; after the lattice got put in they upped the resource gain.

    But on the other hand, you've equated owning half of Amerish and having a membership boost with
    You fit my profile. That doesn't make you a bad player, or a horrible person or anything of that sort. It just means you're in a very small minority of people who find the new resource system more limiting. For the rest of us, it's a good thing.
  19. Camycamera

    i love it... but it removed some meta game. i would have rather would have had them release all of these "phases" into one big update, but it's fine as it is now.

    i just hope we get the other phases sooner rather than later, because i am dying for them. it'll not only bring loads of meta, but bring it a lot closer to PS1.
  20. Silkensmooth

    I guess it depends on your definition of better. If having less resources and losing the ability to pull 2 or 3 tanks 3 esf and buy a buncha grenades or AI mines, or pull a couple maxes on a full resource pool to being able to only pull 1 max or 1 tank or 2 ESF then yes its less limiting.

    Now if i decide to go play infantry for a while, say an hour, at the end of that time the most resources i can have would be enough to buy 1 tank or 2 esf, whereas before i could buy all of the things i listed above at the end of that time.

    I'm still trying to figure out this fuzzy math that allows me to pull more vehicles with the new system. Now somehow 6=2 and 2 somehow became greater than 6. Its not. 6 is greater than 2.