Speak Up if You Love the New Nanite Resource!

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  1. Lewk

    Let me just quote you as a response: "You are either a troll or you don't know what you're talking about."

    Tell me how much a tank is going to do on Esamir/Hossin and even Amerish at taking/controlling points. The amount of infantry hasn't gone down, vehicle numbers have just gone up, which is a GOOD THING. it means that the vehicle aspect of the game isn't just the "zerg" pulling a ton of vehicles and no one pulling against it because it would be a waste of resources. Now there is incentive to pull your own AV and try to snag a few kills because you don't feel like you are wasting super precious resources that you have been continent hopping to build up.
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  2. axiom537

    I like it...But I would like to see the ability to recycle your vehicle or max to reclaim a fraction of the nanites.
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  3. Alan Kalane

    OK here you go
    tanks on Amerish can spawncamp infantry to death while 2 ppl cap the point (worst on Indar), on Hossin and Esamir it's less of a problem because bases are more infantry-friendly with no spawncamping but still there are places where this happens.On Esamir however what tanks couldn't do the libs do with joy

    The thing with tanks is that they are force multipliers so they should never ever be spamable. Currently they are next to free.If you had 750 nanites and bought a lightning you'd still have 400 nanites left so even if you instantly died like a noob you can pull another lightning and if you survived 6 minutes (highly achievable in a tank) you can pull another. And even if you didn't you can just wait a minute and there you go again. I checked this myself and I was able to constantly drive a lightning and never ran out of resources.

    That's not how the revamp had to work. If the defenders get outnumbered they should get increased resource income, that's mentioned in the revamps thread. Currently everyone gets the same, almost infinite ammount of resources so it's like one big tank sandbox.

    I'm not saying tanks are OP because I played them a few times as well but Higby I want to see infantry in this game and not just tanks!

    1 Tank > 1 troop
    so when tanks are next to free everybody switches to tanks
  4. WarmasterRaptor

    I like the step forward that this iteration of the resources system is.

    Now let's make the other step ASAP before losing the momentum!
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  5. Malorn

    Just so you know, I'm quite careful about not giving out any dates for anything that isn't already announced...in which case I'll give you the announced date. Other than that I say "Soon.' So if I say I'm not sure that just means it hasn't been announced.
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  6. Tuco

    Seems fine except that without the ability to stock up infantry resources, I never use them. Putting 5 tank mines on the ground and 3 claymores almost completely drains me, and then a friendly zerg shows up and the enemy never gets a chance to step on em.
  7. Lewk

    Except this isn't true. For moving between bases, yes people will pull armor, and yes some bases even favor armor, but the core mechanics of base taking are still infantry based. What is wrong with have a combined arms game actually having bases/situations that favor COMBINED ARMS instead of JUST infantry? I personally play a lot of EVERYTHING and that is why i love this game. Before the resource revamp i was one of those mean "ace" pilots with over 20k kills in ESF. I could chain pull ESFs just as easily as i could now (with the exception of being resource starved due to continent control, but that just meant having to play on a less populated continent that we controlled). The same was the case with MBT, 5 min timer, and resources were never a hindrance. But that was my game experience, and for new players it was much different. They would say "hey i want to try flying" and pull an esf. a few minutes later they were tangled up in a tree, or being ran down by another "ace" and guess what? they now have a 15 min timer which means they are going to stop trying to fly ESF. The new resource system gets rid of that. It lets you play WHAT YOU WANT TO PLAY. If there are problems with Vehicle/MAX/Infantry balance, then that balance needs to be done outside of the resource system. There are plenty of games out there that are combined arms that keep vehicles fun but balanced. SoE is doing a great job at balancing things out slowly but surely (look at the HE/HEAT changes, PPA nerf, etc).

    The thing is, infantry is the baseline for this game. It won't ever go away. But just because you like infantry and don't want to have to play or deal with vehicles, doesn't mean there aren't players out there who LOVE those aspects of the game. And they want to be able to play those aspects without having to wait on arbitrary timers. And once again, there is a nice mix of continents/bases that both favor and inhibit vehicles. Enjoy the mix. Let others enjoy playing what they want to play.
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  8. jiggu

    It's pretty nice so far.
  9. SenEvason

    Be careful. 'Soon' is trademarked.
  10. Ronin Oni

    I imagine it's high on the task list though right? I mean, I know it will take a lot of work, and time for things to go through various internal review phases, adjustments, etc...

    but, can you at least confirm that it's (Phase 2 resource) higher on the priority list than most other things?
  11. Alan Kalane

    You're wrong, i play vehicles as well and I like them, that's why I'm not screaming OMFG nerf nerf nerf. But when there's more vehicles than infantry there's something wrong, infantry should be the base unit in every environment, vehicles should be a kind of power-up, something that makes you stronger but you have to pay for it A LOT.

    Tankers whine about tanks being overnerfed
    Infantry cries about too many tanks
    And I say they're both right. If tanks were rarer they could get buffed.Instead of seeing 10 infantry in a spawnroom and 30 paper tanks shooting plastic shells we could see 64 infantry and 3 much stronger, real war machines of death.Wouldn't it be fun?Overall they'd be much weaker than 30 tanks of course but every individual tank would be much harder to kill. But when your tank gets destroyed that's it- you have to play infantry for another 20 minutes(at least) or buy something less expensive.

    What's more...
    Wouldn't it be fun to see infantry OUTSIDE bases? A battle of 60 infantry and 6 REAL tanks IN THE OPEN FIELD AND NOT JUST SITTING INSIDE SPAWNROOM
  12. Lewk

    Translation: "The current Planetside 2 game does not fit how i want it to be. Please redesign the game to fit what i think is fun."
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  13. Lightwolf

  14. DaMann22

    I like the resource system now. Its more beneficial for new players discovering the nuances to this game. Of course veterans and paying members have the largest benefit because we can spam vehicles/maxes with more effectiveness. But it still requires skill to continue pulling tanks and keeping them alive. Either it will be the skill of the player or the resources that dry up and keep the soldier from continuing to spam vehicles.
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  15. Lightwolf

    Still loving it.
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  16. Gleerok

    Oh please, really?

    Try to ride a vehicle anywhere near 20 infantrymen. You'll get pulverized, and it doesn't matter if you are riding a Vanguard or a ESF.

    The moment infantry see on my ESF I have to retreat. If I don't play smart, I'll be pulverized in half a second by locks ons + AA "spam". Old system or new system, doesn't matter.
  17. siiix

    that is a major deal breaker to me, it forces me to play infantry and i hate that, unless i play anti-vehicle, normal infantry only game play i can't stand especially in this game.. so i hate the new nanite system with a passion
  18. Liam23490

    I don't care about the Nanites right now, but that's just because I still have grenades and resto kits. I'm sure I will care when I run out of them.
  19. ThePropain

    This post practically sums up my what was I about to reply. :D
  20. Inex

    You're doing it to yourself. Join us: redeploy to another continent. Life is better without Indar.