[Suggestion] Spawnless Hexes

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  1. Devrailis

    Something I found suggested here: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...small-bases-were-removed.225126/#post-3171559

    The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. Some of the best fights I have had in Planetside have been those large, sprawling field fights with infantry and vehicles spread out over the entire hex and sundies on both sides attempting to push their spawns forward.

    I would like to see some hexes have their spawn rooms removed entirely. Keep the control point inside a group of buildings but let spawns be controlled purely by AMSes. Now both sides will need to pull AMSes to control the hex and the value of AP vehicles increases dramatically, while also giving them an essential role in hunting down enemy spawns.

    This would encourage much more dynamic battles, with AMSes leapfrogging their spawns and AV vehicles and infantry hunting enemy spawns to push them out of the hex.
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  2. Devrailis

    Bumping as design discussions are needed far more than the usual nerf/buff threads.
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  3. Udnknome

    I've gotten this reaction previously either because people don't care or can't decide if there really is a need for more of what you're asking for (note my sig). Currently I think there is a good balance of field fighting already. I usually can find or end up in one at least once per play session.
  4. Devrailis

    I think it is a combination of folks not caring and not knowing to care.

    Field fighting is really not in a good place. This isn't just about being able to find a field fight here or there, this is about changing the battle flow around small hexes and really, creating a new type of fight which currently does not exist except under rare circumstances.

    We also have had an issue since launch where vehicles are treated as mostly an afterthought, or as a tool to punish inexperienced infantry without having a real strategic impact that goes beyond shelling doorways for farm. Creating hex fights that can guarantee high value vehicle targets will give vehicle drivers something other than more infantry to shoot at and actually give them a valuable role.

    Frankly this is a very minor change that I would like to see that does a small step in the direction I hope the game is going in.

    What we can't have is more of the same. One look at the server populations over time can tell you that.
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  5. Diilicious

    I completely agree with the Idea this thread brings up, honestly instead of removing spawn points in small bases i would just remove 1/2 of the bases in the game, most of which do not have any purpose at all and just bring every fight to a grinding halt.

    however nobody will comment on ideas like this, because its not a "Nerf this / buff that." thread.
  6. WTSherman


    Nerf spawn rooms! :eek:
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  7. Devrailis

    Teach me how to Forumside wise master. :eek:

    I'm still in the camp that believes a lot of the small bases on Indar need to be removed outright. The reason why I think some hexes just need their spawns removed is because control points end up dictating where the majority of the fighting takes place.

    There are a few locations on Indar, mostly towards the North-East where there are plenty of interesting terrain features and abandoned buildings that are never fought over simply because they lie way off the beaten lattice path. Having multiple control points sit around interesting terrain without a spawn room would encourage people to fight around that terrain without causing fights to come to a grinding halt or turn into a 3 minute spawn camp.
  8. Stormsinger

    Hmmm, I do kinda like this idea - The first thing I thought of is the base between Indar Ex and Quartz Ridge. I like the idea of having a few 'half finished' bases, perhaps have them be half finished emplacements, from before the war went into full swing. Having a few remote bases here and there (not connected to the lattice) would be nice as well, perhaps exclusively on Amerish, at first (Lots of space between bases, plenty of room to play with.)

    To expand on the idea, how about a small-ish base with a non-shielded / non functional spawn room, with a garage beside it? Pull a sunderer into the garage, and allow it to be connected to the spawn room, powering it's shields (along with a small garage generator that deploys a partial-cover shield around the Sundy, providing cover for infantry, but leaving gaps for enemy armor to fire through - the place wasnt finished, after all)

    The base can be taken via blowing the sundy powering the spawn system, or a standard point-cap, which overloads the base systems, rather then actually capping anything (destroying the sundy in the process) - Having the base powered and active could grant access to a few turrets, and perhaps an infantry terminal or two. (And potentially a new limited-use vehicle spawn, allowing access to lightnings, harassers and flashes, no sundies / heavier armor)