Spawncamping Still an Issue - Scarred Mesa Skydock

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AnnPerkins, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. AnnPerkins

    Hiya, Scarred Mesa Skydock spawn room is still a tiny box for oh so skillful lib gunners to camp anyone coming out of. You added windows to the side but that doesn't help with these super duper skillful lib campers directly above you. Fix your ****.
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  2. Shepherd

    1) Spawn at your warpgate 20 seconds flight away
    2) Grab a Scythe
    3) ???????
    4) Profit.
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  3. Kapernum

    God damn noobs.

  4. Phyr

    Like anyone goes there anyway.
  5. Tasogie

    spawn nearby in an HA or a AAMAX< an kill said libs, doesn't seem difficult to me.
  6. AnnPerkins

    The spawn is a small box room. When you attempt to walk out the skillful dalton gunner one shots you. The dev team forgot to add a balcony to this spawn.
  7. ClusterBomb

    The Developwer Think the are smart. I was reading a forum post a while back and a user posted a Diagram of a Spawn Building design and it looked perfect, would have fixed all the spawn camping issues, but SoE didn't listen and designed there own stupid building.
  8. 7Elite7

    +1 to this, you're speaking the truth. I will say that I've shot down many dumb ESFs with dumbfire rockets because they think that we're so trapped in our spawnroom that I can't get a rocket through the window.

    But yeah. At the moment, if zerg is at the skydock and there is a liberator overhead, the spawn room becomes fairly useless.
  9. Zer0range

    I've previously advocated implementing a spawn room room; a bigger room containing the little spawn room. And if that's not helping, a spawn room room room would be required.
  10. ent|ty

    Until they can make the fight at the flag points, its always going to be a spawn camp fest.
  11. Tasogie

    but you dont have to spawn there, theres other places you can spawn, an come back with AA... seems quite logical to me
  12. Onetoo

    Attackers camping Scarred Mesa Skydock? Scarred Mesa Skydock is the perfect place for defenders to camp, not the other way around. If you are getting killed while leaving your spawn, you have clearly lost the battle and should go elsewhere.

    There is only ONE jump pad for infantry to get up to SMS and attacking air can easily be seen from all angles and torn to shreds by anyone willing to defend the place.

    Seriously, the best way to deal with that untouchable monster (harder to take than the Crown when it is properly defended) is to leave until your enemy gets bored.
  13. 7Elite7

    Yes. Don't spawn there.

    No, you can't come back with AA. Anyone with half a brain will go kill you instead of jerking off whilst waiting for cap XP.
  14. Optrex

    Spawn camping is a legit tactic. No matter how big or small the attacking force they will try and lock you down in the spawn room.
    So you have 4 options.
    1)Except your defeat and leave.
    2)Fight against overwhelming odds and get farmed and maybe get some kills before its lost.
    3)Fight knowing you have a chance.
    4)Stand in the spawn room with your head up your **** not knowing what to do ...... which normally ends up you coming here and moaning about it.
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  15. Raap

    Spawn camping will always be an 'issue', but the solution is simple; don't get spawn camped.
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