Spawn system picking Alert winners?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunnner10, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. gunnner10

    NC had majority bases. Every time we pushed into an NC base, Enough NC players redeployed in to reach >50% pop. this happened over and over.

    I've also seen where a VS base is getting capped with <50% VS, Yet I can never redeploy to defend that base. Guess I really don't understand the rules of redeploy
  2. Rooklie

    I think not many people understand them and I also don't think they've ever told the players "hey, new spawn rules, this is how it works". ... not very pro..

    But if I remember right, when they did those changes, they were to prevent huge zergs (that didn't work out)

    I keeo a close eye on pop, especially if I'm the one starting the fight, and I've noticed an important difference now and that is that as one sides spawn option becomes available (or not), in a brutal way, it does like a yoyo with one minute one side gaving a large overpop and the next it's the ither.

    Amongst other things this can actually kill the fight for example if the defenders get lots of pop all of a sudden and not the attackers, that wave will often wipe the attackers, often pushing them to the sundies. If they lose the sundies then that's it, game over, but if the sundies hold, and people are spawning at them while the defenders no longer have that spawn option, then a new pushes to the A point, and if that wave is too strong, it still kills the fight as people being spawn camped leave and others, seeing the pop balance, don't bother spawning there
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    From my experience, at first you can spawn on WG and relatively close to you. Then some further away bases unlock, priority to ones marked with either attack or defense orders. And after 30 sec you can spawn on all bases your faction owns, except ones that are cut off.
    And then in addition there are the odd occurrences when you want to spawn somewhere and the spawn disappears that very second (before the 30 sec mark).

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