[Vehicle] Spawn straight to vehicle on death

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JobiWan, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. JobiWan

    This looks pretty cool

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  2. Demigan

    That's not "pretty cool", that's awesome.

    I really wish they would now finally allow players to interrupt the auto-drive feature upon spawning. Because there's no excuse now for allowing mines to be placed in front of vehicle pads as long as you are forced to completely ignore an entire feature just to be able to check on the mines.
    By allowing players to interrupt the auto-drive feature they can either have themselves be driven off, or be capable of stopping, driving off in any other direction, spot mines before they get off the pad and even destroy them etc. This would be fair compared to "well an arbitrary system that isn't necessary just killed you by auto-driving you into mines". It would also be fair compared to "an arbitrary system that isn't necessary just killed you by driving you in the player in front and keeping you locked in your vehicle until you are killed by the next vehicle spawn".
  3. JobiWan

    One thing that isn't clear from the video - can you choose which loadout to spawn with? Maybe it only does your default one, although it's early days. I think it's awesome too and laugh at the clown who comments on the YT video saying nobody will use it.
  4. Rebecca649

    Another great thing about this feature is it removes a problem of people being farmed by snipers camping near vehicle terminals, this will allow people to carry on the fight without being harassed as easy kills or sniper fodder. Its a really great feature this direct vehicle spawn idea.
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  5. FateJH

    I wonder if they'll diable it if all the vehicle terminals on site are broken.
  6. JobiWan

    From the YouTube comments section
    To use this feature the following requirements must be met:
    • Players faction owns the facility (and terminal)
    • Vehicle term is not destroyed
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  7. Campagne

    This will sure make small fight vehicle-spam march easier, I can't wait!

    This also drastically reduces vehicle downtime, allowing them to be on the field much sooner. This of course, may or may not be a good thing.
  8. DoucheSlayer

    "What a stupid idea, completely removes a whole aspect of the game for some people" - BR 8 infil camping vehicle terminal.
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  9. ObiVanuKenobi

    My tank mines are ready.
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  10. Diggsano

    It is a Two Sided Dagger...
  11. The Rogue Wolf

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of vehicle-terminal snipers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly told to shaddup.
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  12. Ravien

    If anything, this is a good change for infiltrators. Now it will be easier than ever to hack enemy vehicle terminals since you'll have less people running up to use it.
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  13. Demigan

    Its funny how people think differently about the same situation.

    Infil sniping terminal: bad.
    Placing av mines at vehicle spawn: good

    With this new change theres no excuse for auto-driving a vehicle on top of mines. Before you could say "just check the pad" even though theres tons of bases where that isnt feasible. But this entire feature is only an engineers wet dream if mines remain placeable in front of pads.
    Unless someone can come with a better solution. Give people the opportunity to just interrupt the auto-drive and check after spawning
  14. EPIC389

    I admit it, I camp vehicle terminals sometimes(I do support this idea, it looks amazing)

    But getting that sweet sweet 5 kills with a mine and an emp is too good to pass up
  15. Daigons

    Totally agree with the hit-the-breaks option while pulling a vehicle. Base design permitting, I try to check for mines before pulling vehicle. If I'm gunning, I'll check even further. Personally if I do mine near a base, I like to place them just outside of the base with the hope that the Sundy, Harrasser & MBT can pickup a few more of their friends to be part of the wreckage certs.

    While working on my Halloween Slasher directive, things got interesting when the NC finally took over the base. I moved inside of the base when all the snipers dried up and moved over to the vehicle spawn terminal. I sprinted over to where I saw 6 NC loitering around the terminal and managed to take down three before I was forced to flee. After dodging all the flashlights and moved back to the terminal, I saw that someone parked a AI Lightning in back of the terminal to guard it. I laughed and moved onto the next fight to complete that directive.
  16. stalkish

    Not sure how i feel about this one.
    Some thoughts:
    • would be nice to get into a vehicle instantly upon spawn
    • makes vehicle operators unable to check for mines
    • removes the 'risk' factor of using a vehicle terminal
      • no getting sniped
      • no getting libbed (or killed by another air / ground vehicle)
      • no getting stabbed
    • will be anoying to see an empty vehicle terminal but still have to wait in a que
    • seems to create more disconnect between the different facets of the game
      • infantry already refer to vehicle users as '****ters' (excretioners), or 'skyknights'
      • vehicle users refer to infantry as pesants or sheep to farm etc.
      • seems to create a feeling of 3 games in 1, you choose WOT or COD or Warthunder - Planetside style
    • lowers immersion, game feels less like a world im partaking in
      • do all vehicles have a spawn tube built in now?
      • why cant my entire empire spawn from my vehicles spawn tube that spawned me?
      • why arnt all vehicles squad spawn capable if i can simply warp into it from death?
      • Whats the point of the spawn tube in spawn rooms, might aswel remove it for performance reasons...
      • [i suppose the nanites that create the vehicle also re-birth you inside it at the same time, so the above is explainable in a way]
    • Id like the game to move away from instant teleporting as much as it can.
    At the moment id have to say im against it, as in i can find lots of reasons not to like it, but only 1 to like it.
    Wouldnt grab the tourches and pitchforks tho if it were implemented.
  17. Savadrin

    It's a great thing! More vehicles for us to eat.
  18. Savadrin

    Want the convenience of auto spawn? No problem, hope the guy before you cleared out all the mines with his face. Use at your own risk.

    If all vehicles were squad spawn that would be OK, I guess. It would certainly help out getting the band together without having to stand around as sniper bait waiting for a driver/gunner.
  19. stalkish

    Well i kinda feel that a well practised well gelled squad who has the ability to quicky form up for a vehicle pickup is at an advantage with their shortened response time against an unorganized mass of zerglings who cant do the same.
    Of course this advantage was completely removed from transport vehicles such as the galaxy with squad spawn. Now zergfits can get masses of troops into gals with very little effort, hassle or downtime, something i feel they overlooked when introducing the squad spawn mechanic.

    We used to have quick gal pickup formations back in PS1. A gal was a juicy target for any CR5 with an orbital strike (OS), so we aimed to be on the ground less than 5 seconds (OS had a 10 second warmup time and a 5 seconds warning). To achieve this the squad would be waiting inside a friendly building, safe from snipers etc until the gal was coming in to land, as it landed each person had made their way to the various vehicle entry points (yes the vehicles had working doors 15 years ago....) and was ready to embark. Was amazing to see and partake in. This didnt require some militaristic style outfit either with comms silence and a complete orders hierarchy, just an understanding of what was going on around you and a willingness to work as a team.
    Im kinda rambling on a bit, have done a lot today, but i do miss the logistical side of PS1, and the rewards it offered a decently organised squad / platoon over a zerfit with just waypoints and no communication.
  20. Calisai

    I'll also be one to admit a good number of terminal heads have been taken. Mostly as resource denial for those zergfits or even organic zergs that spam vehicle after vehicle. It's also a good way to troll people and get them upset and have them come after you as LA, etc. In my defense, however, I spend an equal amount of time hunting those that do the same.

    That said, I'd never complain about a cheesy practice like this getting a "nerf". Getting killed because you are forced to do something in the game (pull a vehicle from an exposed terminal, auto-drive into mines with no way to stop, being killed while spawning at an AMS, dropping through the floor in the warpgate when you change continents, etc.) without having an ability to avoid it is annoying at best and an extremely rage-inducing frustration that shouldn't be in the game.

    FPSs are meant to reward skill, not cheap and easy kills. Some of these don't even have the small amount of skill of aim or well-timed decisions. Dropping mines in a auto-drive zone, especially in an area not easily viewed to the vehicle pull is just plain lazy and skill-less. It's just as troll-like as sniping heads of people in the terminal menus, or spawning at an AMS (which they changed to require movement by the player before being vulnerable).
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