Spawn rooms are HUGE

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  1. P4NJ

    Anyone else really bothered by this? Now, these spawn rooms here are efficient, good and work against camping (though a few could be relocated a bit):

    But the ones such as the one at Allatum Botany Wing are just horrible. They take up half the base for crying out loud! Now, this is bad for several reasons:

    -Less area where the defenders can mount a defense meaning faster degeneration into spawn camping
    -Less area where infantry can fight in an urban enviorment
    -They look ugly

    Seriously, anyone else think those larger spawn rooms are pointless?
    Why not just make all of them the same, like the one in the pic above?
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  2. P4NJ

    I'm really wondering if it's just me...
  3. UberBonisseur

    So far I've counted 4 sizes of spawn rooms:

    -Small (spawn shack, found in Skydock and others)
    -Outpost (in the picture)
    -Large (found in satellites)

    They should cut down the ammount of Large.
    Sungrey west satellite for example is kinda ridiculous, you have a LARGE spawn room basically put above the road, and right next to the control point located in a shack.

    Special award for the Biolab spawn, which takes up a much, much space in a relatively small base, and since the rework allows MAX units to get on top of the roofs among other things.

    That thing is massive.
    don't mind the yellow things
  4. Macchus


    i cannot ignore the yellow things ...

    what are they ???
  5. IamDH

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  6. Skadi

    Areas within the Spawn's/Tele Shack's LoS, didn't take me long to figure it out :p
  7. P4NJ

    Places where you can't fight because of bad spawn room design. Doesn't show all of them though, for some reason.