Spawn Room Camping Needs Changing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AgentSpades, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Hiding in VR

    You think the task of keeping you busy has no worth? Interesting.
  2. makrome

    I'm not sure, but last time i played, spawning got disabled when base flipped.
    Might take to long for everyones taste.
    Best solution would probably be, that as soon you enter a hostile hex, the base flips.
  3. maudibe

    I have actually retaken the A point by myself as a cloaker sneaking past 20 guys moments before base flip only to have a max a 4 infantry rush over to shoot me. Now if i can do it alone then a small group of say 5 infiltrators could easily get out and do some damage. The bad part is that you cant take out a Max (you can do damage with a proxy mine) and you cant take out a Sundy althogh you can get a lot of spawn kills, but that helps the cause not as they just respawn at the same spot. There is very little a camped guy can do other than redeploy at the warp gate, get a plane and come back to inflict some damage. If 5 guys did that it might change the outcome but wait that would take communication and i havent' seen any of that in this game except for rare moments.
  4. Pikachu

    Put an scu in all bases.
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  5. Keyski

    Spawn room camping is a result of an imbalanced fight. Make the fight more balanced by making the overpopped faction take longer to spawn in that hex, while the underpopped faction takes less time to spawn in the hex. That could help get people to push since they know they would be making more of a difference. Plus it'll stop the zerging players from acting like idiots infront of the spawn room, knowing if they die they will have to wait 2x or 3x longer to respawn.
  6. DeadAlive99

    The same way you learn it in other shooters that don't have one-way spawn shields. You just play the game.

    This is something that many aren't getting: One-way spawn shields are an abnormal game mechanic. It's bizarre. People are trying to justify it rather than just admitting that SOE has implemented an oddball design that is totally unnecessary.

    There are better ways to do it that will still allow everyone to play the game and have fun, without 5 minutes of ridiculous downtime.

    As others have suggested, implement the SCU at all bases, combine that with multiple spawn locations, dropods, and if I had my way, pod launchers similar to the BF:2142 APC and the base launchers in the Northern Strike addon.

    The current design is sooooooooo borrrrrriiinnggg. Some say, "spawn at another base", well, that's counter intuitive though, because when the enemy is still trying to take the base, and the base hasn't flipped, you want to stay and fight, plus, I can't help but take advantage of the farm situation to gain cp, even though I'd prefer to see it changed.
  7. DeadAlive99

    Well, certainly you can't order another player to play a certain way, but we can lobby SOE to make changes.

    All games have structure and rules. It's the rules that make the game fun......or did everybody overlook that one?

    You want a real sandbox? Here you go:

    * Map with terrain on it, with one perimeter boundary
    * Bases, but with no functionality and no tech, i.e., no shields, cps, timers, nothing
    * Weapons and vehicles, but no resources, no terminals. Instant access to all assets, and no spawn timers. Just click a button and spawn whatever you want out of thin air, anytime
    * No xp/cp, no earnings, no rewards, no BR, no k/d, no stats at all. It's just you, and everyone else, load up your gear, run/drive/fly around and shoot each other
    * There is no way to officially capture territory. You just battle, and if you think you've won, then you've won. If you want to move to another base, then move there, because the only reason to do so is "just for fun", because you get absolutely nothing for it, not even a color change on the map.

    There. There's your sandbox where "no one tells you how to play".

    Structure. Rules. It's a good thing. It's the reason why people play games. We need a structure that is superior to the one we have now.

    When you look at that spawn room filled with 30 players, doesn't that just reek of CoD level of play? Honestly, that's exactly what I think of every time. It's a CoD mentality, and not why I want to play this game. I want something more intelligent than 'pew pew'.
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  8. HadesR

    I agree that more intelligent game play would be good .. But crippling the spawn rooms or making certain factors more favouring to the attacker etc etc isn't the way to go ..

    The biggest problem is that the bases ARE like mini CoD maps .. They hold no worth, in most cases there is no reason to hold one , they are nothing more than a group of buildings where people congregate to shoot each other.. It's shallow wack-a-mole gameplay .. And people act surprised when people don't feel a base is worth a great deal of effort in defending..

    Make bases have real meaning
    Give real tangible benefits to holding them
    Make losing one have an impact on a person play

    And you will soon see more people rushing out to try and keep one ..

    Gimping spawn rooms will not suddenly make people give a flying **** about defending X random CoD base.

    The ball lays firmly in SOE's court ... Keep the bases shallow or make them worthwhile .. But I'm betting that they think cont locking will suddenly make the numerous random outposts suddenly more attractive to defend.
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  9. Hiding in VR

    That's not what any of these threads about, which is mainly, "I don't want the zerge to have to wait to move onto the next target thankyouverymuch"
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  10. Crator

    This is already the case but the only one that is really important is the tech plant I guess.

  11. HadesR

    Yeah only Tech plant has any meaning both Bio and Amp stations you don't notice if you have them or not .. So pretty much 99.9% of bases are meaningless ..

    I think it says it all that people defend certain bases ( Towers / Biolabs ) not because of their value in holding but because the defense is normally an XP farm .
  12. Noktaj

    I like the idea of SCU for every base.
    Only problem I can think of = that rare time when an organized force redeploy to a base being taken and manage to push back the attackers.

    Eliminating exp from kills taken from the spawnroom seems a valid option too.

    This situation must be dealt with. I agree with the OP: this spawnroom warriors thingy isn't fun, nor for the attackers nor for the defenders.
  13. Wecomeinpeace

    There you go, problem solved. Put it close to the spawnroom and make it so that people can't disable the spawn before flipping the point / some time after the point flip to give defenders a chance to react.

    I can't imagine a single reason why this couldn't (and shouldn't) be implemented asap.
  14. Tuco

    Think of spawn room camping is a smaller version of castle sieges that can last for decades. See totally realistic.
  15. dsiOne

    Cool, you can pretend that people are gonna do this all you want. But the current system encourages spawn camping. In fact, it forces spawn camping, if you don't spawn camp, you can't even pretend to take control over the base. If you want to stop spawn camping you have to make it impossible to spawn camp.

    As it is now you have people who are willing to wallow in worthlessness in the spawn room, and no one is willing to spawn a defensive AMS because there is already a permanent, safe, spawn point with enemies to shoot at right outside it. No one in their right minds is gonna give up that free XP farm to try and do something tactical. Unless of course, you get rid of the "permanent" and "safe" parts by making the spawn tubes destroyable.
  16. HadesR

    And you can pretend it will make more people defend rather than less .. When in reality all it will do is foster the attacking zerg ..

    Simple MMO logic that most companies figured out years ago is that players are more inclined to do something if they are rewarded for it ..
    Idea's such as SCU and spawn tubes don't reward players infact they tend to do the opposite so there will be no increase in defending, players will not suddenly begin to Lemming out the spawn room in vain hopes of securing a worthless base with no reward attached to it .. Basic human mentality.

    Maybe you only care about the attacking perspective , while I care about the defensive side ... Make it more rewarding and more people will do it .. Kinda obvious really.

    Granted both our views are personal opinion, we both may be wrong :) but part of my view is based off the current set up with SCU's and how little people try to re-secure them ( Biolabs are the exception since people don't want to ruin the " reward " of the farm )

    So called organised outfits Should always view that as a viable option .. If they don't then they are not very good or organised .. Strategy 101 : Give yourself options
  17. DeadAlive99

    My view is that the spawn rooms and/or spawn design are already crippled. When you have a quality design, you don't have 95% of your team sitting behind a shield waiting to be capped.

    As for hindering defense, having a single spawn room is a death blow for base defense! That's a major reason why defending bases is so boring and typically hopeless, because you only have one spawn point. If you combine an SCU with multiple spawn points all over the base, attackers will no longer have the easy job of shooting bricks at the shields for 5 minutes, and there will be an additional point of contention which breaks up the battle a little bit. The SCU could be placed in a defensible location so that attackers would have to work hard to take it down.

    Believe me, I'm very pro base defense, but this current design does not look like 'base defense'. It looks like a cheesy farming operation. Let's redesign it so defenders are encouraged to get out in the field, and let's make it easy for them to do so.

    I will always agree that base design is sorely lacking. In addition to redesigning them, we need a points system retool that encourages forward progress as well as defense. Right now, I agree, holding bases is virtually pointless, defense is boring, and forward progress merely serves as a breather between farms.

    I suggest a percentage of xp earnings based on capture/defense work, much more so than we get now which is a joke, and some have suggested that base xp should only be earned for holding, and not cap/def, and I like that idea.

    Neither does keeping it this way. If spawn room farming worked, then 50% of these battles would go in favor of the defenders, but clearly they do not. Spawn room farmers aren't really defending.

    Redesign bases, yes, but that alone won't change the farming situation. As long as the spawn rooms remain as they are now, this situation will not change.

    As for cont. locking, this is possibly the most boring idea proposed for the game, imo. Capturing continents is presently boring as sin and means nothing, and, it also takes forever if there is even a reasonable opposition. Unless they give each player 10K xp for doing it, it won't change anything. Real meaning for holding territory, and real value in pushing forward is what is needed, and presently, there is none on both counts.
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  18. andy_m

    I've had another look but I can't find anything in the Terms and Conditions that you can't stay within a spawn room and shoot out of a shield window or door.

    And, are there even any rules as such?

    Apart from hacks and exploitations, we can do pretty much what we want. Outfits have certain requirements and if I am in a Squad I will follow orders. Other than that, it's a free world out there, where people even team kill with no action taken by SOE.

    For me, that means, from time to time, I will snipe from within the safety of a spawn room.

    Once SOE take note of all the moaning here and make it so that you cannot shoot through certain shields, I will have to go outside to snipe, more so than I do now.
  19. DeadlyPeanutt

    spawn room warriors are caused by bad base design. bases with good design have little problem (underground bases and biolabs).

    at the end of any round, camping spawns to suppress defenders is going to happen. i don't see a way around it.

    also i'm a bit tired of all the whining about spawn room warriors. when your spawn is camped and you die the second you walk out, what else are you going to do? especially when those LA's are flying around in front of the doors... yum. you could redeploy to the next base, but some of us like shooting skeet. :)
  20. DeadlyPeanutt

    this is an OUTSTANDING suggestion