Spawn Room Camping Needs Changing

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  1. dsiOne

    You seem to think that if the defenders are stuck in their spawn room they still have a chance in hell of actually defending the base. That just is not true. The truth is that defenders are totally ok with sitting in the spawn room to get free points. That is not good.

    What would happen if defenders were forced to leave the spawn room or die in the spawn room due to the attackers taking out the tubes in an attempt to secure the base before the cap timer:

    1. Defenders would be forced to leave the spawn room or die in the spawn room. Obvious, but key.
    2. Both factions in general would have something more exciting to do than "sit around and make sure these guys don't leave" or "sit around and kill people who get too close for free points". Either the attack ends early with a massive climax of attackers braving the painfield and enemies spawning right next to them (in the shielded safety of a spawn tube) or the battle is active until the very end. Both of these are much better for the flow of gameplay than "Sit around and act like superjail security guards for a few minutes"
    3. Because the spawn room isn't totally safe (it is safer, but not impenetrable), defensive AMSes are encouraged. Not as obvious, but even more key.
    4. Because the defenders can be kicked out of a base they can still defend, the sides of battle can flip - attackers become defenders, and defenders become attackers. Of course, neither side has a hard spawn that cannot be destroyed, they just have AMSes. A much riskier second half involving vehicle gameplay outside the walls attempting to root out enemy AMSes while fighting enemy vehicles.
  2. DeadAlive99

    +1 to the general idea of revamping the horrible spawn room design. It's awful. There are so many great, and super fun ideas that could be implemented, but, we're stuck with this mess.

    Those times can be super fun and I have enjoyed my share of trying to take back a base, but.....

    This should not be a 'built in design' of the game, but left to the 'meta'. IOW, we can have exactly what you talk about, inside of another design. Changing the design won't change the fact that you will still have to be crafty and sneak around, or use large brute force to retake the base. It will eliminate the farming and put the battle back in the game.

    This game is supposed to be about 'big battles'. It was never supposed to be about 'shield farming'. The idea is patently absurd. Can you imagine SOE advertising their new game back in beta, showing a 5 minute video with 50 tanks circled around a tiny little spawn room with one-way shields? People would be scratching their heads saying, "What is that non-sense?"

    The spawn room design is bad. It's just bad. If it was good, we would see it in other shooters. What other shooters do you see one-way shield farming? BF? CoD? Red Orchestra? Nobody. It's simply not cool, and it actually dumbs the game down to a CoD level even though CoD doesn't have this.

    It plays like something left over from an Alpha stage....something that you just stick in temporarily to get the game on a test server and then redesign before release....but we're over a year post release. It's almost like an 'under the breath' apology by the devs: "Sorry the game has such a long and expensive grind, so, we'll let you farm as much as you want."
  3. Suicide Trooper

    1. Defenders will be killed after ~0.5 seconds of leaving the spawn room.
    2. Attackers for sure will have an exciting time with farming free kills.
    3. People will redeploy to places where they are spawncaming, instead of being spawncamped.
    4. No, attackers become farmers.
    The very moment SOE will somehow implement your ideas I know exactly what I will do:
    1.Redeploy from blocked spawn.
    2. Join a zerg that completely surrounded the spawn and farm free kills.
    3. PROFIT!
    Only mentally challenged people enjoy being killed a second after respawn.
  4. AssaultPig

    Here is a proven solution to spawn camping: stop spawn camping. One of three things will happen:

    1) the enemy comes out and you fight them
    2) the enemy stays in the spawn and does nothing
    3) other members of your faction camp the spawn.

    no matter what, you're done with the annoying little stare at the doorshield routine and can take a little breather while the base flips, get up and take a piss, whatever.

    If you get frustrated by spawn camping, just stop doing it. Simple!
  5. trichome

    This again...OP as long as I can get gibbed by HE spam from tanks, lol podders and libs when leaving the spawn room I'll continue to kill the real problem(spawn campers) from the safety of the spawn room and I'll move on when they do not before.

    I'm far more concerned about my enjoyment than playing the way YOU want me to and will continue to kill spawn campers as long as they camp.
  6. HadesR

    That's a Tower .. Players can't sit in the spawn room to get free points .. and due to the silly shields not allowing them to fire out they can't even try to lessen the zerg's impact at the next base by taking out a few vehicles ( a perfectly valid tactic ) .

    All any changes would do is promote that style of zerg by making it even more effective at capturing bases ..

    ^ All things organised outfits should be doing anyway ..
    If they are not doing them then that's a symptom of them not being very good or having poor leadership rather than the spawn design .

    And in regards to casual / solo players you can add

    5. Due to the worthlessness of 99% of the bases players become less inclined to defend and hot redeploy from attacking zerg to attacking zerg. Making it even harder for those that do want to defend.

    And for those who stand in spawn rooms shouting for players to push out .... Here's a little tip .. Redeploy > Pull a Sundy > Give those stuck in the spawn room a valid spawn option for them to continue the fight at the base ..

    Yeah I know I know it's a hard concept bordering on rocket science levels of complexity but it just might help :rolleyes:
  7. Bl4ckVoid

    NO, it does not need changing. You do not have to camp the spawn room. If the defenders are content sitting in the spawn room, then guard the objective and wait for capture.

    I do not understand people complaining about mechanics that they can simply avoid.
    I see a bigger problem in the tower shield placement, where you cannot shoot out, and the attackers can easily camp the exits. T
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    Actually in tower fights if the enemy outnumbers defenders, I just redeploy, because there is no chance you can exit the shield without dying.

    Field of view from the outpost spawn rooms is needed, otherwise you have no idea if you die immediately.
  9. Bl4ckVoid

    "When you spawn in a camped spawnroom, you get a big 'THERE ARE 30 SECONDS UNTIL THE NEXT WAVE! CLEAR THE AREA OUTSIDE THE SPAWN ROOM!' notice come up on your screen. You have 30 seconds now to shoot from the shield and clear out what targets you can clear, before you and everyone else who's spawned in the last 30 seconds gets a painfield if they don't throw themselves out into the fray."

    Very stupid idea, people see this message and redeploy.
  10. Soldat

    maybe it whould help to REALLY defend a base before the spawnroom is camped / surroundet ..
    if the base is already half way capped its time to think about to which base the enemy is going to have a link..
    so mostly i do this there are not much ppl spawning .. they wait till they see ohh .. the base is going to be capped on the map
    thats too late most of the times maybe an Outfit with a maxcrash or friendly vehicle colum come and help..
    so telling sitting in a camped spawnroom to "defend" a base sounds like trolling.
  11. Vodski

    Hmm, by this logic, we should let cheaters/hackers play how they want (zero risk, all reward), and stop telling them how to play.
  12. HadesR

    Bit different since those are breaking the actual game rules .. If it's within the game rules then he is correct and no one has the right to tell anyone else how to play the game .
    Those that do maybe wish a bit more control or a bit more structure and guidance in what they do .. Then that is what we have outfits for ..
  13. Jalek

    I was refering to the way it works in PS2, if you redeploy from a facility, you're likely only to have options for outposts where not even lightnings can be spawned. If there's a rolling zerg and I have to go to the WG to spawn a vehicle, I'll either change maps or log off.
  14. JudgeNu

    Just put a gif on the wall of tom and jerry...then they will be mesmerized.
  15. Vodski

    But rules are still telling people how they should play, and the other guy said we shouldn't do that.
  16. HadesR

    The rules are from SOE so I think he meant you or me or any player shouldn't be telling other players how to play ..
  17. Axehilt

    You already have those spawn options.

    Would it be ideal if every base had access to tanks/air with this change? Absolutely! Personally I think the availability of tanks/air should be increased regardless of other changes.

    Even without that, the current reality is that pulling heavy combat vehicles from a rear spawn to kill their vehicles and sundies is almost always the right decision (even before the camp settles in.) And existing spawn options let this happen. (Assuming pop is close enough for the battle to be worth fighting at in the first place, naturally.)
  18. Hiding in VR


    People sitting in spawn rooms or camped outside are not breaking any rules, or cheating or abusing etc etc. That some people liken it to that, is just an indication of their levels of arrogance and general intolerance of people doing things they don't want them to. Which is sad, but entirely predictable.
  19. MostlyClueless

    How am I meant to learn the recoil of my guns if I can't shoot people from spawn rooms? I mean I could use VR, but it's just not the same.
  20. Vodski

    No, sad is the fact that I have to sit there guarding an objective, while the spawn room heroes sit there wasting my time. If I am gonna do that, might as well make it so the attacker can disable spawning on all bases. Sad, is also people like you trying to justify it.