Spawn Room Camping Needs Changing

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  1. Meeka

    The same should also go in reverse, killing someone who just stepped out of the spawn room should net zero points; and once they step out of the spawn, should be worth nothing for 5 seconds.
  2. Hiding in VR

    I believe a far better solution is not only to allow people to shoot out of the shields but also fire rockets. That will make the tanks think twice about parking right outside. I mean, there is absolutely no need for them to be there if they have control of the base, right?
  3. MongooseTwoFive

    Eh, it's not too difficult to pop the tip of the launcher out to get the shot off as it is.
  4. Hiding in VR

    Tis now. The rocket fires from your centre not from the launcher so unless you are outside the shield it will explode damaging you.
  5. MongooseTwoFive

    Hum, wasn't aware of that. In any case, I do support the defenders having the advantage of being able to shoot outwards, but at the same time it encourages cert-farming play-style where people just sit there and pick off attackers that get too impatient.
  6. smokemaker

    Attacker caused issue.
    Only kills the stupid.

    And most importantly, it slows down the zerg.

    Imagine if you did not have a cap timer, how far and how fast do you think a zerg could move across the map?
    People would be logging out or switching maps in hopes of finding a fight thats playable.
  7. Hiding in VR

    It might just be the lockon ones that behave that way, though.
  8. smokemaker

    " but at the same time it encourages cert-farming play-style where people just sit there and pick off attackers that get too impatient."
    What about the attackers exposing themselves and rewarding those shooting behind the shields, are they not responsible for their own actions?
  9. Ronin Oni

    Nothing is wrong with spawn room mechanics.

    The attackers should have to secure the area around a spawn room to prevent defenders from retaking the objective.

    This also spreads the attackers away from the cap point so a Gal drop has the potential to retake the point, pulling the attackers back off the spawn room, and allowing defenders to push back out.

    The PROBLEM is the defenders who just sit and camp inside the spawn room. They aren't doing what they should be doing. Which is either making an attempt at resecure via Gal drop or external sundy brought in from another base OR going to the next base in line, moving OUTSIDE the walls, and setting up a defensive AV line to try and stop the attackers from having such an easy secure the next time.
  10. dsiOne

    How do you solve that problem? Don't let the defenders sit in there safely.

    My post kinda got buried of course.
  11. HadesR

    Maybe because most people stopped reading it at

    Which has been stated and discussed to death and is still one of the worst ideas ever ..
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  12. dsiOne

    Ok, "get rid of spawn shields" then. They aren't shields anymore. Get that out of your head. Shields are bad game design.
  13. HadesR

    When they remove the ability for a spawn to be camped from outside then sure :)
  14. Ronin Oni

    Except as I noted that the attackers being forced to lock it down creates potential opening for other guys to Gal drop in.

    If you allowed an SCU to be destroyed, then the need to guard the spawn exits would be removed, and the attackers would be more focused on protecting the cap point from sudden drops.
  15. SamDaMan

    I actually really like OP's idea. Thumbs up man! I hope more people vote for this because it is quite a good idea. Even after you destroy the generator it's not like they can't just bring a sundy up or a galaxy. It would encourage people to move to the next base or call reinforcements. I also agree that it is just the small bases that are the problem. Large bases are good because they already have the SCU / Shield generators. That is part of what makes them so much fun is that extra attack point. This would be a very nice addition.
  16. dsiOne


    Spawn camping is a natural result of defenders being encouraged to sit in spawn. How do you solve a problem? It isn't by helping the symptoms.

    If you allow the spawn tubes to be destroyed you get the same thing, without the addition of yet another objective for defenders to fail at defending. (Yeah sure, the spawn tubes become an objective, but someone is always near them at least once per life, and there's a damn lot of respawning in this game)
  17. HadesR


    You got it back to front .. Sitting in the spawn is the natural result of it being camped ..

    Ever spawn at an empty base just to find the spawn already camped ? Thought so ..

    Edit: And all the SCU's , Spawn tubes , No-firing shields in the World only favour the attacker and don't solve the problem of defense .. And that problem is that in most cases no one cares if a base is lost because it's a meaningless set of random buildings .

    Want people to push out and defend ? Make the base worth defending with real benefits for doing so rather than a mini CoD map that only purpose is to attract players because that's where people to shoot at are.

    The bases hold little worth and even less meaning so ofc people are not going to be overly fussed about defending them when the battle goes South .. Nothing will change that until holding a base actually means something ..
  18. Iksniljiksul

    They tricked me at first as well, but this is in no way actually a team based nor objective based game. Spawn rooms are the proof. Remove them and this game might slowly become something more then cert farming. They already had a much better mechanic in the first game, they made this a farming situation on purpose. There are no tubes to blow.

    When it takes 500 points to get 3% more repair and 1.5 seconds of heat reduction then I have to do what ever it takes to get there. That's just for one, almost un-noticeable upgrade. 10xp tick per 10xp tick... **** that, let's farm some people dumb enough to camp a building with one way shields.

    This game was never intended to be competitive, never meant to be anything like the original. It's merely a beta test for their engine source code, and for selling station cash.

    When the cowards are locking down a spawn room with their tanks and liberators, a trickle of attacks from the nearby bases will do nothing, not one thing, to stop this and retake the base. The base was lost for a reason, numbers. These maps are not well designed.

    Be honest in what you people are playing and stop trying to pretend this is some other game that you really wish it were.
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  19. Suicide Trooper

    Why those cowards sitting in their spawn room? All they should do is to go and kill 50 tanks instead of sitting inside and ruining experience for others.
  20. Landaren

    I can fix spawn room camping, no shooting out of the shield either way. Get out of the spawn room and fight or go to another base and flank. Stop sitting in the stupid *** spawn room shooting out of the doors
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