Spawn locations - patch changed?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FLHuk, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. FLHuk

    It would appear that todays patch, un noted, has again changed the way the game decides available spawn locations....

    Thank you so much for these excellent choices, after twenty mins of trying to get north it's Reaver taxi time!

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  2. TheRealMetalstorm

    awesome, you can't redeploy/suicide to make trips to the frontline!
    you either use the "need reinforcements" to go to the front, or get in a squad/platoon with organised transport!

    also, good news for defenders: after a base falls, the defenders don't end up spawning in 10 different places. Will help with "falling back" and the anti-zerg.
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  3. Fivetide

    Just read the excellent patch notes... erm...
  4. HadesR

    Limited options promotes the Zerg and back capping
  5. FLHuk

    52m59secs got offered one spawn point of the TWELVE we hold north of Quartz Ridge! But offset by four that were at best two hexes behind any fighting :D
  6. TheRealMetalstorm

    Let's imagine we have the old system in place. Also, imagine that an enemy zerg has rolled into a biolab and a huge fight starts up.
    After a long fight, the biolab is finally lost. At this point in time, the defenders will have multiple options to spawn.
    The attackers, on the other hand, won't really split up - it's the zerg mentality similar to schooling fish, because there's safety in numbers.

    This cripples defense because while the attackers probably lose less than about 38% of their forces to people splitting up (that's near overestimating already, feels more like 25%), the defenders have no clue where the attackers will roll to next, (bad map design) and thus the attacking zerg rolls on. There will never be a distributed front line, because there simply aren't enough people to fill up the entire front in PS2.

    Same for WWII online.
  7. FLHuk

    After just dying defending Quartz these are my options.... 1 of 4 flashing zones and several with no enemies detected.... This is terrible!

  8. TintaBux

  9. TintaBux

    What a farce, complete stealth patch no one knew anything about and it turns about to be a major game changing one that the most of the community certainty don't want.
  10. Wezdor

    I fail to see the difference. Can someone remind me what it used to be like? Cause to the best of my knowledge it was always limited to around 1.5km range.
  11. FLHuk

    Nah, yesterday I was bouncing around all over the map to shoot single cappers!

    I mean look at this, hit redeploy after capping this point one guy was trying to take.... These options are stupid, 1 of the 3 flashing are deployable, you can't tell me this looks right?

  12. TintaBux

    They just ruined the game.
  13. Wezdor

    Still looks the same to me... It's possible they accidentally removed the spawn range restriction during the recent stealth patches and reapplied it this patch.
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  14. siiix

    exelent ? LOL biggest FAIL EVER

    worst patch this game has seem yet, it been said over and over again

    sure flash is good , but most things in this patch are simply GARBAGE , including the spawn
  15. Wezdor

    You appear to be lacking some brain cells to understand such obvious sarcasm. Let me explain it for you:

    There were no patch notes. That is why he "read the excellent patch notes". There were none. It's sarcasm. Get it now?
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  16. Cleaver

    Earlier I was fighting at crossroads, and we had two deployed sunderers between there and the crown (which we owned). Planetside kept trying to get me to spawn at the further-away sunderer by putting it as default. Perhaps they've changed something to do with default top option too.
  17. UKAvenger

    In PlanetSide, it used to be:

    Nearest Facility, Nearest Tower, Nearest AMS
    Manual Facility Bind, Manual AMS bind (oh can we get matrix pannels back?!)

    Does anyone know the specifics of how it works in PlanetSide 2? I am aware you do get a nearest Facility as an option sometimes though it is the Facilities outpost rather than its main spawn room (silly) and nearest ..tower? type spawn point. Then its just nearest (number?) of small outposts and nearest (number?) of AMS. Then you also get the reinforce requests as spawn points and of course your Warpgate your SLs nearest point and spawn beacon.

    Not been able to work it out completely. Respawn options can have a big impact on the game flow. Not sure the current way is the best way, seems a bit messy. Personally i think they should be a bit more restricted as its quicker to spawn hop and suicide than it is to actually drive to your desired location at the moment!
  18. Wezdor

    As far as i know it lets you spawn at all your bases within 1.5 km, all sunderers within 2.5km, bases that need reinforcements and bases that are close to your squad leader.
  19. Vertabrae

    You know, for a small ninja patch, this is a pretty major change. Half the time now I'm stuck not being able to spawn anywhere near the fight. WTG SOE. Just what this game needs. More time spent out of combat. As if double/triple loads screens, long death screens, 25 seconds spent in redeploy or 10 seconds spent waiting for shields to recharge isn't enough downtime as it is.

    I stuck up for SOE for a long time. Shows what an idiot I was.
  20. NoctD

    I noted it in the ninja patch topic yesterday - seems like re-deploy/deployment locations actually present a reasonably good/sane list of choices.

    Still hate how the reinforcements needed areas can flip on you while you're waiting on the timer.
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  21. Stromberg

    from some reading here on the forum and obsevations in game, I understand the reinforcement system wants to put you in a hex with an ally/enemy imbalance. so if your allies are roflstomping dahaka without real resistance while twarich is heavily defended by the enemy, the game wants to send you to tawrich.