Spawn Camping is just annoying

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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    I can handle being zerged, outnumbered and even outmatched. The most annoying feature is the rewards for encouraging spawn camping. I don’t speak for the majority, but at least when tubes got camped in the first Planetside eventually the enemy could end the misery by destroying the spawn tubes. We have no doors or real garages or enough decent combat engineer tools to fortify bases, I was hoping base construction would bridge horribly designed bases with capture points, instead they are built in the middle of nowhere.

    1. Why can enemies see where the spawn room is on minimap?
    2. Why are spawn room so undefendable? Shouldn’t there be a dome shield for balconies on spawns?
    3. Why can enemies see into the shields of the spawn room, it should be a one way mirror?
    4. Sunderers are the worst spawn point options, everyone camps them, everyone can see them, in many cases the cloaking bubble is easier to spot than a Sunderer with good camo.
    5. When the numbers are against you, the enemies still spawn to quickly.
    6. When hitting instant action, nothing worst than dropping into a worst situation, like being surrounded or your back to an enemy and you get shot in the back.
  2. adamts01

    The good thing is that you can pick where to fight. The bad thing, is that thanks to 3 factions, there's often a doubleteam and no good fights.

    Construction can't be applied to bases with a blanket approach like that, as there are as many easy to defend bases that would become impossible to attack as there are hard to defend bases that might become balanced.

    PS2 is balanced around large fights. No one can camp a sundy in a large fight because there's a steady stream of opposition flowing from it. But in small fights, you can't defend the sundy and cap the point at the same time. It's a real mess.
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  3. Scroffel5

    Yes, spawn camping is annoying, but the problem is the community. While things could be implemented to reduce or even negate spawn camping, it is the communities fault for using the strategy. The way I see it, the only difference between good guys and bad guys is self imposed restraint. Bad guys do whatever it takes to get their agenda completed. Good guys limit themselves. The squad leaders who camp in Galaxies and Liberators, drop over points, camp the spawns with tanks, and taunt you when you are outnumbered, such as Ring of Fyre, are considered bad guys to me. Those are things I won't do, even though they are viable strategies and put in the game to be used in such a way to get things done. People who spawn camp are the same way. They want to win and will do whatever it takes to win. Same with zerging and armor rushes and ESFs with pods. We just have to deal with it and make better plans to defeat it.

    The easiest way to defeat a spawn camp is coordination. I'd suggest everyone switch to a Stalker and gang up on targets one by one, like velociraptors in movies. Most people have tunel vision when they spawn camp. Just yesterday, I was able to kill an Infiltrator who had a CQC bolt because he had tunnel vision. He was with a squad and was doing really well. I then went and hacked the terminal and killed a few people who had tunnel vision, but then I died cuz the Decimator insta-kills the Flash. We still lost the base because my team was stuck in the spawn, but we still kept fighting hard.

    What I suggest is that you guys who hate different strategies in the game make up your own. A squad of Wraith vehicles is very effective. I'd suggest Wraith ANTs and Wraith Flashes to get the job done, all with Heavies on the back. In a full squad, you can get 3 Wraith Flashes with 3 Heavies on the back and 3 ANTs with Heavy Assault gunners, just in case the ANT gets destroyed. C4 Flash and Tank Mine Flash comboes are also very effective. Another good strat is to take your squad a base back, get MBTs, and make your way back to the base you are losing. Blow up all the spawns first, have a few of your guys stay outside to clear up the guys there, have your Infiltrators EMP the point and any beacons left over, and wipe the floor with the enemies. We just have to have posts like that. Plus, these are very fun.
  4. adamts01

    So... Dropping on points is cheesy but fury/deci flashes aren't?
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  5. Scroffel5

    No, its still cheesy, but its the way to beat them. I would think its less cheesy because you can destroy the Flash, driver, and rider in one hit. You can't destroy that Galaxy or Liberator fast enough, and they can linger if you try. The Flash thing is more of a gamble.
  6. TRspy007

    Bases definitely need rework. There is no synergy between player-made and dev-made bases. The restriction bubbles are too big and take no account for terrain.

    And everyone knows where the spawn rooms are, it doesn't need to be shown on the map. We've attacked and defended these bases a billion times, I'm pretty sure everyone knows every tree, rock and blade of grass present at each base. Also, what would be the point of a minimap if it didn't show us the map?

    Spawn rooms are meant to discourage camping. This is why they do not offer a 360 shielded view, which would allow defenders to kill anything in sight of the spawn. Right now, the spawns offer defenders the chance to shoot at people who get too cocky, without giving them such a huge advantage over everything else. In some bases the spawn rooms cover the whole base in field of view. Imagine if they were just a shielded bubble - every attacker would be wrecked. Same with spawn rooms being a one way mirror, the attackers would just sit there not knowing whether there are enemies or not.

    Sunderers are fined as long as the people that spawn there defend them. Granted, the cloak ones are easy to spot unless you are flying or zooming by in your vehicle. Shielded and armored sunderers are the best spawn points for attackers. Routers are too weak, take too long to let players spawn and can not be repaired. They also require a decent investment in construction.

    I don't think the enemies spawn quickly during a zerg, they are quickly rezed or arrive in a flash or something from the next base.

    I'm not sure you were there when instant action would legit drop us in the middle of a meat-grinder. Right now, the join combat thing works pretty decently, and it only drop-pods you if there are no hard or soft spawns available at that fight. Even then, I've rarely died due to it. Besides, the point isn't to get you an instant kill-streak, it's to take you to a fight. You can respawn at/near the fight after being killed anyways, so it does it's job regardless.
  7. Orakel

    Game is pretty useless right now, 24/7 spawnroom camping inside biolabs and 3/4 from each faction prefers spawnroom camping. Im pretty tired from ppls which dont care about territorys % during alert !! The game is all about camping&farming spawnrooms !!
  8. Leidz

    Back in time we have a thing: More you have planetman on a A point, more the time to take the base is reduced. (Max dude required is 3 if i am right)

    How about to create a script who take idk... 30percent of max attacker population of the base... and the more 30percent pop you have in the point , more the base capture time is reduced. A legit way to reduce spawn camping

    Simple ex:

    Take 30% of 100 dudes.
    So, 30 dude are needed to the point to reach is fastest capture time.
    Pretty simple.
  9. Scroffel5

    Why dont we come up with universal ways of defeating an overpop or spawn camp using people who don't have a squad but are agreeable, then specialize for different scenarios?
  10. OneShadowWarrior

    Actually the tools are already built into the game and it is with the Construction Bases. Can you imagine if we could put the Elepsium tubes on a few different point in the bases or turrets at crappy base builds, or base walls at ill defended designs, hell even a blast plate at certain doorways, of course they could only put so many at base locations but it would actually make more sense because all the bases are about capture points. The HIVE bases are long gone.
  11. YellowJacketXV

    Spawn camping is an unfortunate side effect of the ludicrously high requirement for experience grind that exists.
    That has to change first before spawn camping will be reduced. It's much better to wait for people to stop spawning at a sunderer as you surround it than go and blow it up.
  12. Liewec123

    Back in the day we could set up defensive sundies (no deploy zones didn't count at your own bases)
    So if you were getting spawn camped at a base, you could go to the next base and set a sundy up in a good spot before the zerg reaches the base, your team would then have a fighting chance at knocking the zerg back and escaping being spawn camped repeatedly.

    Naturally this was far too perfect, can't have defenders winning, can we?!
    So DBG in true DBG fashion removed it, just one more mistake in their list of many.
  13. Blam320

    Didn't SOE remove defensive Sundies?
  14. Scroffel5

    in a 12-24 fight when they are spawn camping, it sucks until reinforcements come in. It doesn't even have to be that many, but it is hilarious when they lose the base because of sheer incompetence. Me and a dude I just met today kept spam pulling Flashes along with like, 2 other guys, and we were causing havoc. They started learning and put down tank mines, so we bought our team enough time to fend off the overpop. It was glorious!
  15. Liewec123

    nopes definitely one of DBGs blunders! i made a post stating why it was a terrible idea in april 2017 before it was implemented,
    so ofcourse they implemented it anyway and so we have the zergy spawn camping mess of today!
  16. Blam320

    Ah, I did not remember that.

    Definitely not one of DBG's finest moments. It's one thing to make bases inherently defender favored or attacker favored, and it's another thing to remove a valuable defender tool altogether.

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