Sparrow Cannot Go Live

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Varben, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Ztiller

    Can we get a comment on the fine-tuning of the MAX abilities?
  2. Varben

    I appreciate the fast official response, but the values of the Sparrow are far less worrying than the concept of the Sparrow. The AV turret style guided missile is simply too powerful unless there is a cap on their range, which I do not foresee.
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  3. crazyoldfart

    Wow. Those all sound awesome the way they are. Go ahead forum warriors, cry and complain till they shoot nerf balls sprinkled with powder.
  4. oherror

    Im digging the the new stuff for maxes. Bout time max vs tanks did something. If i wanted to kill tanks before i would grab a HA.
  5. crazyoldfart

    I guess the damage has been scaled back on the NC and VS Max AV weapons. Kinda disappointed after hearing how great they are. The TR Max AV weapon is still bad ***. Took a MBT down quickly from the side. To much crashing for me to stay on test long.
    Not Sure I'm looking forward to hearing all those NC rockets flying around.

    Really sweet how the VS Starfire pretty much blast infantry to bits when dual fired.