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  1. Luke_Nadewalker

    By merging woodman and miller you have vastly concentrated the population density. Altho you might see this as a good thing, it really isnt.

    couple this with the removal of the acquisition timer restrictions, and the result is a bloody spam-fest.

    it is totally infuriating when you are spawn locked in your spawn room, and you cannot leave. If you do, you die from a million spammy tank rounds / gunship howitzer rounds . There is simply no reason to stay and "Defend" when it just means instant death the moment you pass the spawn shield.

    The only solution is to leave and go spawn else where. and here in lies the problem, circling back round to the population density problem. what are we expected to do when EVERY SINGLE BATTLE is now like this. This is a FPS game, not a dungeon crawler. We shouldnt have to grind through 1000 deaths just to be able to leave the spawn room. And we really shouldn't have to wait till the early hours (way past peak hours) just to get a reasonably balanced gameplay.

    I'm sure it isn't just my outfit that feels this way.

    Rage-quits are now getting common, The enjoyment is draining away. All in the last few weeks. During the year previous to this, everything was pretty much good FUN.

    I am aware that being steamrolled occasionally was par for the course, but now its constant spamfest during peak hours.
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  2. BrianJ2

    Why then not grab a galaxy and drop behind them? Tried that once?

    But i must say yes nobody defends anymore which makes all attacks way too easy. There needs to be more alternative routes in bases to go while you're defending.
  3. FliegerPanzer

    When they add more continents I guess they will merge Miller and Cobalt. More continents more merges. I like big population
  4. rhan101277

    Wait till they finish the resource revamp this will simmer down.
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  5. MTastee

    Yup, of course. But now that the fights are much more concentrated, and therefore the 'previous base' is usually held firmly until the 'advancing base' has had a point taken. Therefore the Control Points(s) at the 'previous base' are locked. That and there are now often enough MAXes left behind by the zerg's vehicles that they wander around in the vicinity of the Control Point, and deter that sort of move. It's not only a numbers game, it's a 'quantity of MAXes' game, too.

    Yeah, you're right. A lot less defending going on. Alternative routes? But that's what we did have, pre-lattice. Amerish was the last one converted over to Lattice, and I knew more than a few players stopped enjoying PS2 as a result of that particular change (i.e.they stopped playing). Yes, of course many love the Lattice, since it focuses the battle in one - unavoidable - facility per lane.

    Yeah, I'm hearing that a lot, seeing it repeated on the Forums/Reddit. Trouble is, this is the game today. And it is the version of PS2 that all my IRL buddies have stopped playing (since the small amount of Meta provided by Territories=Resource-gain and old-style Alerts have both been removed). And these changes triggered me to cancel my recurring membership, too. Just not enough depth left.

    So you can choose to say 'wait for the next phase' to folks all day long, but do realize that today's game is the game that many players are leaving. Some won't be here to see that next phase (or come back to try it). Especially some types of support players, and the more strategy-oriented players... leaving you with a higher concentration of those that really do enjoy the zergs. Simply reverting to having some amount of the resource gain tied to territory would help (and also adding back the old-style Alerts, to encourage people to get more organized, yet less zergy). If you actually want less diversity in types of players and playstyles (in terms of strategy and objectives), then all these changes are fine.

    For those of us who've been around for a year+, the calls of 'wait for xyz' are sounding rather hollow, I'm sorry to say.

    PS: this probably belonged in the "PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion" thread, to really be seen.
  6. Luke_Nadewalker

    Maybe we can get a admin to move it this? anyone know any?
  7. BrianJ2

    I didn't mean per facility, but in de facility. A few bases do have like amp station with underground tunnels. Most bases however have maybe 1 teleporter extra but that one will be spawncamped now too.

    The only way to defend in most bases now is trying to push out of the spawn room. Being able to get somewhere else in the facility without having to pull a galaxy which consumes time.
  8. TheBlindFreak

    Resource revamp is still in it's first stage. Consolidation of resources and removal or the 2-part system via the timer.
    Personally, I think even this is an improvement on the old system.

    Once the resource revamp is all said and done, this shouldn't be much of an issue.
  9. Flag

    You mean you can't always just run out of the spawn room and save every base?
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  10. Huxer

    I was from Waterson, now I'm on Emerald. Obviously I don't play much anymore because farm simulator 2014.