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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    Been playing many hours now, even with CTD every 20mins!, and there is one thing I have noticed.

    There is allot of spam fights. Fights where everyone just shoots at one spot, no tactics, but none of the sides really get anywhere ether. I think this is actually a problem because fights become a bit boring after 30+ mins shooting at the same door...

    The symptoms / cause for this is in my opinion:
    - No ammo or mentionable cool down for using medic or eng tools. Revive, Rep and heal forever.

    - 1 Eng can resupply unlimited ammo. You wont run out in a chock point.

    - Spawn time and chock points are so little and close that you wont be able to reload before the one you killed is replaced by another guy. Literary. There is no penalty for dying eg 10 times in a row.

    - Unnatural "safe" points. Notably the spawn room and the "locked" teleport rooms. Where the defenders / attackers can shoot out, enemies cant shoot in or go in. So they are forced to have a huge force camping that place just in case the enemy groups up and rushes.

    - Winning a defense at a base has no impact on the stand offs.
    I was actually hoping.... After a 2 hour 5m back and forth fight. The Biolab whooos sound after capture was a kill every enemies in the base kinda thing, but it wasnt. So the same stand of lasted even longer

    - With only 3 islands and faction warpgates on all of them there is always a 3 way fight unless one faction for some reason has a low population on the whole server.

    I dont have solutions for this issue, but thought it was worth mentioning.
    Feel free to add a comment about your own view of combat flow in PS2.
  2. Tooks

    The game has been live for not even 24 hours. Many players are still getting to grips with tactics, how the play the game, how not to die etc. Don't expect SAS responses from the masses this early.
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  3. Vastly

    On the positive side, Planetside1 was much worse for this kind of thing (choke point spam) and there's been much complaining from some PS1 players throughout beta there should be a lot more of it so it could be a lot worse! As it is, if you don't like it, noone forces you to do it. Redeploy and find a better fight.
  4. Jestunhi

    Instead of creating a post about it on the forums you could have organised your faction to do something other than have a standing ranged battle.