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  1. The Hypnotoad

    Tl:dr. It would take too much work to make it happen despite how good of an idea it is.
  2. pin154

    Could they make the engine and the game play into a sort of optional DLC that loads every time you move into space? The load time may suck but could it work that way?
  3. searcher8

    I'm torn. On one hand, what OP is suggesting sounds ridiculously awesome. On the other hand, I honestly don't see how you could put it into PS2 without making PS2's already outrageous system requirements be absolutely obscene. Hell, just going by what savageshark has posted, he practically has enough for a whole separate game, all on its own!
  4. Djosa

    Love the idea, such a long read but DEFIANTLY WORTH IT!! This guy has awesome ideas and time to think things through, i would defiantly like almost all of this implemented in-game as they were talking about space combat somewhere i just cant find that site and article. But my problem would be the size of that map (space) how big of a map would you have to make to support everything from space ships to space combat? Most certainly bigger maps than we have today, MUCH BIGGER.
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  5. savageshark

    I'm glad you enjoyed my ideas about the Space Combat. Originally I planned this for the first PlanetSide so naturally some alterations were made for the sequel. Granted there would need to be some BIG maps made for the combat I have in mind. Especially when you can bring your own space ship into the stratosphere of the planet and give ground support from you kick *** orbiting space ship.
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  6. tutle64

    Ya, its a cool idea and all, but I honestly don't think this game is ready for anything near this yet. If you want to have a giant space station that you can shoot stuff down witth, I can guarantee that there are other games out there for you. but seeing as it takes so long for stuff to get done in this game, there's just no way it is going to be added. maybe PS3? maybe? but not this game. Also, they don't even have water vehicles to fight in the oceans yet. heck, they don't even have big lakes in this game yet. Spaceships and space combat I am afraid will never make it to this game at the rate it is advancing. Impressive post, though. I applaud you for the efforts in writing all this.
  7. Alan Kalane

    Forgive me but I hadn't read your post further than a few lines... still I don't think this is a good idea. Why? I'm a programmer (it's my hobby actually) and I know something about creating computer games. You see, maps in PS2 are already massive. They are too big to be rendered as a whole. If they were that would require an amazing PC to handle this. And now you want to make them even larger by adding space to them...In PS2 default terrain render distance is 4km ( I lowered this setting on my PC to 800m because it couldn't handle that much) , infantry render is 400m and vehicle render is somewhere between 400 and 1000, I dont know exactly. That's also because of the performance costs it would take to render all the players currently online. Now, Earth's low orbit starts at 200km above the ground level. On Auraxis this could be different of course (it's a game after all) but in the end it couldn't be lower than 5km (even if it's a game, aircraft can fly higher than that). That mean's that a starship would have to follow special rules to have anything rendered at all. And that means either lower frame rates or rendering quality...There are countless other technical problems I could point out but I think it's enough...

    In games industry there's one simple rule that should be always followed: make games as simple as possible while achieving their greatest goals. I don't think that space combat is one of those goals. And I think that those ideas should be rather used to create a new game instead of completely rewriting PS2 from scratch.
  8. Djosa

    Yes, i'd defiantly like that, something like EVE and Dust 514?
  9. Captain Anderson

    AWSOME... though I will admit MAYBE using the same ship system with naval units before they move on to space ships is a good idea, this STILL REALLY NEEDS TO BE SHOW TO THE DEVS. Also, you forgot about some other ship classes, such as Carriers. I guess if you figured those out it would be like this, generally speaking.
    some gun amount between the battleships and cruisers
    1-2 hangers
    speed, armor and shields between mention classes
    only 2 in low orbit of a continent
    Carriers (3 different classes within that, like a separate kind that diverts from normal ships)
    light amount of guns, about the amount of a frigate's in point defense weapons (I.E. ship weapons)
    4(small escort carriers)-8 (fleet carrier) fighter bays.
    higher armor and shields to equivalent capital ships
    5(escort carriers) to 2 (fleet carrier) in low orbit of a continent
    Super Capital Ships
    Generalization for dreadnoughts, super carriers, heavy battleships, etc, etc, bigger then capital ships
    High-VERY HIGH rating on weapons amount (varies so much)
    medium-high rating on hanger amount
    ONLY 1 in low orbit of any continent

    really hope these get to the developers... and maybe try and get them to fix this glitch I keep having.:p
    seriously though...DEAL WITH DA LAUNCHER GLITCH!
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  10. savageshark

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Though I really many of the ships I had in mind, mainly the larger variations, would be a Carrier ship of sorts. Though they would SPAWN the ship rather than have it hanging inside. It would be easier on travels and pilots can launch and engage at will.

    I do hope the DEVS have at least seen this idea and considered it. Though it's been so long, I think the idea may just go unnoticed and the idea will either A. never appear in PS 2 or B. they'll make PS 3 in 10 years with this option in mind.
  11. MaxDamage

    December 16th.
  12. Demigan

    I'll read through it later... damn you might as well make a whole new game on this.
  13. Airazor

  14. Haquim

    Well.... IF they could do that it would be truly awesome.

    But since I got shot in the face by invisible guys, or rather enemy players that did not yet render I lack any kind of faith that DGB could even remotely pull it off, even if they were willing to.
    I see LAs magically appearing in mid-air, 10 metres from any obstacle that could have hidden their approach and I don't rellay want to think what would happen if they bump up the size and complexity even more.
  15. McMan

    Star Citizen will have space combat and infantry combat iz zero G. Go watch it on youtube, its pretty cool
  16. savageshark

    I'm glad to see folks still find an interest in this idea after so many years.

    though, tbh, I'm losing my faith with Star Citizen. While their approach has been innovative and astounding. They focus on adding more and more content to this game just drags out. I'd like too see more demo content like the space marine concept their aiming for.

    With this, it's meant to combine the elements of Planet Side with ship to ship combat. Just something too add more diversity to the game play. I feel like we could have more than air and ground fighting. Granted with technology today it could be possible. If anything they could have separate servers for the space combat.
  17. savageshark

    I'm bumping this in hopes the Devs will consider it, if they have not already?

    Also because I'd like too share it with the forums again. After checking out how the building bases mechanic works, I'm hoping we can do some space ship battles next? *fingers crossed*
  18. Ryme_Intrinseca

    We're too far into PS2's lifecycle for developing this to be financially viable but it would be a great selling point for PS3.
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