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    "All Hail Britannia!"




    We are a Planetside 2 outfit run by, you guessed it, Englishmen! We fight together and enjoy having fun with one another, but we are able to organize and fight together as a group when needed. Our style of fighting is diverse, as we employ almost every fighting method possible, from aerial combat and troop drops,to armored assaults and guerrilla raids. Asides from general fighting, we also focus on teamwork. As long as you are able to fight together when needed and fight cohesively, then you'll fit right in with the rest of us. We dont care what style of combat you enjoy, you are more than welcomed to join us.

    We only have a few baseline rules for anyone wanting to join us. As long as you are not overly sensitive and are not a turd, you are more or less in. Other requirements include:

    • Working TeamSpeak 3 and a microphone ( or at least the ability to hear orders)
    • Ability to speak and understand English sufficiently for our needs
    • Ability to work in a team
    If you are interested in joining our outfit, please add my outfit leader on steam:

    Once we clear out any issues and problems, you will be added to our steam group:
  2. kingofzero100

    I hope you guys will be interested in joining, and if not, I thank you for taking your time to check us out :D
  3. Ximaster

    Are u still recruiting???? I have one guy on Vanu side that offer me outfit,but seems that not play anymore. And there is another guy that offer me outfit on TR side,but not on an specific outfit. So i message all TR outfits that im interested.