[Suggestion] Space battles. How they can work. Ect.

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  1. Raichu

    I think Space Battles is something that a large amount of the community wants. And would also enjoy. It will add a new pillar of gameplay and fresh up the experience for many players especially pilots who are lacking those nice long dog-fights. Now this is probably a long way off. But I am expecting this to make it into the game at some point. possibly in a year or so.

    How they might work.

    When they will occur- I feel if space battles where available 24/7 they would cause under population on the ground. Instead maybe when a Empire captures a Continent it would trigger a space battle. Everyone on the continent would be beemed up to space. This can be a last effort to push the Empire who is capping the Continent back. If the defending empires win they will be able to return to the Continent in less time. If the attacker wins. They lock the continent. Each Empire will have specific battle cruisers.

    The map- The map will be a empty space. In well space. with asteroids ect. scattered around making cover for aircraft. The "Border of the map would be a massive asteroid belt.

    Gameplay- Gameplay will focus mainly on aircraft combat. With some infantry combat as well. All aircraft that you use now you will be able to use in space.

    Facilities - This is a bit confusing. When you think of a ideal capture point in space you think of a battle cruiser of some sort like this.[IMG]

    But cruisers can also be destroyed. So instead of just capturing an enemy ship. It could also be destroyed. Each faction will have its own style cruiser. Vanu would have more of a futuristic looking ship while the NC will have a more rough look. These ships will also have mounted AA turrets on them. Turrets will be able to be destroyed no matter if it the shields or up or not.

    Cruisers- What would be the objectives what will be inside them?

    The inside of a cruiser will be tight hallways and corridors. Not the vast open space we are so used to in planetside 2.

    Also each cruiser will be a spawn point. And come equipped with a hangerbay to deploy fighters. The hanger bay will be like the ones in starwars. A shield door would cover the entrance. Both because if it wasnt there you would die and also so enemy ships can fly in.

    Now. On the ship itself would be a shield generator that spacecraft can destroy from the outside. When they do this. A back hanger bay will change from the empire color, to the default yellow so anyone can pass though. Now enemies taking the ship can fly there galaxies inside and drop units. Also the Galaxy will act as a mobile spawn point when deployed. But this would only be for space of course. Once inside enemy units will have to take down some objectives to make the ship. Caturable/destroyable.

    Many of the objectives in the ship will mimic the objectives we find in most bases.

    - Energy Shielding Unit. Or ESU. This is what powers the ships shields. When destroyed the shields will be disabled and spacecraft outside can start to open fire on it and destroy the ship. This can always be brought back up. But any health the ship lost while it was down will still be present.

    - Life support system. This will mimic the current bases SCU.

    - Capture points. A B C D you know the deal but this time it is different. Instead of flipping the base. Capture points will activate a fuel overload. Which if finished will self destruct the ship.

    Please share any thoughts you have on this I am not finished yet Im just trying to guess how space battles might work.
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  2. Raichu

    What a space battle can look like
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  3. Zorro

    I would love to see this in five years. Excellent idea!
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  4. xNPCx

    Wait one second... Did Vortez actually make a constructive thread!? I am at a loss for words.

    Sounds like a interesting idea nonetheless.
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  5. Raichu

    My cousin vortez is out fighting dragons. And what do I get? Forum duty.
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  6. Chiggerbite

    I've been missing fast paced space combat since Star Wars Galaxies shut down. Current aerial combat in this game is like a hybrid of standard terrestrial air combat and space combat in terms of game play, controls, and the physics they use. I love aerial combat, but the PS2 implementation is my least favorite of the games I've played. I'd definitely support space combat.

    I'm really digging the ideas listed here. Current PS2 is infantry/armor based with an aerial option. This would make an alternate avenue that would be aerial/space based with an infantry option. I think it's definitely a good option for some alternative game play and maps without the need to play another game to get it.

    Heck... SOE has the code for SWG... convert and adapt that space combat to PS2 as a starting platform! :p
  7. FateJH

    That's also two possibilities: unreasonable Air wanting to get away from Ground AA, and unreasonable Ground wanting Air to go away.
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  8. Raichu

  9. Raichu

    Any one interested in this should check this out.

  10. Ash87

    We don't necessarily need SPACE battles, I think it would be jarring if everyone was warped up to space upon continent capture, leaves way too many questions. Also, if someone has worked for quite a while to capture the continent, and then looses the space battle, what does that mean?

    I think sea battles would fit more, something where it doesn't pull you out of the world, but adds another layer that can be integrated into the world as it is now. Now one thing there could be, would be something akin to Airships. Something that flies above the battle and can fire down on people, but is expensive and requires a large investment. Battles between those could be quite interesting. I also like your point that however those kinds of things are implemented, that infantry should have some kind of contribution, like say for example: Attempting to capture or disable them. That way you could have a ship floating above the enemy, but they could land on said ship and attempt to take it or disable it by destroying key systems and or over-running the bridge.
  11. Raichu

    No if they cap the continent, They cap it. Period. But lets say it will only stay locked for 1 hour. If they win the space battle it will stay locked for 2
  12. SenTerran

    I like your idea for a game Raichu but I don't like this for Planetside 2. It would be very jarring to anyone who didn't want to do this. I don't like flying vehicles in Planetside 2 so I don't. And that's perfectly valid in Planetside 2 as it is. Then suddenly I'm forced into this.

    It's ill fitted to the game. Pretty much Planetside 2 is a fun, easy FPS but with skill involved (and some entry level frustration with the pay to win :D). So it can be as casual or as involved as you want. But this takes it down that immersive MMO type game that I just don't think fits.

    I wouldn't mind more space aesthetics on Indar and Amerish and by that I mean, things that tell me I'm definitely not on Earth, like the purple spikes in Esamir.
  13. TheStonehawk

    Shush you heathen you. I love space battles and flying and even though I die I would love the ability to just dogfight without regards to G2A.

    However it shouldn't be based on continent capture. Instead it should a random event (like an alert) where the vanu/nc/tr have brought a spaceship above one of the continents to support their empire's capture of that continent. So the Tr/nc/vanu now have to launch from their own spacedocks or ships to do battle with the attacking empire. If you didn't want to fight there, you wouldn't have to. Stay down the ground and keep fighting the good fight. But if you wanted either super CQB or super A2A you could have both in the space battle.

    It is an absolutely brilliant idea and would go perfectly with the up and coming valkyrie.
  14. PraiseTheSpandex

    <3 this, although I don't know how practical it is within PS2's development timeline.

    What might be doable is a space "continent", though, like Dead Space or Starcraft-esque orbital infrastructure over Auriaxis. Jump pads linking stations or ships... horrific consequences for a misstep.
  15. IamDH

    Im still waiting for Hossin...
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  16. BillBoBaggins

    Reminds me of Disco [IMG]

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