Sorry, pink camo is the final straw for me

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by tigerchips, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. tigerchips

    I also made a post objecting about the rainbow flashlight, although that was no where near as bad as this.
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  2. Liewec123

    the only thing worse than dying to a magscatter, dying to a pink magscatter :D
    i will never use any other camo on mine from now on!
  3. Devilllike

    You do realise we also have a female part of the game right? why does it bother you so much for a pink camo that female planetside 2 gamers wouldd like to use? the game has much bigger issues than some camo that is a player choice
  4. Savadrin

    So many asterisks. I'd like to guess what you're saying, but it's probably as small minded as it is intolerant.

    I will buy the pink camo to put on my Lolkeeper harrasser because that's the only way that machine can become any more obnoxious than it is now, and that is my goal. Whatever is the most annoying to you, my enemy.
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  5. Greiztoph

    I tend to forget about censoring, and I love it, do it
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  6. tigerchips

  7. Savadrin

    But the wings don't match.
  8. HadesR

  9. tigerchips

    How about this then...

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  10. Pelojian

    I don't mind the pink camo so much, there's plenty of filler camo in the depot that is just faction colors in a pattern. at least it's only on sale for 24h like the other ones so it won't hurt those that hate it as much if it was for sale 24/7.
  11. Tiedemann

    I liked the look of the game much better at launch... actually the whole game when I think about it. It doesn't feel like a war game anymore, more like some type of DC comic thing for kids. Don't even get me started on those stupid horns. Setting/looks isn't everything for me in a game, but I do think it's starting to get ridiculous.
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  12. RedArmy

    i got killed by so many people that i thought were TR today - why is there no IFF colors with this camo when u guys ruined the other ones
  13. Savadrin


    I logged in to do this just because of this thread.
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  14. DeadlyPeanutt

    lol, wait until you see the clown max camo for TR, and the harasser bunny-wabbit camo, complete with fluffy tail
  15. PKSpark

    As a pink NC, TR confuse me for one of theirs, especially in dark areas, it's super effective! Worth every pennies.
  16. Obscura

    I guarantee as the germans were getting bombed by this they weren't cracking jokes about it being pink lol.
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  17. Peebuddy

    I think this is all a scheme by Daybreak to get more people to place bounties. A pink harasser spamming the toilet flush horn is one way to do it.
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  18. ElricVIII

    I find this rather funny. I think it's more sexist of you to assume that all girls want pink than it is to not have a pink camo in the game.
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  19. Vectore

    I don't see what's wrong with pink camo.

  20. BuzzStar

    I understand it's just a game and that ppl should enjoy camo colors of their choice but I will say I do think it breaks immersion just as a pair of giant purple TRex legs for wheels on a harasser would break immersion for everybody else.