Sorry But I Hate The KillCam

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  1. JibbaJabba

    I disagree it's a measure of class efficiency but whatevs.. SPM then.

    Your SPM is sucky because ... you aren't doing anything. You are literally sitting around doing nothing and being quite patient about it. In exchange you gain positioning which should (if you do it right) allow you a guaranteed win during your next 1v1 encounter. You have a high KDR as a result. But unlike with say a HA, KDR doesn't equate into something useful like KPM (the main stat for a heavy...not SPM).

    I'm afraid I'm not seeing your case about how the killcam is going to affect you. If you stayed in the exact same place after a kill it would be stupid whether there is a killcam or not. How does the killcam change anything?
  2. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I personally dislike the kill cam, I wish I could toggle whether to have it on or not, in all honesty, I do not care to see who shot me. 99/100 times I already know.
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  3. Moonheart

    Yes, that's obvious you don't understand...

    First: our SPM is not sucky because we are siting around doing nothing.
    Even if we had a target to shoot at at the very first second we take position, in except one situation, we would still spend more time moving between two kills than every other job.

    There are several reasons to this:
    1- We need to get behind the enemy, when you don't, resulting in shorter distances to cover for you
    2- Our moves are slower, because we shouldn't move unless crouncher unless we are sucidal or 60m away of any potential foe, something that you don't have to do
    3- We are forced to take pauses to replenishing the cloak energy, when you don't
    4- Because we enter then enemy lines, we get ten times more chances to get killed by accident than you do: mines, friendly and enemy bullets, friendly grenades, friendly orbital strikes, enemy vehicles, enemy pedestrian (who kills you as surely as a road kill if they collision into you during their moves), people running with flashlights, people with very good eyesight who see through your cloak and cheaters with anti-cloaking hacks that run always straight into you "by pure luck"

    Now, let's talk about the "granteed win" during the first 1vs1...
    This, for the vast majority of stalkers, doesn't exist unless at a vehicle terminal.

    You probably never noticed it because you're too busy chaining battles on battles, but many many many stalkers actually fail regulary to kill targets that are not standing still.
    This is because even with our best range weapons, we need first to land a full headshot and then a bodyshot (coming after a delay) that anyone with good training can mess up with a single key.

    Some stalkers very good at aiming can compensate the recoil accuratly and then align the second shoot on the straffing target almost every time, and those stalkers can achieve 5-6 kill streaks on a regular basis playing carefuly that game.... but most doesn't to succeed to do it, and not just newbies... I've seen BR100 stalkers fail a surprise ambushes at least than 10m and get butchered by the primary weapon retaliation of their prey almost every evening since I play.

    For the average stalker garanteed kills exist only on target that is not just standing still, but litteraly CANNOT move.
    I.E. terminals, engineer turrets and snipers trying to pull out a 100+ m headshot.

    So, the average stalker is already disadvantaged in the first place, because the cloak doesn't compensate for all the penalities the game throw at us.... what is the problem with the kill cam, then? What does it change?

    There was some times, when with a lot of skill and situation awareness, a stalker would noticed a perfect blind spot in the enemy line when it is busy fightning allies, in a battle so chaotic and noisy than nobody will be able to notice or care for our cloak noises.
    And then, with even more skill and patience, that stalker would perhaps manage to reach alive that perfect spot despite of all the chaotic moves of enemies, lost bullets, stupid allied grenade usage and uncarring orbital strikes.

    At THAT gooden time, and this time only, after a lot of efforts and sweating, the stalker COULD enjoy a nice sitting, going for a kill streak, due to the pressure of the allies not allowing the ennemies to go for an extended search process and the clues left being to thin to easily guess where the killer was...
    At those rare times, the average stalker could somewhat compensate for his catastrophic usual SPM.

    Now? He sweats to reach the spot, does one kill, and the victim is back on him less than 10s later, pointing a flashlight at what would be a perfect spot without the ******* kill cam.
    The stalker cannot avoid it because moving 0.5m is absolutely not enough to avoid a scan, and since it was already hard to get in position alive, it's even harder to get out of it while being pressured by the fact you know the victim is going to run straight back at you, at full speed in a few seconds.

    That rare compensation we earned by skill and efforts is now ruined for a feature that doesn't even help the new players that much, because it just gives them free kills at no efforts, without pointing out the mistakes they did, to learn something from it and become better.
    That is truly not helping our already problematic case of achieving low results while being universaly and unfairly hated.
  4. Overwatch77

    As a player with fairly slow reflexes (I am absolutely horrible when it comes to the in your face twitch style of play) possibly in part due to the fact that I'm probably a fair bit older than many other players I play long range sniper a lot. I spend lots of time trying to get to those spots with good vantage points and some bases have very few.
    I totally agree that you shouldn't spend super long in one spot as a sniper and one of my favorite games is to snipe the sniper and I giggle to myself a bit when I find and snipe a guy who hasn't moved after getting a few kills at a spot but kill cam is simply stupid.
    When I have trouble locating a sniper I usually pop on my counter intelligence implant and if I get shot well there ya go, spotted. I feel I'm due a refund on that now :)
    This is the only FTP game I have ever spent money on to buy weapons and skins and I've probably spent way more than I should have on them but hey I was having fun right.
    I usually play VS but seeing the low #'s on TR and NC lately I decided to go play sniper for them for a bit and was starting to collect guns for them as well. Hence more $ in DBG's pocket but with this change I see no reason to bother. They have killed my relaxed play style for the few hours I have before or after work and while I may be in the minority of preferred play styles it was still how I enjoyed the game and it was fun for me.
    With that being said, unless something changes I'm done and will not be renewing my membership and of course not buying any more toys.
    As this is the only FPS game I've really played recently does anyone know of another FPS game with nice large maps and good sniper play where the Dev's don't yell out "Hey the sniper is over here!!!" :)
    I mean really a game mechanic that points out "STEALTH" guys so said "STEALTH" guy is hardly any more "STEALTHED" than anyone else.
    Looks to me like a bunch of 7 or 8 year olds got together, ran to mom AKA DBG and started whining "MOM the bad sniper killed me and I can't see where he is! Go tell him he has to stand up and stop cloaking so I can shoot him!"

    Well anyway wasn't intending on going into a rant but the more I think on it the more pissed I get.
    You all have a good time with your ADD blast everyone in the face at point blank range game. It was fun while it lasted. :)
    <S> <--- Thats a salute for those who don't know. :)
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  5. JibbaJabba

    I know you think I disagree with you because I don't get what you just said. But I do. /shrug

    You are explaining in details of what you are doing. Yeah, I get that. I understand it. It's why you have high KDR, low KPM and low SPM. Already know that.

    You're failing to sell me on how the killcam ruins your gameplay though.

    If you kill me as a stalker and do not relocate to another entire room, I will come back and kill you if I choose to do so. The kill cam does not change this. It was true before the kill cam. I presume if you choose to stay in the room you will move to another somewhat different but equally clever location. If you don't, you're not very good and you're gonna die. Again... true before the killcam, true after the killcam.

    The kill cam tells me nothing.

    Now this is the part I think you might not get: It tells the new player everything. The NEW player.

    So when you vent your above gripes at me, what you are griping about is how this makes it harder for your to take advantage of NEW players. To which I reply: So what? That is exactly what they made it for.
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  6. Towie

    Got to say again - I actually quite like the Killcam.

    Not only can you see who killed you, you get to see where they killed you from.

    Allow me to introduce (yet another) Mr Underfloor Killer -


    Gone now, after reaching circa level 20 (I only captured his stats at BR11 but let's say it was a touch 'impressive')

    So he killed you and you could clearly see he was under the floor. He must have been reported over 100 times. So there - Killcam has one more benefit ;)

    (and personally - after not playing for over a week - i'm absolutely disgusted that this trash is still getting through)
  7. TwwIX

    Now if Daybreak would only do their job and moderate their ******* game that's plagued by ***** clipping through the environment instead of making it a part time job for their ******* players. That **** also just happens to be the more blatant types of cheating in this game. Never mind the other cheating ***** that are still around.


    I hate the ******* death cam. And this is coming from a Vet who has been playing this since day one. It most certainly is an advantage and an immersion killer.
  8. FateJH

    He seems to already have been purged from the system. At the least, neither the Players site nor know of a "piales."
    Jumped the gun there, didn't you?
  9. Exploding Acorn

    Didn't need it, don't like it, and putting the game on the back burner for a few months. Played a little bit after the patch and it's boring as hell to have the game hand hold you and point out exactly where you got killed from. Before if I was sniped I would either avoid using that route returning to the fight, smoke the area I want to cross, or play a game of trying to bait the sniper into missing a shot so I could locate them. Now I'm just given all the information I need just for getting killed.
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  10. Naskoni

    Killcams are just another step in the stupidification of the game. Nerf all the vehicles, because new players (tm) didnt like being killed by them. Nerf all MAXes because new players (tm) didn't like being killed by them. Nerf all infiltrators because new player (tm) didn't like being killed by them... This will carry on, until whatever the few stupid white knights here enjoy gets nerfed too, but by then there will be very few left to tell them to adjust their playstyle, etc. :) And I'm neither a vehicle pilot, nor MAX main, nor an infiltrator main...

    If I wanted to play a dumbed-down casual team-deathmatch shooter that required no thought, no tactics, no organization or coordiation of any sort there are plenty of throw-away BS games that offer me that. Most publishers release new versions of that crap annually too. I played Planetside precisely because it offered a lot more - a true combined arms battle with hundreds of players on a grand scale and required to gid gud at it. And gitting gud paid off too. It's been steadily dumbed-down in the hopes that the clueless noobs will stay because there will be less and less they need to learn to feel good about themselves. And once the salty vets (tm) leave who will lead their squads or platoons? Nobody.

    And I can only assume this stupidification trend will only accelerate after the joke that is Arena flops hard on its virtual face...
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  11. Moonheart

    The best proof that you don't get what I say is that you actualy chose to speak about things happening in a room to make a point about stalker's gameplay, when rooms have NOTHING to do with real stalker gameplay.

    Rooms are, infact, the most defavorable places for any stalkers to try kill people, and this for at least 6 important reasons that make that all experienced stalkers actually avoid enter any room unless they get a HUGE reason to do so.
    This is why 95% of stalker's kills are OUTDOOR kills, which makes stalker's gameplay being mainly an OUTDOOR gameplay.

    Why does it make the killcam a problem if it's outdoor than rathe in a room, could you ask at that point...
    Well... among the 6 big reasons why a Stalker want to mainly stay outdoors to hunt, one of the most important is that any trained stalker knows that unless very special battle circumstances, the chances that at least one other enemy notices one of the seven hints the game throw at you when a stalker kills someone nearby are pretty high.

    Outdoors -used to- provide an advantage for covering our tracks and lose our pursuers because the number of places we could have moved before the victim (who knew the direction the shot came from) come back were so numerous that they made more difficult to find us, even using a flashlight.

    But with the killcam, here is what happen: instead of having to wonder if we swichted places and what is our new location, the victim litteraly SEES in which direction we flee.
    If he's part of an outfit, he will use vocal chat to litterly guide his friends STRAIGHT on us, with absolutely no chance for us to escape them as the victim will litteraly track us with his killcam as long as he wish, and completly ignoring our cloak.

    Now, if he's not part of an outfit, things are less dire because he'll have to cut the killcam to respawn and take care of us himself, but he will still learn exactly in which direction we flew away for as long it takes for him to respawn, which is at least 10s during which he litteraly cancel all the efforts we do to cover of our tracks.
    And 10s... it's if he's not a revengeful ******* knowing what he's doing... because he can also just wait until we feel safe and stop running to regenerate our cloak energy, and respawn at that time and then run straight at us knowing perfectly we will have barely finished to recharge it when he will jump at our new position...

    The worst thing being that since we cannot watch his body to know when he respawn... we actualy in fact do not have a clue when we stop being tracked by that cam so we can't know when we are "safe" again from that ********.

    The killcam also give away all tricks we could prepare to welcom him back, negating almost all of them.
    Before, we could have, for example, run to lay some AP mines in the path between the respawn point and the kill spot, so when he will run back to it, he would perhaps walk on it and kill reckt again, which was sometimes an quite efficient deterrant to cut the haste some people have to chase us down... now, it's just impossible to use that trick, because the victim will see us do and will not fall for the trap.

    In conclusion: the kill cam cuts out survival chances after a kill by a huge amount by giving the victims too much information, cancels a lot of mindgames we used previously to grab a few more points, and gives litteraly some organized players ways to cheat against us with the kill cam tracking.

    Meanwhile, I still disagree that it helps newbies against anyone.

    Knowing where was someone who killed you answer certainly to an often asked question, but it does not help any new player from being killed in the same pattern later, because there is just too many spot to surveil at once for this information to be relevant for survival: roofs for LA, back for stalkers, far-away hilltops for snipers, front for HA and medics, sky for ESF...

    What makes someone survive longer in this world of perpetual, omni-directional threats, is to learn to stay MOBILE and to REACT FAST at gun shots. Two things that the kill cam absolutetly doesn't help new players to learn.
  12. JibbaJabba


    I chose indoors because I had to pick something. This discussion has already gone on ad nauseum and I don't wish to explore every nuance with what remains in the years of my life.

    You are not getting dunked on because of the killcam man. Has your KDR suddenly dropped since the killcam was introduced? I doubt it. If it has then yeah man... you need to relocate more.

    This ain't that hard.
  13. Moonheart

    You beat around the bush.

    I explained you already why KDR means nothing and PS2, and you still speak about it.

    I also explained you already why anyway our KDR dropped due to the killcam, and you ignored that.

    I aditionally explained you that other scores, much more relevant than KDR because they relate to how useful you are in a battle (KPM) and how much the game rewards you (SPM) are also dropping due to the killcam (many reasons, but the first is: relocate more means to spend more time doing something else than killing or earning points) while we were already quite low on them, and you don't even seems to want to understand the importance of that point.

    And finally I explained you that relocating more absolutely not solve all the issues with that cam, because relocating does nothing to prevent killcam tracking and the unveiling of our mindgames options, and you don't even want to realize how much it can impact the fun we have playing PS2.

    Let put it simply: you don't understand stalker gameplay at all and do not want to learn because you are so entitled to your stance about this killcam that you simply ignore very point which is shown to you.
  14. Caydn

    Im referring to the death cam , are you slow
  15. FateJH

    He asks, three pages later.
    I'm at least quick enough to recognize flippancy.
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  16. Scatterblak

  17. Scatterblak

    The deathcam is basically a momentary wallhack exposing an enemy that you shouldn't have known about. Depending on it is an indication that you're a little weaker at CQC that you thought you were.

    Get rid of it, reintroduce the concept of gaining high/hidden ground, and if you're a fan of the death cam - well, maybe practice a bit more so you don't need that crutch so much. Infs are the ones that are being burdened the most - are you really getting your a$$ kicked by infiltrators so much that you need yet another buff compared to them just to compete?
  18. Scroffel5

    You guys have so much information at your disposal, and you disregard it. It probably is your fault they came up with a kill cam. For quite a white, lots of complain threads regarding Infiltrators were getting a ton of buzz. It was ranging from sniping to stalking to SMG infiltrators. People wanted them nerfed. This nerfs them. Snipers are easy to find. Stalkers have to relocate after every single kill. SMG infiltrators weren't affected as much. Y'know who isn't affected? Every other class. They play up front, so a kill cam doesn't help them because you already knew where they were. You guys complained and complained. Hey, it may not have been your fault, but the kill cam only hurts Infiltrators, but in the minds of those complaining, it "balanced" them. Maybe next time, don't complain because things could get worse.
  19. Scroffel5

    And I don't know if I need to reemphasize the point or not, but the point is:

    STOP COMPLAINING BECAUSE THINGS COULD BE WORSE!!! Do not complain unless things can only get better. Complain about actual problems, if you must.
  20. User8888

    I like it it fixes the spawn campers. Now i need a serious anti air gun not needing 5 ground troups to shoot 1 pilot.

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