Sorry But I Hate The KillCam

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BamaRage, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Zizoubaba

    lol I interpreted his post as intending to want to turn the kill cam off :)
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  2. Campagne

    Likewise I doubt it would actually take 15-20 minutes, I'm sure that's just an exaggeration. But even if it wasn't why can't a person play the way they want? I daresay most casual players don't seem to be credible threats to an enemy force alone. As always this is a game and they should be allowed and even encouraged to play how they want to, even if they're incredibly ineffective combatants.

    Hell, if a person is willing to spend that long to set up a position they should be rewarded for the effort and patience it took to do it.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Oh for sure. Folks should play how they want and the majority shouldn't dictate for the minority. There are some minorities though that are such outliers that you can't let them dictate the direction of the game or we could never progress on anything.
  4. BamaRage

    Whatever, 3000 + kills on the railjack and I do what I do. No way in hell you can justify a kill cam for snipers and stealth players. Your thoughts otherwise are your own.
  5. BamaRage

    And yes, mostly an exaggeration nut I do long range and it takes more effort to set up. hossin for instance is a real pain to set up for.
  6. JibbaJabba

    If you're going to bring your railjack kills in as evidence that you're right, beware that such evidence will fall under scrutiny. Better I think jus to let your thoughts and ideas stand on their own.

    I think the killcam is great for new players. Particularly for helping them adjust to the "death comes from every direction" aspect of this game. For stealth players this is doubly beneficial to them.

    And the veterans that gain little from it but lose gameplay aspects like you describe? They'll live. If it forces you to do a thing you should have been doing all along (relocating frequently) then you'll be a better player because of it.
  7. BamaRage

    Your a funny guy but your entitled to your opinion. Just like you have every right to be so wrong.
  8. JibbaJabba

    No u.
  9. Tr34

    I liked it a lot. It's easier to detect cheaters now. Also a semi-solution for annoying play styles like perma camp stalkers.
  10. Campagne

    That's fair, but obviously I don't agree on who benefits from what. Stealth playstyles being heavily punished despite requiring more time, skill, and effort certainly seems like the majority dictating the minority without good reason. Infiltrators are one of the most popular infantry classes, so it's not like stealth playstyles are a strong minority. Especially so when they're not restricted to a singe stealthy class either. I don't see them as an outlier.

    I don't think so personally, but if it will truly do any good it would be to show new players they can and will be shot in the back. We already have systems and indicators in place for this. Receiving damage provides an directional indicator and on the death screen there is the directional cone. If players can't learn to make use of this they'll not go far in PS2. Holding people's hands doesn't make the game any better for anyone, in my opinion.

    I cannot see how this could be considered a benefit for stealth players, given it directly nullifies them.

    Sure veterans can just deal with it, but why should they? Without stealth there's mostly only direct face-to-face combat, and quite frankly there are nigh innumerable better games for this type of combat out there. Why come back to PS2 when flanking, hiding, or even just using anything other than the most powerful classes and vehicles is punished?

    The easiest and lowest skilled playstyles are being encouraged simply by virtue of the fact that they're not impacted by showing the victim where they are. As I said previously a heavy with an auto-shotgun is one of the easiest and most overpowered ways to play infantry. It doesn't matter if the enemy knows where you are, if anything the player would want them to come back into that same small room. Skill is already not particularly rewarded in a number of ways, so why flat out punish it too?
  11. JibbaJabba

    I guess I see all of your points I'm just unconvinced. I think the upside for new players outweights the downsides.

    As a mostly non stealth player it hasn't bothered me in the slightest. I'm a little above average KDR so folks get to use the cam on me more than I get to use it on them. If my victims are taking advantage and giving me more of a challenge I haven't really noticed. Then again sometimes I'll deliberately use the killcam as bait so there's that.

    I think there is an impact to stealth players for sure. But the impact is directly tied to behavior. Doing a dumb thing (just staying somewhere) is gonna incur more penalty than being clever. Most of the bolters I see that get me are running off to relocate when viewed on the kill cam. They are impacted by all of this about the same as me... not at all.
    The ones that are not running off? Yep, I've gone to check on a few of them. They were already dead from someone else by the time I got there. Like I said... doing a dumb thing incurs more penalty.
  12. LodeTria

    What's your characters name? Is this you:
    You're not an authority to speak on anything lol
  13. JibbaJabba

    I said it nicer...

  14. LodeTria

    Smacking around small fish who pretend thy big sharks is always fun though, he doesn't deserve niceness at this point.
  15. Moonheart

    Seeing how many stupid false report of cheating I've recieved since this cam is online, I really doubt it will help to find any real cheaters.
    People seems just to scream "cheater" twice more because they just don't understand correctly what the cam show to them... just seeing how many guys claims they have been shot through a wall now is hilarous....

    And also, can we have also a semi-solution against YOUR playstyle WE find annoying?
    I propose that your main class ability get shut down during a full minute each time you kill an opponent, since it seems that for you it's a fair consequence to the fact of "being annoying" to another group of players.

    Oh wait, I forgot we also paid this class ability by the loss the our primary weapon... so I guess you should also have this one locked down during the same duration after killing an opponent.
    How fair it sound to you ?
  16. Niamar

    I used to be against it, but as long as they put in a toggle so you don’t have to watch the kill cam I’m all in.

    The really good players, which I am not, will take advantage of those that come for revenge.
  17. JibbaJabba

    You get to turn invisible. The river... cries it plz.
  18. Tombabmo

    You detect a cheater, then what? You can spend the rest of the day reporting him and nothing happens. That or the punishment for cheating is something ridiculous such as 2 week ban and then he'll be back.
  19. Moonheart

    And... what?
    The way you put it, it seems you believe that this pseudo-"invisibility" compensate for all the limitations we have... like firing delay, lower shield point, no primary weapon, no good tool tp threaten vehicles... and so on

    Well, it doesn't... And the best, factual, mesurable proof of this is that no stalker ever made his way to the leaderboard, while classes like heavy assault and engineer trust 90% of the top score positions in every category, every month.

    Funny fact that those op classes are among the ones to whine the most when they get headshot by a stalker that spend 10 times the time they need to kill someone, just to get in position....
  20. JibbaJabba

    It does, yes. Even with your firing delay you are able to fire the shot while still invisible on the victims screen.

    You sacrifice KPM to have a near perfect KDR. When an encounter occurs you are 100% in control of it (unless you suck). To achieve that you waste a lot of time not helping your team at all. So yes, you get low on the score board.

    Funny how you explained even better than I did why you aren't on the score board. :p

    I'll tell you the source of the complaints though. It's just a gameplay experience thing not tied exclusively to a stalker. Anytime you have an encounter where the skill of only one of the two players determines the outcome then it will not be fun for one of them. Most onehit-kill weapons like shotguns fall under this. You've experienced it yourself as a stalker when you come across armor. It's an un-fun game mechanic. /shrug
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