Sorry But I Hate The KillCam

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BamaRage, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. BamaRage

    Forget stealth or digging in. That and somehow it screws with my eyes. Other problems with everything else but will leave that off for now. But please kill the killcam.
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  2. Zizoubaba

    same, I hate, I really really hate it. It's as if DBG marketing team told the devs "hey devs, kill cam is cool, its in all the cool trendy games, we want to be cool and trendy, lets copy cat".

    On the other hand, it's good for tea-bagging :)
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  3. Towie

    Umm - I may be in the minority but I like it.

    Slickly implemented - it's GREAT. Love it. Sorry....
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  4. heyturnkey

    posted this over in reddit... jeebus please let us toggle this.. i dont normally get motion sickness but there is something about this that really makes my head swim.
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  5. Jbeasty

    I despise it too, but I just checked the reddit for this game and it seems there is a solid group (vocal majority at least) that are in favor of this. God damn I hate modern gam(ers)ing...I don't play overwatch, CoD, fortnite, apex league, or whatever other crap because of things like that.
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  6. Zizoubaba

    maybe if they gave us an option to turn it off?

    but wait, think about that for a second, if we had the option to turn it off (not so we wouldn't see it when we died, but so that the enemy wouldn't see it when they died to you), wouldn't EVERYONE turn it off?

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  7. AlcyoneSerene

    Also dislike it, and had a bad feeling about as a concept.

    Funny how it reveals just how far behind cover you die in this game, and you get to see the endless mutual deaths at close range plus inconsistency in dead player's health (they should be at zero but aren't).

    If anything, I hope players begin to demand more of this terrible netcode that allows cheaters/exploiters to use it in their favor - and no, don't give me no 'learn to play your ping' nonsense, when my modem started dying, I too became a ping wizard for a few days not knowing what was going on or why.
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  8. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    I'm just going to say this: Just another HORRIBLE idea that some of the devs pulled out of you know where. "It's was in BF4 hurr, hurr, gotta be good"... It was HORRIBLE in BF4 and it's HORRIBLE in this game. I have not heard of ANYONE asking for this. And I don't care what the devs believe. They thought CAI would be good even though everyone said it was awful on test. And now this... And they have "heard our concerns" "regarding stealth play" - oh really. Cause I have played this game since beta and one thing have never changed - the dev team NEVER listens to the player base. EVER. Even when flight controls were completely broken we were just "imagining it". The game is almost dead why, WHY go above and beyond to kill it further every single patch.

    I wish, for the rest of 2019 and 2020 that we get a dev team that actually listens to the playerbase. There is NO need for a killcam in this game. It's not COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT A MIX BETWEEN COD AND A TDM ALLREADY.
  9. MyNameIsLincoln

    I hope to god the devs read this because I feel like I want to barf when it flips out. I can't get a good sniping position either, so I guess it's all aggressive play now without defense.

    I will keep playing the game because it's fun, but god damn this patch is screwy.
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  10. Zizoubaba

    Don't take my word for it, but as far I know, and as far as I've been told, they don't really read these forums. I mean, rarely, maybe, while they are taking a dump if you know what I mean, but they never, or hardly ever reply or post here.

    Reddit on the other hand ...
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  11. ReeferBOT

    New death cam sucks. That is all.
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  12. math368

    i am very disappointed with the kill cam i think would see fps how our ennemy kills us a vulgar localization our ennmy or killed so its servers a bit to nothing
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  13. Caydn

    its ******* garbage can we turn this **** off
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  14. then00b

    Definitely should be broken off when infiltrators activate their cloak. Barely play infil myself but I can see it being quite irritating if people call out their exact movement over voip or some such.
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  15. Scatterblak

    It completely eliminates stealth and positioning from the game. Brain dead idea. It's hear to stay, much like the lattice, however, because the unspoken goal is to eliminate the strategic in favor of the tactical. Can't hide? Can't use the high ground anymore (for more than 1 kill, anyway)? Might as well kit out your heavy and dive into the meat grinder.

    We're taking a break, and hoping the kill cam goes away. Embarrassing idea.
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  16. FateJH

    I remember the furor when they were going to implement the "cone of potential killer" and everyone was in an uproar how it was going to ruin everything. At the same time, I recall those threads where people complain about being stuck on the redeployment map "for too long" and wonder how many would tolerate the boredom of being as vindictive as feared.
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  17. Liewec123

    You aren't in the minority ;)
    I spoke out about DBGs plans to kill stealth, flanking and killing from clever spot.
    And when I logged in to the forum next time I had way more angry responses than I could be bothered to read!

    And don't expect it to be removed, DBG are stalwart in their mistakes.

    And they were right? Staring at a map for 30 seconds before you can spawn ar the very next base SUCKS.
    They broke something thar was working fine, just like with this terrible kill cam.
    So what is your point? That the game goes on?
    Sure! The game survives all of DBGs awful ideas, But it gets worse and worse EVERY SINGLE PATCH.
    It's a step in the wrong direction, even if it doesn't kill the game,
    I used to have such optimism about PS2 yet the devs have chipped away at it, one mistake at a time...
    Hell, go back a few years and i'll even be whiteknighting for Wrel (The Bane of PS2)
    But now I see clearly...every patch, the game gets worse.
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  18. ZDarkShadowsZ

    While I still dislike the idea of a death cam, after playing last night, I will say it's at least better than I was expecting. I was imagining some CoD style camera where it replays your last few moments before killing someone. Poor judgement on my part. That said, I still stick with my original comments on the matter.

    Even though I dislike it, I want to be open minded and at least try and adapt to it. It will force me to change my 6-year playstyle which I'm not keen on, but I always like a challenge. It just depends on how much I'll have to change which may be the issue.
  19. Sindroms

    I am indifferent to the concept since I do not play anything that would suffer from the enemy knowing my location during the time of the kill, but there is something about how the camera tends to whip around and gyrate that screws with my eyes. It legit feels disorientating as hell.

    Please allow us to toggle it.
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  20. KingKolla

    Put a toggle option!