Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. ViperMkII

    Have you missed the gay-pride banner that is for sale in-game? I've been banned from this forum for demanding equal representation for heterosexuality.
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  2. ViperMkII

    I was also told by RadarX that the name of the banner was going to be changed but that has yet to happen.
  3. Xind

    Daybreaks first action could be to sell a banner with Rockin' **** on it.
  4. AlterEgo

    In that case, hell yeah! Why is it that there are no straight pride parades?
  5. Nasher

    You can't believe what corporations say in public announcements. They will say what people want to hear (much like politicians), which is often not the truth.
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  6. Alizona

    Sony was a name I trusted. "Columbus Nova" is a name I don't know at all. In my little world, trust is earned, not freely given. We cannot trust an unknown quantity. Sony had earned my trust over many decades of good products purchased without any problems. Sony makes good products in my opinion. What has Columbus Nova made? What have they done? Seems like they just push paper around, standard Wall Street financial shell game shenganigans.

    According to Wikipedia, Columbus Nova is "the U.S.-based affiliate of the Renova Group of companies, one of the largest Russian strategic investors in the metallurgical, oil, machine engineering, mining, chemical, construction, housing, utilities and financial sectors." Wow. Well that's interesting. Unless you're a video gamer of course. Then it looks pretty bizarre.

    Continuing on, Wikipeda shows that Renova Group is owned by Viktor Vekselberg, and clicking to his page it says he "is a Ukrainian-born Russian businessman. He is the owner and president of Renova Group, a large Russian conglomerate. According to Forbes, in 2014 his fortune is estimated at $17.2 billion, making him the third richest person in Russia."

    Assuming Wikipedia is accurate in all of this, this Viktor Vekselberg character certainly doesn't need my 10 Federal Reserve Notes sent to him in Russia via Columbus Nova every month.

    It's been a fun two years, thanks to all the former SOE employees for a great game. I hope it continues on, but it won't be with my support any longer. But I'm just a nobody, Viktor is the one-percenter guy with the deep pockets, so I hope he's a video gamer!

    P.S. If it makes anyone feel any better, I feel the exact same way about Microsoft buying Mojang. That's another comedy in the making, this idea that Microsoft is a "gaming company"... but I digress...
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  7. Babbylon

    Remove .75 ads movement speed from heavy weapons like LMG's!
    Add it to pistols, smg's, bows, (small shotguns?).
    Buff magrider hover.
    Make flash have jets stock like harasser.
    Buff flash.
    Fix PPA, VS is the accuracy faction Higby.
  8. BuzWeaver

    David Georgeson, Director of Development for Landmark and Everquest Next and Terry Michaels, Senior Producer for Landmark and Evequest next briefly discuss the newest changes.
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  9. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Now that's some marketing blurb.
    I certainly think this doesn't bode well for the future.
    But we'll see.
  10. Lucenttiger

    I really hope they don't just run this game into the ground......... But more than likely they will try and shovel the game into other platforms for a quick cash grab and say they're working night and day trying to get things runnable.......
    But hey maybe they will keep their words and make the game better for all of us, no matter what platform me play on. Cough cough
  11. Ridean

    Nice, does this mean that SOE will stop taking huge dumps on its consumer's hopes and dreams?
  12. SupaFlea

    I'm more worried about the gradual monetary differences that will be changed. Maybe not immediately but eventually. SOE planned to support this for roughly 10 years at time of launch. Maybe T.Ray saw this coming hence his jump ship, anyway the was a substantial money swap for the save I'm sure and join investors don't want to wait years and years to start seeing their money coming back to them. Lets just hope they don't make the Store more appealing by adding weapons for the wealthy. I happily pay my sub fee for the extra xp boost but that's because I'm used to sub games, That era has gone now ppl expect a F2P option and it would have an effect on community if they changed it to all sub or nothing
  13. Whatupwidat

    You're joking right?

    We get a flag, and a parade one day a year. All the other times we get stared at, yelled at, and generally treated like freaks by general society.

    Maybe if straight people could together, be strong like we homosexuals been strong then they could get their own crappy flag and allowance by society to exist in the open for just one day a year, to make up for the stares and jeers directed at them for the rest of the year for the crime of having been born straight in a world that just isn't ready to accept their heterosexuality "man-woman" love.

    Stay strong :rolleyes:
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  14. Rraymondo316

    So it begins.......less then a week after the investment firm buys SOE & they start upping the price of items :rolleyes:

    Daily sale items are now 490sc instead of 350sc
  15. Xind

    Maybe they'll be crafty and offset that value by increasing the membership discount. ^_^ Encourage people to give them a consistent revenue stream.

    But yeah, it is dubious that sales are suddenly less awesome.
  16. LibertyRevolution

    Why does anyone care that there is a rainbow decal? It really bothers you they named it Pride banner that much?

    I am sure that most the people that bought it did so just to make their character look more gaudy..
    I mean If they sold a my little pony unicorn flash skin, it would be a top seller...

    I support a person right to do whatever they want as long as it does not harm others or their property.
    That said, I am against groups.. groups makes it "us vs them", groups lead to hate, hate leads to violence..

    Everyone should have the same rights as everyone else, when you lose my support is when you want special rights for just your group..
    Like when TG wants SOME males to be able to use female restrooms, you are asking for your group to have more rights than the rest.
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  17. NinjaTurtle

    Please don't put ideas in their head. If the milking many people are now concerned about were to begin the last thing we need to do is suggest such horrors
  18. LibertyRevolution

    The unicorn flash skin is not a new a suggestion. ;)
    We also asked that it makes the fury shoot rainbow colored smoke while equipped.
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  19. Headslinger

    Warframe was bought by a food company with no knowledge of the game industry and it's not been a bad thing so far. Just give it a bit of time. Game had/has serious problems as is, if any of it gets fixed then we are all winners , if not then it's business as usual. This company doesn't have alot to sell here so unlike a bricks and mortar company where you have assets to sell, this is digital and not much to sell. If SOE is sold again then we all know CN was more of just a holding company looking to profit from a sell and no intention to do anything. Or as some have said they may try and milk the game and make it P2W in which case it will be clear fast and the game will die just as fast. If this company is smart they will look at the warframe model and match that as it is very successful, but not pay to win just pay to hurry up making stuff. F2P is the today model and more profitable then subs if done right, just most don't do it right. I'd say if the servers aren't upgraded and less lag in 2 months move on, be pretty obvious the company has no plans to better things.
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  20. Joshua1988

    I honestly have faith that Planetside 2 has a bright future, although a rocky one. Now that the devs have more resources I only 3 things I want to happen....

    1. Make shadows render on the GPU instead of the CPU.(Come on seriously THAT'S my FPS was so low?)
    2. Optimize PS2 for 8 core processors.
    3. Bring back PhysX.(Not important though)

    If you could get that done in that order... That'd be great.
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