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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Styrkr, Dec 29, 2013.

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  1. Styrkr

    So ever since PU02, something has been seriously wrong. Well, wrong or different. The NC are just ridiculous. Even the newbies are competitive. But they received the same balances everyone else did (except for their MBT, but let's not go there). Everyone on NC is competitive to the point of sucking out any potential of fun, making this a Skinner Box situation. I have two theories:
    1: The balance is incomplete and NC now has a stat advantage
    2: The months of statistic oppression has turned the NC into a legion of digital super-soldiers.

    Now I already know that the NC guys will claim #2 because everyone lacks modesty nowadays. So if your comment is something like "We just got skills, you just suck", save it because I already know you're going to say it. I want to hear from realistic, seasoned players from all factions on what brought about this change.

    I suppose our guns were equipment was brought in line and/or TR and VS equipment was given the bat. I don't anyone's skill has changed, our aim is still the same and so is our "skill level".
  3. Total_Overkill

    o_O i havent noticed any difference to NC in that regard

    They're still providing me a steady stream of certs, i still run from scatmaxes, and avoid vanguards with my armor... and try to not get into sniping matches with SAW users >.>

    Same ole, same ole...
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  4. HadesR

    Nothing to do with skill, A lot of the factions guns were brought more in line with one another = more level playing field ...

    Or in forumside speak

    VS/TR had their training wheels removed :p
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  5. RenegadeHelios


    But seriously, I think it's simply that NC players were used to using the weapons with a stat disadvantage to the point where they were on level with other factions' players, so when we were given a stat buff, it was a kick to the rear to get up in line. The TR and VS guns were a bit more noob friendly to begin with, so I'm glad the NC were given a bit more reward for the slower, harder weapons. Human error costs a lot.
  6. MrMurdok

    Are you seriously saying NC op?
  7. Nerovox

    Nanoweave changes and the head shots.
    If you still use nano while receiving body hits it wont seem different but I guarantee you with mixed in head shots that 167-200 damage range its over pretty fast.
  8. doombro

    I haven't really noticed a change.

    If i had to make a guess though, it's because the changes harmed the playstyles suited to TR or VS weapons more than it harmed NC-suited playstyles.
  9. K2k4

    I thought it sucked at first, then after a couple of days I actually noticed my average kdr per session and score per minute seemed to improve somewhat. I still have rage-quit moments though.

    It's not all that bad, at least yet. NC just got a whole lot of people to come back, and the 4th factioners jumped to their faction, which may be why you may be seeing more lost fights (numbers).
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  10. HerpTheDerp

    Because they're overpop now.

    NC was always the most likable faction. TR = Totalitarianism, VS = Theocracy, NC = Freedom. Don't blame me if that's wrong according to lore, that's how the game presents them and most people don't give a **** about lore.

    What was holding the NC back before was the balance, even people who ideologically preferred NC went with TR because NC was bad. Now NC isn't bad and people can just go with what they like.

    And of course every overpop is a snowball: people see NC is overpop, know they cannot win so they join NC themselves, which creates even more overpop.
  11. Latrodectus

    I've also noticed that since this patch went through, Onyxia seems to deep breath more.
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  12. Grayson

    TL;DR: I can't farm NC now, they must be OP. <---You forgot to add this.
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  13. Klondik3

    Our starter LMG is horrible in CQC compared to CARV or Orion. GD-22S (100 cert LMG) was only slightly better but still noticeably worse than what TR/VS had. Now since GD-22S got buffed NC newbies have access to LMG that is actually competitive in CQC.

    If you think about it most new players earn certs very slowly so they can't afford more expensive weapons that make them competitive in CQC.

    This is just one possible factor, I'm sure there are few others.
  14. raw

    As it should be.
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  15. Sathayorn

    Only thing I've seen regarding the NC as of late is their increased numbers - This completely turning the tides. I wouldn't say that that on an even match they're any better, but their population is climbing...
    Freedom... Fighters... AKA Terrorists - Just saying...
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  16. faykid

    i didn't notice a thing. srsly, not a single thing.

    when i fight TR, when i fight NC, it's all the same compared to before PU02

    my infantry KDR is still around 2, NC MBT's are still dangerous even in hands of noobs, NC rifles still have huge recoil limiting their effective range for most players, jackhammer is still dangerous, but other weapons feel the same. i have BR26 NC alt which was around 15 before PU02, and i can't remember the difference. is there any really?

    P.S. but i notice that it is not uncommon to have dominant NC population on Woodman. and it is not uncommon for NC to win alerts, on Cobalt, Woodman and Ceres. unlike before. does it have to do with increased numbers? or something changed that didn't matter to me?
  17. Paperlamp

    Some of the weapons got buffed for NC and some nerfed for TR/VS(a few of which were favorites like the Jaguar and SVA-88), and the headshots not affecting nanoweave may favor accurate first shot high damage guns to a small degree.

    I think NC had one .75 ADS gun that got nerfed as well maybe?

    Anyway, to top that off LMGs took a hit from the reduction in hip-fire accuracy, which hurts VS/TR a bit more IMO since NC's LMG selection is more focused on ADS so that was another small + to NC.

    Personally I thought NC weapons were already > TR/VS pre PUO2 which according to most of this forum makes me insane it seems. Post PUO2 I'm still using the Mercenary which got no buffs and it's still better than any TR/VS Carbine for me, only now I use the AC-X11 a fair amount as well - wish it had a larger ammo pool is the main thing so I use it more on Engineer than LA where the Merc's higher mag size and better performance while mobile still puts it on top in my book.
  18. Aegie

    Funny, I see lots of conjecture in this thread and an absolute lack of objective evidence for any of these claims about faction balance.

    For all we know most NC infantry weapons may still be under performining. I have not seen anyone post any stats on that since PU2 so all this is just BS.

    For instance, show of hands among those who think the Vanguard is OP? It is among the most cited items as being strongest for NC if not the strongest NC item.

    Okay, now read this

    Funny how perception =/= reality huh?

    Okay, so how about we actually look for evidence when make these kinds of posts instead of just spouting worthless conjecture?
  19. Syrathin

    ....Okay, You offer two possibilities and disregard the second one. There really isn't room for a discussion here, You're just looking for people to mirror your own way of thinking. In which case why bother with the forums when you can just go to your bathroom and chant "NC OP!" over and over to yourself in the mirror. o_O

    Only thing I've noticed since the patch is NC seem to have slightly higher population than before but not to a crazy degree or anything except maybe at off peak times.
  20. Boildown

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