[Suggestion] something that is lacking for SNIPER class.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by XtremeRed, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. XtremeRed

    Hello I would like to talk about something that needs to be changed in the sniper class to get easier and improve it once (I believe). In all FPS games there is the option for you to lie on the ground and thus the gun will not get the crosshairs get down (which is very useful for those who only use sniper).
    I also understand you have the option of holding Shift, but that does not help you aim at a moving opponent who uses sniper in games knows what I'm talking about. Outside you can run forever without fonego catch but could not stay more than 10 seconds without breathing in order to aim.
    My sujestão after explaining all these points and facts is to have an upgrade which allows the soldiers to lie down in order to better target your enemy, you need not remove every movement of the crosshairs but at least a 70 or 80% of it.
    I really hope that this might be possible to be put in the game. Thank you for your attention. :)
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  2. Exonis

    Good, but I think being able to lie down, or go prone, as one might put it, should be added to all classes as a default action, with a double tap of the crouch key to engage it.
  3. XtremeRed

    Yes it would be great to have it in every class, and I do not see why they have not done this des of the beginning of the game, I think it would help a lot and would be much better gameplay.
  4. AgentRed

    I wish they would have added hacking vehicles like in PS1 or like antimateriel rifle for light armor or shooting into tank engine block. They should also add grappling hook trade off for cloak or something like that.
  5. _itg

    If I had to guess, they haven't done this (or at least won't do this) because it would be extremely difficult to make it work properly with hills and uneven terrain. Crouching on a slope creates enough problems.
  6. Moz

    If i read this right, the OP wants an Implant or something to allow us to go prone this would stop scope sway.

    I like the idea of prone for everyone, but stopping scope sway more than HB3? Do you really need to have your croshair stable for that long...... if you are taking that long to aim you are easy pickings for any decent sniper anyway.
  7. Moonheart

    Alas, sounds a bit too much implementation needed just to improve slightly a sub-role within a single class.
  8. Rithlar

    You have to love that. You can run forever, but trying to hold still makes you winded.
  9. desktop

    There's nanites in the air they have replaced oxygen.
  10. ItsDangerous

    I think thats the problem. Im of the opinion the ability to prone and removal of sway would make the "infiltrator class" even more docile and less willing to infiltrate. Proning may be nice in very situational circumstances, but took them long enough to get crouching right.