Something not said about the AJA debacle

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  1. MaxDamage

    Double-teaming is a legitimate tactic. In fact it's one of the only reasons 3 faction games exist.
    It adds drama, emotion, RAGE.

    I don't like Angry Joe though.

    Stay angry, and stay out of my games.
  2. Plunutsud pls

    Yeah they are completely clueless, it's funny and sad at the same time.
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  3. HadesR

    I think regardless of how a person feels about the " Farming " aspect we can all pretty much agree that new player's need more guidance of one form or another ..
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  4. GrandpaFlipfox

    For the record this was near completely limited to Hossin. I was on Indar and Amerish during the whole thing. There was nothing but reasonable fighting with experienced TR involved and plenty of new players running around actually getting to do things. I assume those are the same new players that I've been running into the past few days.

    The worst thing I saw was at the end of an epic but ultimately failed TR push at the Crown. Where I may or may not have setup with an extended mag EM6 instead of putting their last Sundy down. :oops: Fortunately for the new TR an Infiltrator from another server caught on to me and ended my freedom early.
  5. KoS-1

    I watched some of the streaming.

    My biggest question. If SoE put this guys up to this, a promo deal. Where was a SoE rep in game?

    I'm not irritated by the VS/NC farm fest. I'm irritated by all the Tking that went on, especially that one high BR TR.

    Why wasn't there a SoE rep on hand to take care of the out of hand TKing?

    SoE dropping the ball in more than one way....that is for sure!!
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  6. DeusExForever

    It maybe. But there's a reason there's only one EvE game, too. And alliances are built into the game itself (e.g., Caldari+Amarr [NC+Vanu] vs Gallente+Minmatar [TR+TR-needs-an-ally! lololol]).

    The drama of betrayals, and worse, win-trading is the fastest way of losing players. Esprit de Corps is difficult in such an environment. Even in EvE folks are loyal to their faction and alliance, even if the corps cut each others throats.
  7. DeusExForever

    It's the norm on FF on games. Why better managed games default with FF off, as it's a grief magnet (and no doubt SOE gets reams of disgust tickets when it occurs). Why FF off and no collisions (PS2 isn't suppose to reflect realistic battlefield warfare anyway -- I mean Vanu is using alien tech!!!).
  8. AshHill07

    If anyone set this up it may have been Polaris, but definitely not SOE.

    AngryJoe plays (Or at least used to) Planetside frequently, he just made a new account for this stream.

    Cryaotic and Yogscast Strippin I don't know, Strippin definitely plays other FPS, I don't really follow Cryaotic so I have no idea.

    Personally I think it may have been more coincidence. Joe has been pretty vocal about his frustrations with BF4 and ESO and his wish to come back to PS2 over recent weeks.
  9. Goretzu

    Turning FF off has some signficant issues in MMOs.

    In WAR there was no FF (there was Collision Detaction though, which was good), however this basically resulted in AOE >>>>> ALL because people just constantly piled AOE up and basically swept across battlefields and there was basically no counter to this tactic.

    This would likely happen in PS2, the Lasher would become ubiqutous for the VS, every TR would be in a Pounder MAX and I dunno about the NC..... Falcon MAXs maybe.

    Without FF there is basically no reason not to AOE spam pretty much 24/7.
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  10. Ghosty11

    This could have happened on any faction, if you try to stuff that many new players on to a single continent at the same time.

    I really don't know why people are surprised at the outcome. It's like trying to feed the poor by putting a sign out front of a restaurant on Wall Street stating "Free Food" then complaining when you get nothing but rich bankers showing up.
  11. KoS-1

    It's not about friendlyfire. It's about TKing over and over, on purpose. Did you not see some of the TR going after them? Like that high level BR TR heavy with the commissar hat?

    SoE did cut back mods late last year for one. Way back, it would seem.

    From what I understand, SoE with these youtubers, put this event on. Supposedly the youtubers were asked, paid or whatever to put on Sats event.

    If so, why wasn't someone, even one person on from SoE? It could have been Higby for all that mattered then. SoE should have had someone on hand. Another glaring example of a piss poor managed company and product.
  12. Rift23

    The real reason PS2 doesn't retain much fresh blood and why your average grind-based F2P game goes down the crapper. Saw the same thing in Bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica Online (these people made Dark Orbit in case you don't recognize the developer). Fun game with massive warfare, but if your side didn't have enough wallet warriors in big ships, you'd get rolled in your tiny fighters (the only thing the game kept from the TV series ironically) despite supposedly being their counter.

    PS2 isn't that bad, although SOE decided to get stingy with AA of all things. Putting a high price on the counter to the most annoying thing in any game is just shooting yourself in the foot.
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  13. BIllyGG

    Lol, that's hilarious! Besides the TR team killing which is just lame, it's pretty funny that VS and NC got wind that Youtube celebrities were going start playing and they pounded them all the way to the Warpgate.

  14. DeusExForever

    FF on is how TKs are possible. Add collision mechanics, it turns a game into adouble grief magnet, as all it takes is one griefer to block an entrance/exit (and now you suffer a penalty to killing the troll to remove him).

    Why it could never be in some games as it'll be totally chaotic.

    It also looks bad on social media. It's the type of player NOT to attract.
  15. maxkeiser

    Oh come on, it's not hard at all. Only someone who had either never played a FPS or was too young to be playing would have an issue.

    You can work out what's going on in 1-2 hours TOPS. And after that you are good to go and explore the game, learning more little things as you go along. Which is part of the fun.

    Stop asking for dumbing down and hand-holding. It will ruin the game.
  16. DeusExForever

    There's many ways to control AoE spam, one is simply make it quite expensive (how Blizzard killed AoE healing in Cata). Then force long global cooldowns. So folks will only use it as needed, never spam it.

    FF on (and collisions) is simply a method to cause grief. In games about team work and objectives, it's counter to team play.
  17. Goretzu

    Indeed, like they nerfed the **** out of the UBGL.

    But they can't nerf EVERYTHING AOE like that in the game - tanks, Libs, ESFs, rockets, MAXs (or they could, but it would basically be a completely different game if they did :eek: ).

    I don't really see the need either, from a personal point of view, I've only been remotely near weapon-lock once in PS2 in 2 years of play.

    WAR also did CD brilliantly - friendly CD turned on when an enemy was about (which was basically just in PvP where it was needed) and was off the rest of the time.
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  18. Morchai

    Have the visiting players who participated in these streaming 'events' actually been complaining about there treatment here, or is all of this outrage coming from busybodies taking it upon themselves to complain on behalf of players who themselves don't actually have any complaints about their experience?

    It's not like the kinds of players who would be part of something like the 'angry army' are new to online games or wouldn't know exactly what to expect participating in such a publicized event. It seems to me that if this is a 'debacle', it's entirely manufactured.
  19. DeusExForever

    AoE itself is fun. Why folks spammed it. But somewhere in 2008 the devs in EQ2 and WoW and elsewhere decided to can it. Was playing EQ2 in 2008 and they were clamping down on it. WoW, Blizzard made it so restrictive, then opened it full tilt when players left in droves (which gave us the worst raid ever in MMOs -- Dragon Soul).

    Prior to 2010 games had a right mix of AoE and single target damage and heals. The AoE nerf experiment went too extreme, and it's 2014 now, and some still want AoEs nerfed when they are so fun. Most fun I ever had was BF2142 with an ammo box and endless grenades. Fun because it was m-e-a-t-g-r-i-n-d-i-n-g, but not so overpowering that someone with a knife and cloaked could still take my tags. Even though I could kill 40 players in < 30 minutes, it wasn't all without a loss. I still had to be in range of snipers; APMs; and RDX bunnies and the knifers. So always watching my 6 for revenge killers. :p

    So it does have it's purpose -- IF -- balanced well. 7 missiles to down a vehicle isn't balance, though (already tested it on a TR Sunderer from the rear -- would need 7 to down it [6 with a Phoenix] and a HA only holds 4 if they wear armor. It forces 2+ players to take down a vehicle from afar). A C4 guy could blow it up, but he'd have to get in range of a vehicle's own defenses to do so.
  20. Negator

    Something i forgot to mention in my OP that i now cannot edit:

    AJA didnt have:

    *the certs for AMS
    *effective medics (or medics at all)
    *experienced or certed galaxies
    *Meaningful AV weapons to clear the way for their nonexistent AMSs
    *effective engineers to keep up their nonexistent AMSs

    Therefore, they would have never been able to mount any kind of meaningful attack. They would have never been able to cross any open ground to a new region. They were doomed to stay in whatever region they decided to come to, which incidentally was the TR warpgate on Hossin.

    They were simply destined to become crops for someone to reap, whether the reapers intended to or not.