Something not said about the AJA debacle

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  1. Negator

    I won't say what others have said better, but want to point out that on a strategic scale what happened yesterday was absolutely natural. It was inevitable. If every NC/VS player logged on last night was an absolute boy scout, it would have ended exactly the same.

    What happens to 48+ zergs that are badly led, or not led at all? They roll around the map until they find another 48+ zerg, then stalemate for hours. Youve all seen crossroads watchtower fights go all day. And by stalemate, i mean shoot eachother in the face until one side gets ground down. And guess which side loses that battle? The side with no certs and no leaders.

    Let's say they hadn't found a huge zerg to match them. What happens? Coordinated outfit run platoons react. What do you do against an overwhelming force? Force multipliers. Now lets say they didnt pull force multipliers, and engaged them solely on foot, creating a huge infantry grind. Even then, AJA and their nonexistent leadership combined with mass of noobs gets wrecked on foot. Repeatedly. Whether its by Orion or by Zephyr, they still get wrecked.

    If in fact they did hit another mindless zerg, It's all a huge rotation of infantry grinding with players getting exasperated and pulling vehicles. Once they see the vehicles keeping them alive longer, the cycles get more vicious. The certed nc/vs randoms still win. Even unoutfitted, average players are attracted to large scale fights. VS/NC could have disbanded all their outfits last night and not had a single leader level player log on, and the exact same thing would have befallen the AJA.

    So lets be clear about something. What happened last night WAS THE NATURAL END STATE of taking a few hundred noobs with nobody leading them, and putting them all in the same region. It wasnt GOKU, it wasnt veteran players, it wasnt 'toxic emerald NC/VS', it happened the ONLY way it was going to happen.

    There are lots of things that could have been done better, but lets not kid ourselves about this.
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  2. miraculousmouse

    The constant griefing and tking by the "veteran" tr is inexcusable.
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  3. Typhoeus

    So I was gone to a friends wedding this weekend.. what happened?
  4. LT_Latency

    Goku, You will never find a more wreched hive of scum and villainyWretched Hive of Scum
  5. Champagon

    Summary from another thread

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  6. Esteporg

    Having been in one too many zerg pushes I wouldn't say a stalemate is their necessary end, especially when the attack never pans out in the first place. When I entered Hossin, there was Galaxy (debris) piling up in the warpgate due to a streamer preparing to deploy and TR had already been confined to three hexes: the two possible reactions you mentioned preceded the attack. Shortly afterwards, I was hunting NC sundies in the northern lane when VS armor showed up, without a lattice link to contest, behind our infantry. Sure, big fights draw people in, but a three-way farmfest with about 6 empty NC/VS borders around the continent mean something else. I've seen that happen a couple of times, but only during alerts where pushing one faction might be a reasonable strategy. There was also some team-killing from TR players and I even saw one outfit hop on their VS alts and head, again, straight to the TR warpgate.

    I wouldn't term a reaction to an extremely uncommon influx of youtubers as "natural" or not, but SOE should've anticipated this as a likely outcome. The solution was as simple as distributing the streamers among the different factions so they could bash each others' faces in, unless their strategy was specifically directed at attracting people to Emerald TR.
  7. Inex

    Actually, if I were to go for 'the thing not said' it would be the fact the AJA didn't say anything afterwards. I think I managed to find all of 1 comment anywhere here or on reddit from somebody claiming to have been part of the noob zerg. No trolls, no tears, no pleas for help.

    It's like the entire TR population from that afternoon was raptured away.
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  8. Typhoeus

    Thanks for the explanation. Why are people so angry though? Seems to me losing would be expected if all these event attendees were all newbs, including their leadership. If it was just for fun, no biggie. If anything they'll have seen that PS2 on emerald is no joke xD
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  9. Plunutsud pls

    It all happened for several reasons.

    - SOE made the game too hard for new players. They're confused and their uncerted vehicles are virtually useless.

    - The streamers and their fanboys sided with the weakest faction on Emerald. NUC and BCP are gone, nobody has stepped in to fill their shoes, TR has no driving force comparable to leading VS and NC outfits.

    - NC and VS knew the stream zerg was coming, they planned and prepared in advance to brutally farm them.
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  10. Champagon

    People can't handle seeing there E-celeb's not winning an online game, they also believe that the attackers should have been allowed to win since this was to promote PS2. This is mostly zergling QQ that will end by tomorrow probably
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  11. Plunutsud pls

    Well the VS and NC basically got together to make PS2 as frustrating as possible for a few hundred new players who probably uninstalled the game after 1 hour.
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  12. Astealoth

    It was announced ahead of time by the people who led this that it would be a ridiculous chaotic mess. It was supposed to be funny. It was. So AJ and Birgir brought in a bunch of their derpy Battlefield friends to come get rocked by people who play FPS as if it was a profession. Thank them for the certs and the memories and move on.
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  13. Madcat9

    I tried to move to Hossin and Indar after the Esamir Cap to only be greeted with a 150 and 60 in-line wait. I wonder how badly it gummed up the works for TR as a whole during that time.
  14. Typhoeus

    And this is different from any other day of the week how?
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  15. Plunutsud pls

    When was the last time we had hundreds of new players come in at the same time?
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  16. Nexus545

    I remember when we had the Youtuber showdown. One youtuber represented each faction. I remember Tobuscus for VS but he dropped out and Total Biscuit for TR
  17. dasichri

    Now that I think of it, I think I was there on hossin during the whole streaming thing on my vs, I had no idea any of it was going on, I just saw that the tr were being warp gate locked and I thought I'd go help ensure they stayed there.

    I spent the entire time on that lattice lane to the north outside tr warpgate as my cloaker just running around the fringes of battle causing chaos in the enemy positions, only died a handful of times lol, ran out of ammo so many times had to resort to ninja tactics and pick off those way away from the main fighting, but battle was mostly over at that one base, tr pushed through and I logged as I had my fill of planetside

    I feel kind of bad now knowing I may have frustrated the hell out of a bunch of noobs...

    But I don't at the same time lol

    Either way... This experience should show soe they need a better new player experience by far... And to better organize events like his.

    But I'd say it's somewhat natural what happened besides the tking, just the players involved knew it before it happened.
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  18. kirinohana

    So basically some elitist dbags got together to pound new players trying to ruin there fun and drive them away from the game. Good job PS2 community. A large chance for major promotion of the game and bringing in of new players, who cares at least I got to shoot some BR 1 in the face, that makes me valuable as a person. I swear PVP communities can be the most toxic.

    How the hell does SOE promote a game when the 'elite' farmers cant help but treat new people like this.
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  19. Typhoeus

    No clue. Might happen all the time, like it might not. I don't think there's official numbers on that. Regardless, I'm guessing VS and NC played as they always play and since TR was apparently flooded with newbs, got hammered as a result. This wouldn't be the first time TR got gated on hossin, nor the first time TR gets ganged up on my VS and NC. Are people just angry these streamers and their followers weren't given any special treatment?
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  20. LT_Latency

    No TR just didn't care, The main Outfits for TR were not on hossin cause we didn't care about angry joe. However the NC and VS really did.
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