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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rilrd, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Rilrd

    How much free time did DBG promise us for the last month of essentially unplayable servers?

    Edit: by "us" i mean those of us still dumb enough to subscribe.
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  2. Vanguard540

    DBG is certainly aware of what happened to the servers and surely will do something about it. Patience will fix things more than ******** about it on forums. We're all frustrated by the servers but things will get fixed.
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  3. strikearrow

    Usually the squeaky wheels gets greased, but DBG doesn't care about PS2 anymore - it's just a money cow until it's not worth it to keep the servers up, then they'll shut it down. i.e. Complaining is a waste of time because they will not do anything.
  4. Redoubt

    I thought that it was fixed, right? I haven't played today though, maybe its broken again.
  5. adamts01

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Loudly ******** about stuff online is sadly the only way to get heard.
  6. Redoubt

    I'm not sure about that. they would've been off over Christmas, and, from what i see the problem has been resolved fairly quickly. In fact, DBG issued a post committing themselves to bettering the servers on the most part.

    What do you think, do things get a little too toxic sometimes? What if you were in their position? How does that play out, just out of interest, I'd love to hear your opinion. I'm not being rude, I'm just generally asking what you think.
  7. Juno

    We probably won't get anything. You saw what happened with the Auraximus directives, so the odds of us getting something is really slim. They are too focused with Planetside Arena to care right now.
  8. Vanguard540

    Damn, if I was surrounded by most of you here in real life, I'd get psycho. Cynical, pessimistic, weak and fragile. A bag of frustration that you keep emptying here. Do you know why you kids don't have nice things? You cry for everything like spoiled brats. Remember that this is a free to play, it's so good it survived 6 years already and they're willing to make the planetside style survive. Even if they need to create a wide audience appealing planetside game. It's a smart move, unpleasant for us but smart.

    Yes it's hard, there are flaws, but overall the game is good and that's why you guys are playing it, and so posting here. You seem to forget it but you play the hell out of it almost everyday. Why? Every other game sharing this style is not as good or even unknown.

    They're willing to improve. They bump into problems and when they do, every little spoiled brat comes crying the saltiest ******* tears about it on forums.

    If there's a problem you can simply talk about it like adults. Be the community that lifts a game up and quit being the nail in the coffin. You don't have to accuse Daybreak of everything wrong around. Do you think bashing them will help? Just follow Nick Silva and think.

    Planetside 2 is good, it's slowly recovering from a necessary evil done in previous updates. It's not easy making the game work. What's easy though is crying over and over, and calling daybreak names because you couldn't get that golden snowman.

    I mean grow the **** up, be real men. Be the reason why Planetside 2 gets popular. Why is league failing for instance? Why many games that used to do very good like WoW start failing? The community has turned from mature 18+ yo players to virgin frustrated kids crying for their moms because somebody stole their sweetroll.

    It's up to the player to make an MMO survive. But most here are lazy. You should be inspiring. Why guys like Moukass, Wrel, Cyrious Gaming, are enjoyable to watch, and why are they good to the game? Read their comments on youtube, they pulled people back into the game. They are the lungs, they give the game a breathe of fresh air.

    But it's so easy to bash **** around because you're frustrated. How many of you complain about bugs and **** but never reported any where it's supposed to be reported? You guys are creating a trend, followed by sheep. "It's cool to call daybreak names". How is that good for the game overall?

    If you don't like something and want to talk about it with other players, fine! No problem about that. But if you keep bashing Daybreak, sorry but you need medical attention.
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  9. Liewec123

    We're getting another double xp event towards the end of the month, devs have said,
    It might even cross with membership double xp for one of those crazy xp nights,
    (Grab 2 xp boosters also and it is INSANE how much xp you get)

    I might actually renew my membership just for that day if it is a crossover xp day.
    I've spent thousands in this game, what is £9 more.
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  10. strikearrow

    The reason children cry like spoiled brats is because it works xD.

    Anyhow, the big difference between consumer complaints and complaining children is that consumers can simply take their business elsewhere and do - if their complaints are not addressed to their satisfaction. Children are reliant on people taking care of them and have no such option - and no right to complain. The philosophical/political/religious dynamics of when people should or shouldn't complain obviously are much more nuanced and there's need to go deeper.

    The point is that consumer complaints are effective and useful.
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  11. Vanguard540

    The thing is that we cannot treat them like ****. They deserve respect. We might get frustrated, but are they doing so on purpose? Sometimes their hands are simply tied because business is business. Being a ****** community in an MMO never helped. Let's treat them properly, support them, give honest and clear feedback without making a bad meme out of the game.
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  12. Redoubt

    Spoke like a true legend. I was thinking the same thing. I appreciated this game too, been really fun.
  13. adamts01

    Different companies handle pr in different ways. Daybreak only makes an effort to communicate to calm things down when things get really bad. They're otherwise absent from social media, and completely ignore any feedback from their test server. Communication is tricky, and every choice pisses some people off. It's not easy, but I do think Daybreak does a worse job than most.
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  14. Redoubt

    Thank you for your reply.
  15. gunnner10

    I do actually laugh every time I think about "DeyBreak Games". They should have picked something cooler like Epic Games did

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