Somebody Touched Sasha!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by -Synapse-, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. -Synapse-

    I fact, they destroyed her! Just look at what they have done to her!
    Doctor! Restore this now hideous machine to it's former glory!
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  2. the pestimist

    I get the joke and the argument. ^^
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  3. Leal

    ... Thats supposed to be a chaingun? It looks more like a shotgun.
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  4. the pestimist

    The argument is he wants the underslung one it is easy to do this might be a nerf but SOE can buff its bullet count to make up for it. or boost the damage.
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  5. -Synapse-

    Exactly. They even have the model for it, they just haven't figured out how to make bullets fire below the waist yet.
    (Or at least, that's what I assume...)
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  6. CHC999

    This was discussed in another thread. People speculated that designers encountered a problem where underslung weapons will be blocked by objects that are waist height.

    I agree with them.
  7. the pestimist

    And it would look way cooler too. On the side note the jackhammer and Lasher need buff's ha specific weapon buff I hope SOE realizes they need to.
  8. the pestimist

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  9. CHC999

    Calm down with the caps. Sure they can do that but people is still whine about it being useless weapon that cannot even fire over a hill without skylining yourself totally. Just saying.
  10. the pestimist

    it will be good in some situations though like the NC max.
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  11. the pestimist

    Biolabs will be the new home for this thing.
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  12. Novmiech

    Ok - so you have a gun that fires from the hip and can't be easily used around waist high cover - that's ok. That's fine. That's flavor. That's a unique feature. That's a gamble the player would have to make - overwhelming firepower at the cost of having to be fully exposed in the open. That's additional freedom in playstyle.

    Whatever it is - its not a problem.
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  13. McWafflez

    MCG model sucks a big ol d
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  14. Aghar30

    way back in beta they had that, and it worked, however many TR stupids complained that their bullets were hitting railings because they were right up against the idiots, so they changed it to its current implementation.
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  15. the pestimist

  16. the pestimist

    Stupid iddiots ruined something fun.
  17. ElysianDawn

    Look alot similar to the DAO-12 in bf3 with the big Round shotgun round canister
  18. ElysianDawn

    Actually in beta, considering its a minigun, it was even way to unaccurate in close quarters ( its main role ) i wasnt one that complained about some idiotic railing stuff, but i did complain that its awfall in both close and medium ranges. Reason no one exceot the random newstarter noob used them ( and i was in the beta )
  19. the pestimist

  20. Thpthpthp

    We had plenty of these threads during beta when this was relevant and subject to change, SoE didn't want it underslung then, what makes you think they'll change it now? Especially when they're already struggling to keep up with the changes they've actually announced on the roadmap and squashing all the bugs that come with those additions. Stop trying to make this happen, it's not going to happen.