Somebody stop that teleporting Mosquito in amerish - NOW!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KariH, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. KariH

    Teleporting mosquito in amerish. Moderators please act . Multiple cases - imediately when he wiil be sjhots he teleports
  2. KariH

    3 other mosquitos is NOT equipped with teleporting device
  3. gnometheft

    Could be lag on his side of the game, a name would go a long way for devs/GMs to check out. Ive been told I teleport/stutter occasionally, and i assume its only because I can get pretty lagging playing off of 3G signal. (i can actually play on that besides 7pm-10pm ish prime time battles)
  4. KariH

    Obviously worked because I havent seen it any more
  5. KariH

    Why other mosquitos are not teleporting? Far and near that certain mosquito teleports - NOT others. Unfortunateluy I do not get name.
  6. PWGuy93

    Ran into this yesterday. The flyer looked normal, rocketpods acting normally, flying looked normal but every single time I got out my lockon rocket launcher he would suddenly start warping and appearing hundreds of meters from where he was preventing lock ons. It really didn't seem like lag considering how he was able to pound the ground in smooth flight then when locked on he would warp to new locations. Bug? Lag on his end? We'll never know...
  7. Phazaar

    You do know the forum mods aren't the ingame admin, right?
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  8. Admiralty

    A server name and the location of the alleged culprit would go a loooong way...
  9. Delnar_Ersike

    Most likely a lag switcher, the pilot turns it on as soon as he/she hears the lock-on beeps. It's against PlanetSide 2 rules, but until the moderators do something, the only real way to deal with these people is dogfighting (flak wouldn't kill them fast enough).

    Also you can report people using an in-game system, I'd look into how to do so if I were you.
  10. KariH

    It was something like 100-200 meter back or forward teleporting. Is it autofunctioning when enough hits has landed? I manage it to teleport even with rifle.

    Mysteriously wanished when I speak here in forum about it.
  11. Phazaar

    Maybe because you weren't shooting him anymore he went elsewhere... Maybe because he just got bored... Maybe he got killed whilst you weren't looking... Maybe his hack got caught by the servers... Maybe it got caught by someone actually using the CORRECT way to report this stuff (/report and tickets)...

    Ockham's razor that vs the GMs sitting and refreshing the forums all day just so you can QQ and WBM, and immediately jumping online and being able to ban said potential hacker immediately without any amount of research into data packets and what might be causing this behaviour...

    Yeah. Must be the forum thing... <_< >_>
  12. KariH

    Well - I have used tickets but they works SLOOOOOOOWWWWWW........ Hope they do now perform this more quick.
  13. Hands Down

    They work? That's new. Or is it that you are just joking?
  14. Kodaa

    I have a feeling this guy's understanding of how an online FPS works is just as limited as his understanding of English.
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  15. uhlan

    Please stop posting this crap in the forums.

    Report as per the proper method.