Some weapons are much more noticeable in cloaking on Low Graphics Quality

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by FriendlyHuman, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. FriendlyHuman

    I noticed this bug several months ago.
    Weapons are much more noticeable only on Low Graphics Quality.
    But, its behaviour differs on Ultra. You can notice fingers behind a model of the bugged weapon.

    This bug happens up to 15 meters (up to 48 meters with x6 sight) and with all cloaks.
    Overall, you're much more noticeable, but the most prominent example of this bug is when you're standing or sitting still and still getting killed by an enemy.

    Reproduction steps:
    Second player stands at the distance of 4-5 meters and uses cloaking.
    Result: floating weapon.

    Happens with:
    NSX Daimyo, NSX Tomoe, NS-45 Pilot, NS-61 Emissary, MGR-M1 Bishop, MGR-S1 Gladius, VE-LR Obelisk, VE-S Canis, MG-HBR1 Dragoon, MG-S1 Jackal.

    NSX Tengu (ammo clip). Maybe there's more.

    As example, doesn't happen with:
    NC08 Mag-Scatter, NS-7 PDW, NS-44 Commissioner, NS-44L Showdown, AF-8 RailJack.
  2. FriendlyHuman

    Actually, fingers can be noticed not only on High Graphics Quality (Ultra settings), but on Medium as well.
    Probably, part of the cloaked weapon isn't rendered as the solution of this bug.

    I can't test NSO without membership, but they probably have the same problem.

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