Some Tank changes up on PTS (or soon to be)

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  1. Klypto


    Still too slow though, but I do have to correct it.
  2. lNeBl


    Yea this patch note is a big slap in the face for mag drivers.

    Vanguard accel buff (dev's never heard of gear hopping I guess)
    Vanguard HE buff +25m/s
    Prowler HE buff +15m/s
    Turret Stabilization for Vannie and Prowler
    huge movement buff for Vannie and prowler
    Removal of the only purpose of Rival Chassis

    and my fav part....
    NERF to the mag's racer.

    I posted a thread about it in the test server forum but I doubt it matters.
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  3. GaBeRock

    This might be taking in the effects of strafe on speed. That is to say, holding forward/strafe at the same sime nets you slightly higher speed in the same way nosing down+hoverthrust on an ESF gives you about 10 extra kph.
  4. Phrygen

    Either they forgot to include that they were increase the stock mag speed by 5 kph, or it is a disgrace.

    The rest is highly questionable. I dislike stabilization and hate the gravity changes. But the magrider change? Disgraceful.
  5. Flag

    I'm insulted.

    That's what.
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  6. WTSherman

    As I've said in another thread, our tanks are going to go from being equipped with catapults to having Peyton Manning throwing the shells out of the top hatch.

    VS will get Tony Romo.

    If throwing the shells by hand is still considered too effective, our gun barrels will be replaced with lances so that we fight by ramming each other. :D
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  7. Botji

    Thank you, not sure why I thought it was 15... The changes are still the largest troll against VS ever :{
  8. Mongychops

    Right, but there are some issues with that. Yes, using that method you can eke out an extra ~5 kph with rival and ~2 kph with racer on flat terrain. However, you are unable to effectively fight while doing so, and it can be hard to not run into obstacles that don't show up on the mini map clearly due to crappy vehicle FoV, and crappy Magrider 3rd person.

    Currently Vanguard drivers are able to mitigate their poor acceleration by using "gear shifting", and in this patch they are getting a buff to baseline acceleration, without the need for tricks using game mechanics. So why would they then decide that Magrider drivers using in certain circumstances a trick to mitigate awful non-Racer speed, is a reason to nerf Racer chassis, which benefits from this "trick" the least?
  9. Linus

    I think they do that to make the racer and rival chassis more competitive, however the Magrider is the slowest MBT (top forward speed) and it needs absolutly this extra +5 kph or the racer chassis is barely competitive with the speed of the other stock MBTs.
    I play with the Racer chassis since ages and I can tell that the speed is good like that, increasing or decreasing this speed is leading nowhere.
  10. Strikejk

    All I can say about the upcomming tank change.

    If this was Pokémon the deploymode of the prowler would go straight to the Striker - on the box forever!
  11. CNR4806

    It's completely off my schedule AND my harddrive by now. And for seeing this insane patch I'm glad I've made the decision to uninstall, because I don't think this dev team is going to do anything that convinces me to come back.

    The fact that I almost went and bought some SC in support of this game last year sounds laughable today.
  12. Takoita

    While there are some nice things listed for that patch, practically all changes in the tank section are about the opposite of what I've seen people wanting.
  13. Aesir

    Load your proper rounds and let the forum wars begin ...


    (Though SOE will most likely not listen)