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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by TheScapegoat, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. TheScapegoat


    I've experienced medic all through Beta and into live. The cert tree is mostly useful except for Triage. Post nerf Triage is not a wise point investment, the heal is easily 1/4 of the beta values and I've yet to see a readily tactical use of the certs spent. Occasionally this skill will trigger xp gain in sunderers transporting to the next objective.

    A change I would like to see if Triage automatically provides some AOE healing for people within 5-10-15-20 yrds of the Medic, after a brief 3 second delay. This ability should stack with the Nanite Aura and Med Applicator. To balance it for the oposing squad maybe display an aura on the medic to distinguish this ability.

    QOL change, Rez'd people should have 2 second of immunity (broken on firing) to allow them time for their client to catch up. Or, failing that you should be allowed to stay on your body for a moment, before the spawn screen is displayed.

    QOL change 2, Squad/Platoon Healing indicators, v + 2 should make it very obvious you need healing and possibily provide a notifier to nearby medics on their hud much like enginners see objectives.

    XMAS wish list, Healing Applicator, a suggestion for an alt fire mechanic. A 1 second charged skillshot HoT nuke, heals your target for 100% over 10 seconds, locks the Healing Applicator for 10 seconds. Can miss for no effect, with no overhealing provided.
  2. Shepherd

    New thought: What if Triage healed for a small radius AROUND said vehicle rather than healing the people inside it?
  3. TheScapegoat

    Much like the Nanite Repair and Ammo systems do on Sunderers, interesting.

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