[Suggestion] Some simple suggestions

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    First of all, good morning from Switzerland (7:10 AM I started writing) :)
    I am coming back to Planetside 2, I made a Pause since my mother had a bursted aneurism, the whole thing is now more than a Year old and it was very time consuming.

    If you don't know who I am, don't worry, we will get to know each other :)

    Some side information about me:
    -23 years old, male.
    -Infiltrator, always on cobalt, most of the Time VS, but sometimes TR
    -Playing since approximately 2012~2013
    -Could be called a Vet, maybe not salty enough to fulfil that requirement.
    -2500h in PS2, counted Money spend -> 800€
    -fighted before,in and after the N00t era on the Forum

    That said for the Start, let's go with the suggestion:

    With Oshur (slowly) coming to Auraxis (Islands don't form that fast ;) ), we will have 5 Continents to conquer and blast our heads away.
    BUT there is still just one Continent open at the time, because we are most of the time not enough players to open one more.

    Most of the Time Hossin is open, some like it, some don't (both is understandable).

    I remember a Time where all Continents were open and it was fun, IT MADE FUN.
    Because we get to choose where we fight and when we fight, now we are forced to play on a specific continent :(
    We have pesky qeues to wait on...even if there are not many players online. (To circumvent Overpop)

    I think we as Community could find a way to give constructive critisism about that current system and discuss peacefully how it could be changed to the better.

    Obviously we should always have a choice between at least 2 continents. Despite the playercount. ALWAYS (Your hear that Mikel? Paul? Drew?) That is a essential necessity of a simple Planetman.