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  1. Pfundi

    1. What exactly is the bullet velocity of a GD-23 with HVA, Im curious?
    2. How high on my importance scale should that second brick of C4 be? (I mainly fight infantry and I got 2 Medkits with me)?
    3. Do Flashbangs really work?
    4. What is better, Smoke grenades or the launcher at the Compact S (dont have problems with the gun, so thats no argument, but the launcher would be cheaper)?
    5. What damage do Underbarrel Shottie and GL do?
    6. I like to run with Grenade Bandolier (atm Rank 1) but Wrel and pretty much everyone else is suggesting Nanoweave, Ammo or ASC, what to pick?
    7. Is Jumpjets rank 5 enough or should I buy rank 6 asap?
    8. Are drifters worth a try?
    Thats it for now, thx in advance
  2. Skiptrace

    1. I have no clue.
    2. If you want to take out a big group of infantry, or troll vehicles and MAX's then get it.
    3. IDK
    4. I run Underbarrel Grenade Launcher for my Compact S personally.
    5. Underbarrel Shottie allows for a kill if you need to reload at close quarters, while the Grenade Launcher is good for taking out things at 10m+ range, do note the grenade does NOT explode if fired and contacts closer than 10m from where fired.
    6. I run a special Explosives Expert loadout with Grenade Bandolier, And that's what I reccomend.
    7. I only have Rank 3 Jumpjets, so IDK
    8. Drifters are ok at best, i'd wait for the Icaraus Jumpjets to be re-added here eventually.
  3. day ofm one

    1. 650 m/s (source)
    2. One brick usually does the job nice against MAXes and infantry, if you focus on killing vehicles, you should get the second brick
    3. Yes, they do
    4. I like being abled to throw normal grenades and have smoke with me sometimes, the real grenades do more damage
    5. The underbarrel shottie kills normal infantry without nanoweave in one hit (HA with shield survives, not sure about with nanoweave)
    6. If you go out alone and survive long, use ammo, if you tend to get into 1v1 fights face to face use nanoweave
    7. I still use rank 5, it does the job very well (there are higher priority certings)
    8. Yes, they are (you can try them very well with rank one, it does a decent job allready)
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  4. Pfundi

  5. Pfundi

    There we go, round 2:
    1. I use the GD-23 with High Velocity and 2x Reflex. The weapon is nice so far (only got 35ish kills or so).
    But grip or laser? Hip fire seems nice even without, grip seems unnescessary. So what is better?
    2. AC-X11 has awesome damage, but is the Laser (without compensator of course) usefull to give some more CQ power?
  6. Skiptrace

    1. I prefer to use the Razor as a long range carbine, as the AC-11x has too much recoil for me. I prefer Forward Grip on all of my guns that can use it because i'm an ADS fighter, Hipfire is too inaccurate for my tastes, Forward Grip only affects ADS while Laser Sight is designed for Hipfire.
    2. You could run it like that if you want to use it as a CQC Carbine, i think Iradar made a video using the AC-11X as a CQC Carbine.
  7. Pfundi

    Well as I dont have any recoil problems i think Im going to buy those two lasers.
    Thx for your opinion.
    Any other advice is still welcome
  8. Iridar51

    2. Top priority. Even if you don't normally go for vehicle kills, just having that option is nice. Also gives you a second attempt against enemy MAXes. All tanks and MAXes must die. Valar morgulis.
    3. They blind people, if that's what you're asking. Due to small radius, not going through cover, and unusually long detonation delay, they're impossible to use properly while solo.
    4. If you need smoke, launcher is better, since no resource cost and can refill at engi packs. Though then might as well play an engi. Additionally, smoke launcher grenades don't have this annoying bug, and easier to hit where you need. Why would you need smoke, though? :p
    5. Underbarrel Shotgun: 10 pellets with 143 damage. Grenade Launcher's direct damage: 800, splash damage: 700 @ 0.1m - 1 @ 5m. Splash damage applies on direct hits as well.
    6. Nanoweave. For LA, ASC is a convenience slot, while Nanoweave is combat effectiveness booster. Ammunition Belt is pointless in the world of engies and terminals giving out unlimited ammo, especially for LA.
    7. Jump Jet Rank 4 is bare minimum, Rank 5 is okay. Rank 6 should be on your to-do list, but no rush.
    8. Not really.

    1. Definetely grip. Razor is a ranged carbine, and should be treated as such.

    2. AC-X11 has too low rate of fire and too bad hip fire accuracy, even with laser, to be effectively used in CQC. It can be done just for ***** and giggles, but it'll never compete in effectiveness with anything with higher Rate of Fire, let alone dedicated CQC weapons.

  9. Pfundi

    Well I never use C4 thats why Im asking... But I guess next Certs have found their purpose.
    The point with the GD-23 is just that I never (apart from the SAW and weapons like that) really noticed the benefits it provides. Time for some moar VR. AC-X11 was just a fun idea anyway. But Im going to try it :D
    Smoke just for the fun. You know, getting in that room and such.
    Moment... Youre saying that the Underbarrel Shotgun is better than all Pumpaction shotties? Thats crazy.
  10. DashRendar

    I completed my AC-X11 aurax run using a laser, and suppressor, maybe 80% of the time. I only switched up the loadout to use Grip/Compensator when ridge picking. I consider it a life accomplishment, and have edited my resumé accordingly.
  11. DekkerDave

    @PFundi If you never use C4 then you should start using them. They give you great oppurtunities to wreck tanks, MAXes, groups of infantry and even planes if they are stupid enough (or when you drop on them from above). And the feeling when you blow something up to the sky is totally worth it.

    I'll follow Iridar51 with a video:

    I myself prefer AC-X11 equipped with Foregrip and Compensator over the Razor. It feels more "characteristic" while the Razor handles more like an AF-19 Mercenary. But that's definitely a matter of personal choice. VR is kinda useless, targets don't move, don't shoot back, throw grenades and I'm not sure about their shields and suit upgrades. Field testing is the best although cert-expensive.

    Smoke is fun, that's sure. I've seen some video of guy camping on the ledge of a building in Biolab with Gauss S equipped with Thermal and Smoke Launcher. He kept smoke-screening the area underneath him and picking off targets with the Thermal. He even let the medics to revive his victims to kill them again.

    About the shotties: One shot-wise yes, the Underbarrel one is better. But it needs to be reloaded after each shot and it should be used as the last resort or for the lulz. Pump-action gives you better chance if you miss the first shot or to kill multiple enemies in a row because of it's ammo capacity (pumps don't have magazines). I'd go with Grenade Launcher when soloing - if you get to the group of camping enemies, throw grenade on them a finish them off with the Launcher just a moment before the grenade explodes (from a safe spot of course - roofs on Biolab for example). The Launcher's grenade has some travel time too and you will link both explosions together so they won't have time to recover.
  12. Pfundi

    Okay, here we go, more n00b questions!
    (Update: I now got the Rank 6 Jumpjets, the second brick C4, still no grip on the Razer or the motivation to use that weapon)
    1. Now Im looking for the Suit Slot. I got NanoWeave Rank 4, the next one would cost f*cking 1,000 Certs. Thats a little much, so is there a huge difference between Rank 4 and 5?
  13. Corezer

    Yes, a lot of people don't realize the value of ranks 2-4 (because most fights aren't at max damage range) but rank 5 is an indisputable improvement.

    razor is a very good weapon all around, it beads heads almost as easily as a solstice while having the 3 shot kill potential. My weapons of choice are:

    Close range: Tempest
    Close with a chance for mid: GD-7F
    Mid with a chance for close: Bandit
    Mid range: Mercenary
    Mid with a chance for long: Razor (used to be AC-X11, but dat reload doh...)
    Long with a chance of mid: Razor
    Long range: Razor