Some questions, first post of mine

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  1. MuriloMan

    Hi PS2 Family,

    I'm an old ps2 player and I have few questions that I want any of you answer me ^^
    Please answer these 2 question if you know

    1 - NS characters (robots) are just for premium members, so, I created one and I wanna know if I could play it even if my membership runs out?

    2 - I play with 400 ms server latency and 450 ping. I just want to know If will there be a Brazil server ? or I will be dying for players with 40 ping forever ?

    Thank you very very very much !!!!
  2. Villainous Hydrosa

    Welcome back!

    1: No. When your membership is over, you will not be able to play on your NSO character. It won't be deleted, and you'll still have everything you unlocked on it next time you get a membership, but you can only play on it if you have an active membership.

    2: Not that I know of. I've heard rumors here and there, but nothing concrete, or even any sign of proof, sorry.
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  3. adamts01

    Look in to a VPN to fix your connection. Anything above 300 is pretty bad for everyone.