Some potential ideas for a LA update

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Skylight, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Zinus

    How about a burst type jump jets that give you one huge boost (vertical), so you basically make a super jump and the jet-pack becomes depleted.

    Intended purpose would be to quickly go on top of buildings, jump over walls, jump on trees and move fast when trying to go in a bee line somewhere, but at the expense of actually flying (If the jet is fired midair it just "stops" the LA (ie. he can't hop while in air).

    To compensate the jet-packs would recharge much much faster so there would not be much downtime between jumps.

    P.S. Inertial Dampeners (Suit Slot) - i would like this on the infiltrator as well xD. Other than LA inf is the 2nd class that HAS to jump from high places on a daily basis.

    P.P.S. Now that one can not ADS while jumping i could imagine a suit slot to re-enable LA ADS while flying... cheap i know, but its better than not being able to do it at all.
  2. Iridar51

    Something like this was in the beta and was called Icarus Jets. The idea was scrapped due to internet lag issues, but they want to bring it back "sometime".

    I want it to be so using jump jets in combat is more effective than not using them. I want it to be a solid, reliable mechanic, like HA's overshield, that works and is intended to work. I want to be able to actually hit people while jetting. It seems that devs don't want me to, though.

    Currently, if the Light Assault is engaged by the enemy, he can do three things:
    1) stay put and hope that his aiming skills or higher DPS weapon will carry him to victory
    2) try to Jet around while trying to hit the broad side of the barn, and dying before doing so (assuming he's not armed with shotgun and is further than 3 meters from the enemy)
    3) try to escape, using jets and cover and re-engage the enemy on his terms

    I want it to be:
    4) dodge incoming fire with jets while shooting and killing the enemy
  3. Pat22

    So, like I said, bring back jetpack ADS and lower the hipfire penalty while flying. You can have both these things AND the ideas I suggested, they're not mutually exclusive. We'd get our combat effectiveness brought on par with what an assault class should have, and get some team utility as well.
    Though I've said it before, we shouldn't have to wait for the LA Revamp for the ADS and hipfire fixes.
  4. Pat22

    Though really... currently, the crosshairs lie while flying, your gun is more accurate than they seem to imply.
  5. Iridar51

    Oh, sorry, I guess I've skipped you mentioning it. I thought you're saying that we can do it now.

    Edit: more speed wouldn't hurt either.
  6. Pat22

    Well, we can, just not as well as we should be able to.
    Though you should try putting a dot or some sort of marker at the center of your screen and seeing just how accurate your weapons actually are while flying, and while flying in different directions.
    You'll find that, as I've said, the crosshairs are lying. Your guns are more accurate than the crosshairs indicate. But also, that they are more accurate when you're moving sideways rather than forwards / backwards.
  7. Pat22

    I only realized this after I posted it but the Kinetic Grenade has another application - similar to something in Tribes Ascend. You can throw it at your own feet to propel yourself in a certain direction, combined with the jetpack to give yourself boosts upwards or sideways, in exchange for taking a little bit of shield damage.
    Almost like a handheld jump pad.

    I want them more than anything now.
  8. Pat22

    Sorry, for some reason I can't edit.

    The Kinetic grenade boosts could help dodge bullets by giving us a speed boost, and helping close the gap to our target, or help us escape while also throwing our target back.

    It seems like a very useful tool to me, more than any other I've mentioned.
  9. Zinus

    That was icarus jet :/ ? ...

    Meh i have a better idea for that name,
    Normal jump jets that once burn trough jet fuel start burning trough shields (still need jet fuel to start the initial flight).
    Much more fitting for the name :p
    (A downside would have to be shorter flight time without using shields and slower recharge)

    pros: might make the shield recharge suit slot more tempting to people
  10. Sandpants

    LA isn't even strictly a good lone wolf class.

    You can play a medic alone and have max health after every engagement with no res cost and have access to a very solid line of weapons.
  11. EclipsedTerror

    Make TR weapons more in line with VS/NC because currently they're underpowered to their counterparts.

    No need to add more, just fix the current ones.
  12. cruczi

    Haha, lol what? IMO T5 AMC with 40 rounds a mag > any VS or NC carbine
  13. EclipsedTerror

    It's the slowest firing weapon and unless you are getting the drop on them you will lose the gunfight.

    Yes, I understand that is the purpose of the LA class, but it's generally a lot harder said then done.
  14. LibertyRevolution

    I want an overshield.
    I am an assault class, why I not have overshield like heavy assault?
    The part that makes Heavy assault heavy is his LMG and rocket launcher, so give me a damn overshield!

    I also want a OHK lightsaber, it can take my primary slot.