Some Planetside 2 statistics

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  1. CupBoy

    I've added score per hour numbers for the ESFs now.
  2. Kiten

    Thank you for doing this, and sharing your work with the forums. You gave us very interesting stuff and good food for thought.
  3. unAimed

    Could you do all the Score per hour data for characters > 50 or perhaps even tiered?
    A graph showing the score per hour for each faction for those tiers (y s/h, x rank tiers)?

    The reason I'm asking is I'd like to get a clearer picture about "real" balance and I have the feeling lower ranks, especially 1-10 could screw up the data.

    For example I think that the Gauss Saw is one of the best weapons in game - although it has a higher skill ceiling then say the orion... + it needs 330 certs to really work...

    This would be greatly appreciated :-D
  4. CupBoy

    I've added score/hour numbers for characters with BR >= 50, both general, MBT and ESF. There isn't enough MAX data to work with for those ranks.

    The Vanguard is still lagging behind the other MBTs, it seems. The relative difference between the ESF scores is smaller for high ranked characters, though.
  5. Zer0range

    It'll happen within days due to exponential decline, and the world population will be nullified within a couple of months according to my calculations. This is truly remarkable.
  6. Sledgecrushr

    Cupboy has clearly stated that the active character population has held steady at around 300k since january.
  7. Purg

    Great information you've managed to isolate - thanks for your efforts.
  8. unAimed

    Thank you very much!

    Edit: Yes I agree - Vanguard is doing even worse on high BRs
    Overall it seems that the relative difference in s/h is smaller for BR50+ on NC which seems to support my theory that NC Weapons have a higher Skill Ceiling. The lower MBT s/h on NC could mean that their infantry is stronger than the overall s/h indicates...

    Weekly s/h - weekly MBT/ESF/MAX s/h should be able to give an infatry s/h - correct?
  9. unAimed

  10. Zer0range

    My reply was a counterjoke ;)
  11. Nihil

    Some lines are too similar in color. You could use dotted and dashed lines to make them more distinct and friendly to folks with some degree of colorblindness.
  12. CupBoy

    You can hover the mouse over the lines if in doubt.
  13. Stigler

    Awesome, thanks for doing this.
  14. adaroe

    Thank you for adding the data.

    so if this is right we peak at 24 k players, at 2k per continent you could effectively throw everyone into 4 or 5 servers without much que at all. talk about scary.
  15. Angelo85

  16. Pixelshader

    up with this
  17. Regpuppy

    well, free to play game. So you sort of have to. Especially with the amount of people who tend to play a game for a short time and drop it because of some reason or another at a very early point. These types wouldn't touch Vanu because of the way they looked a lot of the time. BR 20 and over would give us a better view of active players that are sticking with the game. Not doubting they're low pop, but counting -every- character is bound to mess with them
  18. ThereIsNoTry

    Is this still updated? Most of the graphs end in February
  19. Jakobud

    Can you do a similar data comparison of the Mini-Chaingun, Jackhammer and Lancer?
  20. DeltaGun

    Just discovered this - awesome.