Some people refuse to believe....

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  1. Kentucky Windage

    Just report the "questionable" behavior and move on. I know I usually try and record multiple segments of my gameplay for future reference. Sometimes just see what the hell I did wrong and sometimes to justify whatever complaint I may make against another player if I feel it is warranted. I rarely ever file complaints and chalk most of my deaths up to my stupidity or putting myself in bad situations. Client issues, lag, fps problems, etc....could explain some things. Are there cheaters in this game? I guess. If I feel something isn't quite right I check my TOD on the killboard and reference that time stamp to the video I recorded. If I feel strongly enough about a possible cheat I file a report and include the video in my complaint. Let the suits sort it out. Getting on the forums and naming seems to me to be at odds with the TOS and Forum Guidelines.
  2. Isokon

    Flak Armor only protects against explosives, but I assume you actually mean nanoweave armor. Nanoweave armor does not provide any protection against headshots.
  3. Hatesphere

    It did at one point. Maybe that's were here heard about it.
  4. Kentucky Windage

    I didn't know if it was scuttlebutt or not. My Engi runs with Flak 5 and for some reason I thought I couldn't get OHK by a sniper. Oh well. We learn something new every day in this game. Much obliged.
  5. MonnyMoony

    The ones I find particularly dodgy is when a guy 150+ meters away opens up on me with an LMG or carbine full auto and lands multiple hits on the trot - enough to take me out in well under 1 second.

    Whenever I try to do the same, even with the supposedly awesome Orion - I may land 1 or 2 random shots and the enemy simply walks away.

    As another poster says, the cof, bloom, recoil etc in this game should make such shots almost impossible at this range - regardless of the skill of the player. You will get unlucky every now and again where a few more shots than average land and kill you - but given the number of kills I get in this way (virtually none) compared to the number of times I am killed (many time per play session) - I can only assume some people are running hacks which narrow cof or reduce bloom or recoil.
  6. MarkAntony

    I met this player yesterday. not a cheater. just the quality I expect from Red October. and frankly it looks like a second account of a VERY experienced player to me.
    what? believes that elusive isn't hacking. well if the dozens of 15+ min gameplay vids don't convince you I guess nothing will.
  7. Pratham

    Sorry, how does gameplay videos "prove" anything? I don't understand this line of logic. Seriously, explain how them making a video shows they're not hacking.
  8. MarkAntony

    because you can easily see that he is exactly as good as his stats say and he's not cheating. is it really that hard to grasp?
  9. Pratham

    I don't understand how watching him means he's not hacking... In one of the videos linked earlier in this thread or another, there was some montage of super PS2 players that are "legit", and there was one with an LMG that literally had no recoil.

    But if they're just using ESP, or something like that, then it's going to be really hard to see that in a video.
  10. hostilechild

    And it doesn't matter what it appeared like on your client only his. I see people miss me all the time and I die. I rarely see a sniper bullet hit me (latency) but die.
    There are other issues that caused his problem like a bad connection dropping packets. I have got multiple red X hits on someone well more than enough to kill yet they take no damage and almost everytime my connection will show BAD for that small time frame.
  11. KodiakX

    Truth is that the hackusations in any shooter style game are always huge. I firmly believe there are hackers out there, but I've also seen some talented people and some completely awful people. When the two collide it's going to lead to some truly lopsided scores. I am a mediocre player at best and have repeatedly been called a hacker on a few occasions cause I go on a lucky rampage so it's really hard to take that nonsense seriously 100% of the time.

    I'm not saying the guy getting headshots from his own spawn room through 3 walls is talented, but simply without something overtly broken as that it can be objectively and honestly hard to really say if that last death was a hacker or not. Simply pasting a kill board and showing a Sniper who has a lot of headshots isn't really a convincing case in of itself. The guy blowing up the hacker hiding in the walls of a base with sticky grenades was a fairly convincing case of showing a hacker in action. Showing a vid of a guy who's clearly talented and a good player isn't convincing at all.

    Simply report the people and move on.
  12. Colakold

    I dont refuse that we have bad players in PS2 but for me the cheater yelling gets out of control. In almost every battle the chat-window gets flooded with cheater and hacker yelling. The bad guys are out there but the amount of yelling gives me the feeling that we have have alot of people who are frustrated because they get killed.
  13. Goretzu

    The only thing I fina a bit suspcious about that is his deaths, he almost never dies to anyone with a genuinely terrible K/D ratio, which is strange because in PS2 you can always fall victim to someone that just gets plain lucky. Although equally there could be something about his playstyle that accounts for that.

    It is just that inexplicable surviability often tends to be one of the give aways of wallhack & ESP users if you follow them around on their side a bit, they just see things and make manuveres that result in them always getting the drop and never really getting dropped on themselves (you of course don't see what they are reacting too, just their reactions and the end result).

    I know on Miller when there were some high profile bannings for wallhack/ESP use some outfits and players stats plummeted at exactly the same time as the bans happened and stayed low (for a while at least, in some cases permanently), might have been pure coincidence, but it seems a bit unlikely.
  14. Yuki10

    Oh plenty of things would. Making those videos proves nothing except that he can record PS2 game videos and upload them. Many hacks would not show up as they are just an overlay. Furthermore, some hacks have "no display/quiet" mode where they are enabled but do not show any extra information on the screen.
  15. Iridar51

    I would never have thought of that. The things that stat farmers do :eek:
    That would explain why he's "S" on headshot rate, but only "A" on overall accuracy.
    He's simply a player with good aim, who intentionally pads his headshot rate stats. Also, his KD with NS-15M2 is 3.8, which is not at all huge when talking about MLG HAs.
  16. Peebuddy

    Only two types of cheaters I would report because they're obviously cheating are

    1) He's flying through the air teliporting like those dudes in Jumper
    2)as people said before, they're getting insane accuracy at obviously insane distances with machine guns.

    I ran into a BR15 heavy using the Saw was just laying waste to everyone in a 200 yard radius. Saws the perfect gun for long range bippin' but at full auto landing 4 bullets to the head in under 2 seconds over 200 yards away? Killing 4 of us in 8 seconds? A little too unbelieveable to me.

    Hackings gotta be subtle, otherwise you only shorten your play session before a admin spots you.
  17. CapEnTrade

    It's just lag spikes, deal with it.
  18. Goretzu

    There was a werid thing were people were teleporting and landing outside the teleport room momentarily last night, dunno if it was the server or their connection or some specific teleporter bug.
  19. Demigan

    He's using drag-shots, and we've already established that in all probability these drag-shots increase the amount of "hit" area on screen for some reason or another. We established this by looking at some of his video's frame-by-frame, and you could see 3 bullet impacts from a single shot on multiple occasions, while he was the sole shooter in the area.
    But the strangest of all: One of the earlier video's he posted, almost the first kill he makes has a very nice footage of how a soldier never crosses path with his reticule and still it's a headshot. He moves his reticule left, soldier almost walks into it coming from the left, he fires, soldier goes the opposite direction (so never even crosses path with where the reticule or bullet ever went) and moves his reticule to the right.

    No, I'm not accusing him of hacking or cheating, I'm saying that the code of the game has some more quirks up his sleeve than we initially thought. If you assume he's not cheating, this could have happened due to the effect of a drag-shot combined with the latency system and the PC constantly predicting where your enemy is going to be. It might not have shown on his screen, but his PC might have predicted the enemy on the path(s) of the bullet(s) and counted it as a headshot.

    Anyway, if it's looked at I suspect that his stats will go down. Maybe not by much, but there is absolutely something going on with the code of the game when drag-shooting.
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  20. MrGrampybone

    I have played this game for a long time now and I am decent at it with a KD of 3,5. When you have played the game for so long you do get a sense for what is possible and what is not and there sure are alot of stuff happening lately that should not be possible.
    One of the problems though is that you can't be sure if its hacking, lag or just that the game is full of bugs.

    One thing you can be sure of though is that the game has hackers and most likely some of the players that you thing are just good players are using hacks. Not all of them, most likely not even alot of them, but some.

    The problem with looking at the killboard and saying that someone is hacking is that you have no idea the situation a player is in. Like elusive getting 3 headshots with the tsar in a row... thats no big feat at all.
    I have gotten longer streaks then that with both the M-77 and the Tsar with only 3-4 secons between each kill on poor players that barely move. Not getting consistent headshots on mooving targets is alot harder but still pretty doable.
    Now if you look at the example OP provided with the guy using a LGM, even a accurate one like the NS-15 it starts getting fishy.

    It's asenine to believe that people are not hacking imo but the problem is to determine who is doing it. Luckily that is not my job.

    Btw, take a look at the killfeed from my latest alt:!/8262843598714739201/killboard

    I played just like I do my main but for some reason I kept getting alot headshots with the NC guns even at long ranges. Anyway when you see the top of the killboard it looks kinda weird with all those headshots but it's legit.
    Also its far between each kill.

    I have played enough to know that people are hacking and those who refuse to believe are *******.