Some of us are still getting disconnects.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alexander Chadwick, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Lord_Mogul

    To everyone who is able to play again: Good to see more players back in the game.
    But here the bad news: You missed out on pretty stellar performance over these days, performance that already went down again.
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  2. Kristan

    Maybe that's because they have rolled back that technical update which caused said disconnections. Maybe it had some impact on the game's performance.
  3. Rorshack

    still getting disconnected right before character load screen......has been happening since Halloween update , very frustrating in that I love the game but such a long disconnect issue will finally result in me looking for another massive fps game to play.
  4. GroeneAppel

    Since the rollback at the start of the weekend everything is normal again for me and I can play normally.
    I've heard we were getting some potential compensation for being thrown out of the game for two weeks, has anyone heard anything about that?
    Regardless i'm happy I managed to catch up with the 4x xp day at least. So i've gotten some benefit out of the double xp week.
  5. SmittyJensen

    CS told me in a ticket "...we are standing by to see exactly when and what will be the compensation for the affected players."
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  6. SarissaGR2

    Well, i am sorry to say that after I uninstalling and trying to install, i get a host error and wont ever download. Too bad, i was they only game I was playing.
    BB PS2 community, maybe after a year i will give this a try
  7. 0xdeadbabe

    I got the same line from customer support. I tweeted @planetside2 for an update on this, but they haven't replied.
    It's very important that we not let this go.

    Consider this:
    - The disconnect issue started with the Oct Halloween patch on Oct 11.
    - Oct 18 Producer's letter says a fix is coming in the next few days and to make up for things double-XP
    will be offered for everyone from Oct 22 - Oct 26.
    - A patch was released Oct 22 to address the issue. The issue was not resolved.
    - On Oct 25 the Oct 11 engine changes are rolled back. Server maintenance ends at the end of the day Oct 25.
    - Most affect players are finally able to play starting Oct 26.

    This means that affected players were doubly screwed. First, affected players were prevented from playing for 15 days.
    Second, they were locked out of all but 1 day of the double XP week offered as a make-good for the community.

    And still no word on the make-goods and boosts hinted by the Producer in the Oct letter:

    We also plan on working with the Customer Service team to grant month long boosts and other make-goods to the players that have been affected by this issue. Finally, we will be running a Double XP For-All week starting on October 22nd and running through to the 26th; that will overlap with the Friday of our Member’s double XP weekend and bring back the legendary Members Only Quad Experience day on October 26th.

    I'm sure some might think I'm making a big deal, but I'm only trying to hold Daybreak accountable for what they've said and offered. I've spent hard earned money on their products.
  8. SmittyJensen

    I'm trying to do the same.. not letting this fade. Their latest response:

    "At this time, we have no word yet on what the plans are exactly, but the gears are moving so hopefully something will be put out soon."

    And they agreed to let me keep the ticket open.. so I think they are really planning something it is just taking awhile to roll it out. I'm giving them until Monday.