Some of us are still getting disconnects.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alexander Chadwick, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. esselight42

    still deconnet when i am ind game so hop the fix it soon
  2. Vava31

    Here a quick video.
    I have some missings in the game, problem of connection, and quick crash... o_O
    I think all peope here, have the same issue in their game. :rolleyes:
    Ah also, the Recursion Tracker seems "lag" with the client.

    Good luck to find a solution !
  3. CaparzoX

    for me they have sabotaged the game with the update, it is not normal that this problem is not solved.
  4. C0smos

    5 years I'm playing this game(And I loved it),after that fiasco I'm glad too say like many of us, bye planetside 2...
    RDR2 is coming.
    Too bad DBG , it was not the right timing to fcked up your update and the game.
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  5. Damz49

    Did you forget the fantastic SOE updates ? ;)

    Performances fix update -->
    It took several month for them to get it fixed, someone on forums gave me a temporary fix (process explorer method)

    I also got disconnected every 10mn for many monthes before they found a fix.

    I lost some weapons/abilities/capacities after another one, had to send mail and claim what I wanted back on my character.

    I lost 2 accounts, characters deleted. Impossible to get it back.

    "Downtime is expected to be less than 2hrs" with the countdown on the forums. --> 48hrs later nobody was able to login.

    And many many more.

    So this one is not the worse, it's the 15-20th rank :D
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  6. GroeneAppel

    Update: Still doesn't work for me. The situation seems unchanged.
  7. Humusak

    me and ps2 have anniversary - we are 2 weeks disconnected. so romantic. and this time when double xp is actual i feel double time disconnected. and what on a quadruple XP day?
  8. 0xdeadbabe

    At this point I've been unable to play PS2 longer than I have actually been playing it.
    I installed the game months ago, but stopped playing after an hour.
    Recently I saw Winter stream the game on twitch and thought I'd give it a second chance, then this happened...
    2 Weeks unable to play just as I was giving the game another chance. It's sad, really.
  9. Torm3nta82

    Why iam paying for a game that i cant play?
  10. omygash

    Still cant play on my ps4 since 2 days now, it works on my phone 4g with 150 ping but i want to play with my home connexion like i play since the ps2onps4 beta, ill just unsinstall because i can see they dont care ps4 players they only care about pc players, no patchs or fix on ps4(not even a try like they do for pc players with test server), stopped working only after the 150mb patch i downloaded 2 days ago, all my friendlist is playing like usually, i seen some ps4 players saying they cant play too its not only a pc problem ..
  11. CaparzoX

    Thank you to the players who checked out the speculative fix for the disconnect issue on PTS. Sounds like we are back to the drawing board. We will be performing a very large rollback of engine code next, hoping to deploy to PTS by end of our west coast day.

    message from nick silva game producer
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  12. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Yup, we're still trying some new potential fixes, and hope to have these out to the test server by the end of the day.
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  13. Rorshack

    still disconnect right before entering character screen.
  14. frogman4949
    Finally a tech rollback... should have done that after the first attempt of fixing failed. Either way I finally have hope that this will fix the problem and if things go well should be pushed to live by tomorrow. If this is what happens then a 2x event should be made for Monday through Wednesday next week as well as the Halloween event being extended again. High hopes for this pts update tonight.
  15. CaptCran

    With the words "Roll Back" I suggest everyone take screen shots of everything possible to prove your characters level and cumulative certs. Who knows what will happen to player info, stats, etc........
  16. SmittyJensen

    Ahh twitter... thank you for the info as I try to avoid twitter otherwise. I'm glad they are finally putting the 'try this' on production away and stabilizing the servers (even if it means old code). But, again, this could have been entirely avoided if not for ambitiously loading this code on production without a lengthy PTR run incentivized by certs, gear, ISO, or daybreak cash for those who help test.

    If anything of value came of this debacle, I hope it is in how they operate with respect to code releases in the future.
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  17. Atarax

    It's working! on the PTS everything is OK as before.
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  18. Tardistealer

  19. Kraytox

    Whatever you did to PTS works for me very well...I have not been able to log in game for 2 weeks...I can't post on tweeter but can here. Please push the patch through Live =P
  20. SarissaGR2

    Well, I tried again today but this time i was getting a block file error. No idea what happened. I FORCE uninstalled the game an i will install it again to see what happens....

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