Some more words about hackers / I am leaving for some days

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by dr_Fell, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    Dear SOE
    - please make tools for instant detection of speedhacking, such tools exist in other games and work well. It shouldn't be hard to detect that player is moving ten times faster than he should.
    - please, make reporting easier, so we don't have to rewrite strings of 10 or 20 random letters
    - please, react more quickly when hacker is reported

    Until today I didn't notice hackers. I have seen many players complaining on in-game chat, that there are cheaters in the game, but I just thought they fought with somebody more skilled, died and now they are crying.

    I am playing NC on Lithcorp and today I fought VS with my clan (Jesters). After joining the game I was amazed how far VS pushed us to our warpgate. Members of my clan were saying, that there are cheaters (spedhackers) in VS, but, as usually, I ignored those comments. Until today I wasn't looking for hackers so I didn't notice them.
    Some minutes later I was defending Zurvan Amp Station, and I was amazed looking at one or two VS taking it out. I went to control point, died. I was surprised, that I was killed when I almost couldn't see my opponent (He att, but I thought I wasn't concentrated enough. Then I looked at the chat, where people were saying they are cheaters. Next time I looked at those guys more carefully and they were faster than moskito on afterburners. I died almost instantly. I didn't waste time to rewrite their nicks (long, random) because I think it is SOE job to make this game clean, and SOE should at least make reporting easier.

    I like this game, but I don't want to play it wondering, if player, that has just killed me, is better, or if he is cheating. I am leaving for some days, I will then go back to check if there are any changes on that matter. If yes, I will gladly go back. Now I don't want to spent my time rewriting 20-random-letters cheater nicks. Also I don't understand, why there are not automated tools that are checking moving speed. It should be easy to implement server side and it should at least reduce most primitive ways of speedhacking. Fighting guys, that were running with speed of the mosquito on afterburners causes my gaming to be not fun at all.
    Soe, You made a wonderful game, but game full of bugs and full of areas that need to be improved. Just be aware, that part of the players, that are leaving, frustrated of above, won't come back.