[Suggestion] Some Liberator Changes

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  1. Levtech

    Right now I feel the liberator is in a state to stop all the complaining, but it is not fully balanced. This will include nerfs/buffs. First off I think the tankbuster needs a little nerf. Giving it a spin up like the vulcan and adding a tiny amount of reload time should be enough. I also think the bulldog is a bit overpowered. It could use an ammo nerf (not as bad as the belly guns though) and maybe a bit of camera view limits so it cannot see farther ahead than the belly gun. Now for some buffs. The belly guns could use some ammo because think about it, the max dalton ammo is 40, but that is completely certed. Your average liberator is probably going to have somewhere around 30 ammo in their dalton. That being said I think that there should be about 5 more ammo added to the dalton. Along with the dalton I think the other belly guns need a similar increase in ammo. This is all I can think of at the moment, so tell me what you think or maybe add on.
  2. chrisbeebops

    Tank Buster doesn't need a nerf. You have to practically stick it up your targets butt to get max damage with its steep damage fall off and terrible cone of fire. The other Liberator nose guns need some kind of buff or change to make them more practical alternatives to the Tank Buster. Tank Buster current is a High risk, high reward, high skillcap weapon.

    Belly gun ammo capacity is pretty OK as is. If you treat the Liberator as a proper team vehicle and don't just hover waiting for the belly gun to do everything, the ammo is more than enough to kill a boatload of tanks and sunderers without resupplying.

    Tail gun is a whole another story. It does have pretty absurd ammo capacity but who cares since the belly gun is going to run out first and force you to resupply anyway. The angles still need to be reduced in the front... tail gun should not be able to shoot further forward than the belly gun, imo.
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  3. Gundem

    MAX's could use a little lowered resistance to AP-HMG(The Shredder/Tank Buster resistance). While the Shredder was OP against them before, now it's a little too weak without splash, and they are a lot harder to kill with the Tank Buster as well.