Some ideas on the flight model in this game

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  1. Oheck

    I'm curious why they essentially copied the flight model for BF3(which i think is horrid), when there are YEARS of flight sims and space combat sims that have far better models for flight when using a mouse and keyboard.

    They have the cockpit fully modeled, but make it awkward to stay inside it, which is why most folks switch to 3rd person view. When you use the freelook it locks the controls on your ship while you look around. This is something I thought was ridiculous in BF3, yet they brought it right into PS2.

    Just because you look around should never relinquish you of control of your aircraft. Not for a second. Its silly. PC has access to accessories like TrackIR, or even free tracking software that utilizes webcams or even the playstation camera.

    If you aren't interested in such accessories there are other ways to free up the controls in the aircraft while looking around in the cockpit. One method i've seen that I liked was the auto head tracking on planes you've 'targeted'. You toggle the feature on a targeted aircraft and your view follows the target while you are free to control your aircraft to pursue it. If the plane flies out of view or past a certain point where your neck would snap your view snaps back to center.

    My gaming waaaay back began with flight sims. I've always had a fondness for them. When Arma came out, I found out about the TrackIR. So, I bought a trackir 5. The difference was pretty amazing. Usually when you get into an aircaft in a game, you essentially become that aircraft. Your view is the view of that aircraft. The Trackir separates you from that object, and you are suddenly inside an aircraft. That artificial sense is gone. Your head movements are your own, you lean forward, backwards, side to are in that 3d space. Its quite immersive.

    For a PC release, its a shame they did not push the envelope to give pilots that experience. Its worth it in any game i've been able to utilize it in. I know they've been contacted by the makers of these products. Even given the SDK to implement them into gameplay. any event, it would be nice if they could take another look at how they've setup the controls within the cockpit. Why they've limited pilots to either have control of their aircraft, or not when simply looking around. Maybe look into how other games have found solutions around this, or into the existing hardware and software out there already that helps to solve such limitations.
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  2. ent|ty

    Or why even have to use seperate keys to loook right left, etc
    when why not just hold the shift button and be able to quickly 'mouselook' around, and when release, have a no delay center...
    easily coded stuff from an experienced developer's view..
    This game has obviously had NO beta testing at all, and we're all paying to test it for them.
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  3. FateJH

    soe haet joystix

    And everything else that isn't a keyboard or a mouse. The only reason my gamepad works, for example, is that it can spit out mouse and keyboard input directly rather than its own input types. My ongoing concern is calibration, i.e., I have none unless I mess with my keyboard and mouse input, thus making them harder to use outside of the game, so it's not better than WSAD.
  4. ThundaHawkPS

    flying controls are fine

    the 3rd person camera helps more than hands free cockpit freelook anyway
  5. Lambchopz

    This is already in the game. Look at your keybinding options. I have this bound to my middle mouse button.

    As far as the flight model of this game, I think it's fine. It's clear they are going for a more arcadey/simplistic flight model, which is probably better for this game anyways. This is not a realistic game. Some people may prefer legit flight simulation, but I'm sure the vast majority of Planetside players would probably hate it.

    I enjoy flying in PS2. I still fly my Mossie a lot even though ESFs are considerably less effective then they used to be. I'd probably be more useful derping around in a Prowler most of the time. I'd hate to see them make the flight model realistic, as I think it'd make flying in PS2 more frustrating then fun.

    You have a point about mouselooking locking your controls, that is pretty obnoxious and limits the usefulness of mouselooking in the cockpit.
  6. Oheck

    Well I'm not saying to make it more realistic. Just more intuitive.

    The auto head tracking would help out greatly for those that like flyi g in the cockpit. Pilots shouldn't be resistant to trying to improve the experience.
  7. vaxx

    The flight models in this game are not even close to the most arcade-like "flight sims". The simple fact that all aircraft can hover, carry a redonkulous payload, and fly backwards, shows you PS2 is not trying to make flying even slightly advanced. Hell ARMA is mocked by flight sim purists for being too arcade, and compared to PS2, its light years ahead as far as flight models and skill needed.

    TrackIR is a common component to anyone who plays real sims. So is rudder pedals and a good HOTAS, and usually 3 screens. PS2 does not cater to this demographic.

    Air combat in PS2 is infantry combat up higher (not too high lol at small ceiling) with another axis, that is all.
  8. IamDH

    Im not exactly a computer genious but what is TrackIR?
  9. vaxx

    Head tracking hardware/software. You turn your head, it turns the camera. You lean forward, your camera in game leans forward. You tilt your head....etc .etc.

  10. IamDH

    Wow thats amazing
    I would like them to fix the clunky feel to planes and lessen the learning curve
    Fix the basics of flight then go forward to add these things.
  11. vaxx

    You cant lessen the already small learning curve. Honestly, the only learning curve in PS2 is the odd controls. Once you get used to that, anyone can fly just fine.

    When you can take-off, fly, shoot, kill, land, all with a mouse and a few k/b buttons there is not much to the flight model. When using a joystick and rudder pedals actually makes you worse, there is not much to the flight model. They have dumbed it down very bad. Like I said, even if they made it the ARMA's flight models, it would actually make it more interesting to fly.
  12. IamDH

    Yeah you get used to it eventually the learning curve for planes is not small at all with all this AA
  13. EvilKoala

    You seem to be talking about situational awareness, and not flying. SA is key in any game, and does take some time to learn. Flying however, couldn't be easier.
  14. IamDH

    Yeah thats what i meant
    I asked for flying to be less clunky and the learning curve of planes to decrease
    Took me a bunch of certs and alot of time in my ESF to learn how to survive
  15. Kurohagane

    The flight mechanics are very unique to PS, i don't know what you are talking about. It's completly different to anything else i've seen with all the hover physics and stunts you can do during dogfights using the fact you have thrusters on the bottom and top of your aircraft. You can fly backwards, do tight circles, spins, stunts and alot more, unlike in say BF where pretty much everything you do is trying to get the other guy on your sights while doing very loose and long loops and flybys.

    I think the biggest reason people go third person is just because of how much more field of view it has, since it is behind your aircraft increasing your vision and making it harder to loose track of your enemy, and it's easier to keep track of obsticles on your sides.
  16. vaxx

    Clunky? Yes, the control input is very odd.

    But as I said before, there is no way to decrease the "learning curve". Its the most simplistic flight model. Anyone can learn in it minutes, especially once they get used to the clunky controls.

    Surviving AA is different than learning a few keystrokes to make the ESF go. Its not that hard to do either. I get shot down from other ESF's much, much, more than AA.

    Not really. Just about every space flight game has the same mechanics. The X series, Starshatter, even Wing Commander. X,Y,Z axis, point your mouse the directions, thruster up and down. Its bare bones, but totally common.
  17. Kurohagane

    I don't just mean the controls. I mean the physics too. I haven't really seen any flying game that allows you to do what you can do in here yet. Look at some of the stuff later in the vid:

  18. Tar

    don't fix what isn't broken.
  19. vaxx

    It just seems a lot like this as well.

  20. yama

    The flight model in PS2 makes for a very deep an interesting game play with a high skill ceiling.
    I don't think anyone is completely happy with it but its better then most give it credit.

    I don't mean to downplay peoples experiences in other games but I also don't mind that PS2 has a niche of its own.