[Suggestion] Some changes for Scout rifles

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Ned

    Scout rifles are in a pretty good spot at the moment, but I feel that they could use a little tweak, or buff,

    1. Give the ability to equip HV/SP Ammo (This will make the scout rifle much more customisable and allow for SP ammo to make mid/close range combat a little easier, SR's are already at a massive disadvantage.
    2. Increase magazine size from 24 to 25 (24 is a wierd number, adding 1 more bullet may not sound like much but this would greatly increase the effectiveness of the gun)

    Personally I would rather Scout rifles had 20 in a magazine but did a bit more damage to compensate, to make it stand out a bit more from other automatic weapons, but this seems unlikely so from moving from 24 rounds to 25 is something I see the devs as more likely to do.
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  2. starlinvf

    The 167 damage tier at the rate of fire they have would be insane DPS. They'd have to compensate with a lower RoF and lower Mag size.

    One thing I do want to point out is that when your RoF drops below 600, the weapon becomes difficult to handle on the move.
  3. desktop

    I bet as it is, high velocity ammo would do some really horrible things to the full auto scout rifles accuracy. I would like to see them become better long range weapons, anything to set it apart from the smgs. Just like the battle rifles the semi auto scouts should also get high velocity ammo. I feel the extra discipline needed for the semi auto scout is let down by its velocity when compared to battle rifles. Even if it has more damage per shot compensating for both the bullet drop and the recoil makes it a much weaker weapon.
  4. jiggu

    I'd like them a bit less penalized when equipping a silencer. A silencer is pretty much made for the scout rifle yet the poor bullet velocity is awful.

    Oh and remove the PDW, it shouldn't exist.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    I thought scout rifles were great before the PU02 update buffed them. Getting auraxium with the Stalker was very fun and the weapon I have so far enjoyed the most

    Any extra buff would be welcomed though :D
  6. JesNC

    I don't mind the magazine size so much, but adding the ammo options sounds like a great idea!