[Solved] memory could not be written in 32-bits

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ralstlin, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Ziibbii

    When I open us LLA it does not let me scroll down to the Save button. It also does not let me maximize the window...
    Anyone know how to help?
  2. Ricodon

    Guys, are you realizing that "planetside2.exe" already has flaged LAA ? *facepalm*
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  3. Request Denied

    I think the bigger question is why is anybody still using a 32bit OS in 2012?
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  4. Ricodon

    Hm...yea, I think these are people who have not yet heard that the big bang. :D
    Next Question: Why is this piece of Software (Planetside2) on 32Bit in 2012 ? :rolleyes:
  5. xbeast

    is anyone sure that this is completely safe. i dont have antivirus yet and cant risk getting a virus on my brand new computer.
  6. xbeast

    help please. i did everything in the description and my game still crashes. the only thing different was i had it in e not c. does that change it or what?
  7. Cimota

    I believe that some Luddites still use Win XP 32 bit SP3,maybe because Vista is **** and win 7 is based on Vista.Oh and Win 7 doesn't have an E-Mail client,had to chuckle at that one from MicroSoft.
  8. Turinator

    Using winxp32bit sp3, my os becomes bit unstable after adding the /3GB switch. Internet connection doesnt work (wireless modem) and opening folders seems slow and sluggish. Anything I can do to fix this?

    got 4gb or ram installed 2x2gb
    other specs:
    Phenom II 6X 1075T running at 3.0ghz
    ATI 5750HD 1gb
    M4A79XTD EVO asus mobo

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /usepmtimer /3GB

    thats the line I edited, should be right.. right?
  9. FoodForTheGods

    You do not need to download that LAA-Tool, just do the Windows part, because, as Ricodon pointed out, planetside2.exe is already flagged as LAA.

    What kind of benefit would you expect from Planetside2 being 64bit? Nothing ? kkthxbye
  10. TheCuqui

    This 32 bit memory "patch" is often sugested for demanding applications.
    However take this in mind: The modification can make the system unstable or even unbootable

    NEVER try this modification in a computer that stores important information unless you have a backup and you are ready to format it if this go wrong. Windows XP needs that memory to run system processes (that depends on what you have installed, real time antivirus devoures RAM)
    When you do it you can also set the limit to 2500 instead of 3000 (or any value you want). If the system is still unstable you have to remove processes that are killing that RAM, don't want to say malware, but it could be malware.

  11. FoodForTheGods

    Lol no need to have backups... no risk to loose data at all. Even if the system does not boot right away, you can easily edit the boot.ini with the windows recovery console (or any linux live cd).

    That said, i would also advice to set the amount of virtual memory for user applications to 2.5 GiBi. I do not know if thats possible for Windows XP, but it is possible for Windows 7 or 8 (bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 2560)
  12. Skurcey

    thanks for this awesome solution
  13. Moonfirezz

    I'll try this tonight thanks i have not really been playing had this problem for a while but i want to start now
  14. CptMidlands999

    I can successfully enable the 3gb switch and set it all up however the moment I reboot Windows XP it hangs while loading Windows. Anyone successfully got around this or is it a case of switching up to 64bit Vista/Windows 7 if I want to play Planetside 2 for longer than 20 minutes
  15. Twist

    Planetside2.exe is already linked large address aware folks.
  16. 711man15

    This does not ******* work get rid of this thing i did everyting and i still ******* crash
  17. SunnZ

    Doesnt work for me either. I have 64-bit OS win7, but i play on 32-bit client because 64-bit client is a PowerPiont slideshow (bad FPS stuttering since the valk update).
    An i still crash regardless.

    Devs get your **** together already for ***** sake
  18. BeyondTheInfinite

    ''The boot configuration data store could not be opened. Access is denied.'' What do I do? :c