[Solved] memory could not be written in 32-bits

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ralstlin, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Ralstlin

    Ok after a day crashing every 20-30 minuts of gameplay i search how to fix this thing..

    First of all, you all must know that 32-bits Windows OS dont allow a single process (see process in your task manager when it crash) to take more than around 1.5GB of memory. But this can be fixed to up it to around 2.5GB (If you have more than 3GB of RAM)

    First you have to make our application Planetside2.exe to allow LAA (Large Address Aware), one this is done, you must patch Windows to allow use LAA on applications.

    Planetside2.exe Part

    Software to allow planetside2.exe to use LAA: HERE


    1) Open an Planetside2.exe (click on the "..." button to browse and go C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\PlanetSide 2\Planetside2.exe ). Alternatively, you can drag and drop this file on the gray text box.
    2) Check the box to make it large address aware.
    3) Click on save to commit the changes.

    Windows Part:

    Instructions for allowing applications to use more RAM in 32-bit operating systems (> 2 GiB RAM required)

    Windows 2000

    1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the system partition. This is the partition that holds hardware specific Windows files such as Boot.ini and NTLDR.

    2. If you cannot see the Boot.ini file, it could be because the folder options are set to hide protected operating system files. If this is the case, in the Explorer window, click Tools, Folder Options, and then click View. Clear the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) check box. When prompted, click Yes.

    3. After the Boot.ini file is visible in Explorer, right-click the file, click Open With, and then click Notepad to open the file.

    4. Add the /3GB switch to the end of the line starting with "multi" under the [Operating Systems] section.

    5. Save the changes and close Notepad.

    6. Restart the computer for the change to take effect.

    Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l...EXCHG.65).aspx

    Windows xP and Server 2003

    1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties. The System Properties dialog box will appear.

    2. Click the Advanced tab.

    3. In the Startup and Recovery area, click Settings. The Startup and Recovery dialog box will appear.

    4. In the System startup area, click Edit. This will open the Windows boot.ini file in Notepad.

    5. In the [Operating Systems] section, add the following switches to the end of the startup line that includes the /fastdetect switch: /3GB

    6. Save the changes and close Notepad.

    7. Click OK two times to close the open dialog boxes, and then restart the computer for the change to take effect.

    Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l...EXCHG.65).aspx

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008

    1. Open command prompt with Adminitrator rights. To do this, go to Programs, Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator." (Search CMD in windows search)

    2. Enter the following at the prompt and press enter:
    bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 3072
    3. Close the prompt and restart the computer.


    Now my Planetside2.exe allow me to use 1.8GB memory, enjoy it!!!
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  2. Ralstlin

    Dont let this post die ^^ it could help lots of people like me
  3. TheLordOfArrakis

    Yeah, seconded. This solved my crashing after every 5-15 mins. Just played for three hours straight no problems after using the fix.
  4. LLancaster

    Anyone scan the file for any viruses, don't trust direct downloads... or the internet as a whole for that matter.
  5. Propovednik

    Thank you for this post, hope it will work (it look like a good solution)! Will try tomorrow. If so then wait for me PS 2 :p
  6. WetPatch

    This solution has seemed to fix my RAM problem, thx.
  7. Deathrus

    good fix thanks!!!
  8. Deathrus

    Quick question if I get 16gb of ram will this allow me to dedicate at least 4gb to PS 2 on a 64 bit? In theory I am thinking yes?
  9. Ralstlin

  10. Bape

    i have windows 7 and i used the comand promp but it says bcedit is not recognized as a external command? unless this is only for 32 bit what u mean by patching windows?
  11. Telgrin

    Just an FYI, Planetside2.exe is already LAA flagged. It's only the boot portion that is helping. You do NOT have to do the exe LAA step.

    Yes this is only for 32bit os.
  12. Blurrization

    It's BCDedit, with a D inbetween 'BC' and 'edit'
  13. Mental64

    If you have a 64-bit Windows OS (Win 7 most likely) and planetside.exe is flagged as LAA, as Telgrin pointed out, a 32-bit process is max at 4gigs already.

    Assuming of course, you have more than 4 gigs to begin with.
  14. velleity

  15. Bape

    Just to clarify after doing the whole command promp this only affect the program that you load through the LAA right? if not how do i return it back to its original state. Im using 64 bit so i dont know if i was suppose to do that whole command promt thing.
  16. Deathrus

    I did it and it worked fine I only have 4gb spo i noticed a difference in memory load went up big time= good
  17. roflmaoshizmp

    Thanks a lot, bumping. You just saved me. It used to crash every ten minutes or so.
  18. kushilydoda

    u saved my gaming and im just amazed how a user answerd my prayers and not the tech support
  19. Blanchy

    Thank you very much OP.
    Bumpin the thread.
  20. ClusterBomb

    How funny is that. I have sent Support Tickets to SoE, created threads and got pathetic replies from SoE.
    Now this guy has figured out how to fix the crashing issue after weeks of trying to get Sony to fix it. Hahahha
    Great Work SoE, you might be ignoring us because you what the community to work it out themselves, you pathetic sods.
    The community shouldn't have had to try and find a fix themselves. If SoE cannot see whats wrong with that then they need to get there **** together TODAY, or risk a very aggressive community, not that it isn't already
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