[Suggestion] Solution to 4th Factioneers

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  1. xMeserionx

    Its technically not bannable but it is really scummy thing to do. Basically people switch factions to another character to sabotage another faction's efforts at winning. It generally revolves around the concept of sabotaging constructed bases, stealing lost HIVES back, or destroying vehicle pushes. One person with C4 or with a hastily constructed HIVE can ruin any push or advantage another faction.

    This is some desperate and extremely toxic behavior that ruins the game for everyone.

    DBG can fix this very easily: Add a 30 minute timer to players who swap to other factions on the same server. This timer would prevent from placing HIVEs, using C4 or pulling vehicles. This would basically end the worst things about 4th factioners and put some agency back into sticking with your faction of choice.
  2. LordKrelas

    Well, how do you detect the dedicated or planned out action?
    You can kill a Hive without a vehicle, or even C-4 - Hell, you can just trash the modules making it easy.
    Not to mention, multiple weapon options exist that are explosive but not C-4

    Alternate accounts, different computers, all would bypass the timer - If they don't just afk in the warp-gate, the Hive target ain't going anywhere.

    So in short, you really can't do much about it.
    If they want to do it, they will achieve it some how.
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  3. UberNoob1337101

    Oh please no, people have to collect passive certs if they have PremiumAccess, and it's not a good idea to force people to wait 30 minutes just to collect certs. The suggestion is bad, while it does prevent actually bad people from TKing, it also harms legit users that may 4th faction for right reasons (no fight for X faction, passive cert collection etc etc.)

    I'd like it much more if instead people who have logged in/switched factions got branded "suspicious" for 5 minutes (10 minutes if they switched), during that time grief point gain is multiplied by two/three times and transfers to all characters, so if you indeed TKd and got weapons locked, all your characters are weapons locked as well. Easy preventative measure that doesn't harm legit players.
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    so basicaly i would have to wait half an hour before i can farm with another faction when i feel done with the one i already played for the day .... mmmmm no ....
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  5. Pikachu

    Has been suggested since the dawn of time.
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  6. Insignus

    The best solution to 4th factioners is to build and encourage a player base of good, ethical players that are willing to record people doing it, and then submit said videos to daybreak.

    Its mostly done over teamspeak and discord, so yes, it raises the issue of people having to report their own outfit mates.

    If you get caught directly communicating another factions strategy from listening on an opponents platoon comms, and you get recorded doing it, you should be banned off all DBG games, in my opinion. The perma ban sharkstick to the face solution.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    This has been suggested so many times and it always falls down on the fact that many players who do not do sabotage (myself included) have avatars of different factions on the same server and would be punished unfairly.........not something you really want to do to anyone, or to paying members in particular.

    Unfortunately it is part of the game.
  8. JobiWan

    Great idea. How do you suggest this is achieved? It's one thing to suggest something but what are the details of how DBG/we go about it?
  9. Insignus

    Only through leadership by example, and by platoon/outfit leaders themselves being developed/cajoled/influenced into becoming more ethical, and recognizing that 4th factioneering ultimately damages their own ability to lead.
  10. Liewec123

    every time someone thinks they have a fix for 4th factioners it is always something that would utterly ruin the game for me!

    i play one or two nights a week, and when i do i play all 3 factions, i don't have any preference for faction control,
    i just want big fair battles, if one side is snowballing it isn't fun.

    it would SUCK if each time i switch faction i'm forced to play planetmans for 30 mins.